Also.Also.Also: A Brief History of the Lesbian Vampire and Other Stories to Start Your Week

You Should Go or Do or Give

+ Support YouTube star Ashley Mardell’s LGTQIA Book.

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Lesbian Pioneer Jeanne Cordova Dies at 67. Read Riese’s tribute here: Goodbye to the Activist and Writer Who Lead the Way We’re Going.

+ FedEx Denies Benefits to Lesbian Because Her Wife Died Six Days Before DOMA Was Overturned.

+ Discrimination Against Transgender Women Seeking Access to Homeless Shelters.

+ Take a look at Samra Habib‘s photo project, Queer Muslim Project.

“Mainstream Islam isn’t always welcoming of LGBTQ Muslims, yet a lot of the Muslim traditions and rituals bring queer Muslims comfort and provide a sense of belonging,” Habib says. “I wanted to show everyone the creative and brilliant LGBTQ Muslims I identified with the most and would hang out with at art shows, queer dance parties, and Jumu’ah prayer. So I picked up my camera and decided to photograph what I was witnessing. In the words of the brilliant Dali (who I shot for this project), ‘we have always been here, it’s just that the world wasn’t ready for us yet.’

+ The Lesbian Vampire: A (Fairly) Brief Media Retrospective.

+ Taiwan Musician Enno Cheng Announces Divorce, Comes Out as Lesbian.

+ Ellen Page on ‘Scary, Nerve-Wracking’ Moment While Filming Viceland’s Gaycation.

Doll Parts

+ Why Is Sperm So Damn Expensive?

+ The Force Awakens, Mary Sue, and Female Wish Fulfillment Tropes.

+ Why The Young Adult Fiction Sexual Revolution Is So Necessary.

+ Black Women in Horror Films, 1930-Present.

+ How Jane Lynch Makes Pop Culture’s Nastiest Villains the Most Likable Characters on TV.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ This headline: Willie Nelson to Guest on Cyndi Lauper Country Album.

+ “At least one butt, every day.”

+ SNAP Benefits Can Now Go Toward CSA Membership.

And Finally

Maybe this will help: David Bowie’s Formative Reading List of 75 Favorite Books.

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  1. I came to work today expecting a tearful group singalong to “heroes” but have yet to see any visible signs of mourning and it is becoming increasingly upsetting. are we all just going to work today like things matter?!?

    • last week I watched Basquiat with my students. in the film Bowie plays Warhol and Warhol dies. I am so glad we didn’t watch it this week because I would have cried and then yelled at their indifference (they are 17-18 and generally indifferent during class hours).

      instead I sat in the office with my co-workers at lunch, eating our feelings and grappling with the uncomfortable truth that David Bowie was a mortal and so are we.

      and then spent the class period discussing the interview scene in the film where Christopher Walken’s character embodies all the horrible casual racism that still happens every day.

      I need a drink.

  2. Okay wow that piece about Mary Sues was super good and definitely better than the one that was share in the last Star Wars post and that was basically saying “Rey isn’t a Mary Sue because Kylo let her win”.

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