Also.Also.Also: A Queer Dentist Made Me Cry This Morning and Other Stories for Your Week

A long long time ago, Daniel Ortberg tweeted something about forgetting to refrigerate his cans of seltzer water, and then drinking them at room temperature and thinking about how much better they’d be if they were cold, but still not ever getting them into the refrigerator. I think about this a lot.

Direct Action

It takes about two minutes to join this LGBT research panel for future surveys — some of them are even paid opportunities. We’d especially love to hear from QPOC participants! 100+ of you have already signed up for this situation and I THANK YOU.

Queer as in F*ck You

Soni Wolf, Founding Member of Dykes on Bikes, Dies at 69.

Transgender Media Visibility Helps Reduce Transphobia, New Study Shows.

‘People Took Advantage’: Coeur De Pirate Reflects on Coming Out as Queer. She talks about being sober in here! Just fyi.

Why I Waited Until I Was 40 to Come Out as a Lesbian. Nicole Gilley is a black woman raised by a single mother and this is her story.

Queer, Punk And Latin: A Discussion About Sexual Identity. Nearly a full half hour of Jen Alva (Fea, Girl In A Coma), Niña Dioz and Miriam Zoila Perez talking about being queer and Latinx in the music biz!

What It’s Like to be Queer, Trans, Black, and a Line Cook.

Watch Courtney Barnett Play Four Songs From Her New Album, Live From Here.

Wichita Students Have a Colorful Greeting for Anti-LGBT Group. I LOVE harmless senior pranks/traditions SO MUCH and this iteration made me cry AND IT’S FINE. And yes I’m getting my period on Wednesday, thank you for asking.

Queer Dentist Repairs Gay Bashing Victim’s Shattered Teeth For Free. ANOTHER THING TO CRY ABOUT.

The Importance of Labeling Yourself a Lesbian. A video!

No One Faces Higher Barriers to Paid Leave Than LGBTQ Workers of Color.

1,000 Drag Queens Will ‘Welcome’ Trump to London When He Visits.

Furtive Lesbian Glances Are Vital to My Queer Movie Experience.

I Don’t Hike to Lose Weight. I Hike Because I Love It.

Doll Parts

Cyntoia Brown, Sex Trafficking Victim Serving Life For Killing John, Granted Clemency Hearing.

‘Unfuckable’ Women Don’t Go on Killing Sprees.

Hello Blood: The Dance of the Miscarriage. Need a gentle way to let you know that this is not a gentle piece but it is beautiful.

We’re Here, You Just Don’t See Us.

Why the Modest Clothing Industry Is Only Getting More Mainstream: “Collections for Muslim women and other modest dressers have launched in stores like Macy’s, but there’s still a long way to go.”

A Pregnant Black Woman Is in Prison for Defending Herself. Mainstream Gun Groups Are Silent.

The Relentless Torture of The Handmaid’s Tale.

Keep Up

There’s Always Been Blood On UNC’s Confederate Statue.

Saw This, Thought of You

I’m Not Black, I’m Kanye by Ta-Nehisi Coates.

Save Barnes and Noble!

Well I want you to know that this has changed my life and brought me this much closer to buying the floor-length velvet duster I’ve been talking myself out of for months: Everyone Should Own a House Party Hosting Outfit.

I’ve Had 15 Years to Think About a Possible Lizzie McGuire Movie Sequel and I Have Some Ideas.

How Sign Language Interpreters Prepare For Festival Performances.

Feline Fine as Hell at the Biggest Cat Convention in America. Excuse me.

I Drove Myself Nuts Trying to Unravel the Mystery of Seemingly Unparented 9-Year-Old Instagram Shit-Talker Lil Tay. Idk.

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  1. Yes to that Handmaid’s Tale article! I still have the first season sitting unwatched in my Hulu queue. Atwood is my favorite author, but in 2017-2018, watching TV about the brutalization of women is just too real.

  2. Ugh, so much yes to the “‘Unfuckable’ Women Don’t Go on Killing Sprees” article. These thoughts have been running through my head after I heard about those shootings. People of all different genders experience loneliness, but apparently straight men are so entitled to sex they need to get violent over it.

    God I hate how they act like women could never understand the pain of feeling lonely.

  3. From Everyone Should Own a House Party Hosting Outfit: “I know what you’re thinking, or what you would be thinking if you were one of my friends or co-workers. “But, Eliza, you wear the exact same khaki pants and navy sweater from Uniqlo every day of the week! Your idea of ‘mixing it up’ is wearing a pair of black ankle boots instead of the black Asics that you turned into your everyday sneakers after they wore out as running shoes. Is this fabulous jacket really a good use of $56? Where on earth will you wear such a thing?” BITCH, TO HOST A HOUSE PARTY!”

    … this article speaks to my queer soul in a very deep and very real way. I feel inspired to party on.

  4. The lesbian label video was interesting, but I wish they’d expanded on a point they briefly brought up – that “lesbian,” unlike the other labels, has an article before it. What that really means is that “lesbian” is a noun, while gay, queer, bi, etc. are all adjectives. My reluctance sometimes to label myself as a lesbian comes not from the word itself, I think, but from the all-encompassing nature of using a noun to define myself. Often I would rather use gay or queer as an adjective that captures one aspect of my identity than say I “am a lesbian,” as though that is the deepest essence of what I am. Basically, what I’m saying is that I wish there was an adjective for being female-identifying and queer.

  5. Yeeeeaaa how about don’t save Barnes and Noble. It’s a terrible company to work for, and has taken every opportunity in the past decade to shoot itself in the foot business wise. Shop at a smaller local company instead!

  6. THANK YOU for the article, “I Don’t Hike to Lose Weight. I Hike Because I Love It.” I went on a hike that was unexpectedly hard and challenged me in a lot of ways and I complained a LOT but I still finished it with help and encouragement from friends. So that blog post was exactly what I needed!

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