Also.Also.Also: Well 2016 Was the Fucking Future and Other Stories You Can’t Miss

Good morning I feel overwhelmed and sad! Like my insides are a knot of hornets or lead snakes and the only thing keeping them from gushing out in a pile of chaos is this damp stretchy gauze thing we’re calling ‘skin’ or ‘decorum’ or something. What is this state of being?! I don’t know!? It’s terrible though! Tralalalalala! Maybe I’ll eat a pear and everything will magically sort itself, she said as she searched Shutterstock for black hole and found the perfect feature image for this post.

You Should Go or Do or Give

+ Nina Chaubal, the cofounder of Trans Lifeline, is being held in an Arizona Immigrant Detention Facility. Call to express your concern.

+ Support Nameless Woman: Fiction by Trans Women of Color!

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Brittani Nichols: 50 Favorite Tweets of 2016. Don’t miss this.

+ Hannah Hart was interviewed for NPR’s Morning Edition and you can listen to it and you should because it’s good.

+ Has Oakland’s Ghost Ship Fire Jeopardized the Underground?


+ For LGBT People In Rural Areas, A Tough Transition To Retired Life.

+ OutFront: Lesbian Rabbi Fights Intolerance With Love.

+ The National Women’s Hockey League Is Adopting a Policy to Protect Transgender Players.

+ Queer Women at “Shocking” Risk of Being Behind Bars, Study Says.

+ For Nightlife Organizers, Keeping Queer Clubs Safe Is a Delicate Dance.

+ Kansas University Is Offering Gender-Pronoun Buttons to Students.

+ Threats, Bullying Hit Family of Trans Girl on the Cover of National Geographic’s Gender Issue.

+ This is How 23 Countries Feel About Transgender Rights.

+ ‘It’s Hard to Show the World I Exist’: Chelsea Manning’s Final Plea to Be Seen.

Welcome to the Hellmouth

+ 2016 is the Year the Future Happened.

+ The Religious-Liberty Showdowns Coming in 2017.

Doll Parts

+ Remembering Vera Rubin.

+ From Game of Thrones to The Witch 2016 was packed with Hypercompetent Teen Girl Antiheroes.

+ No Justice: When Abuse and Incarceration Intersect.

+ Becoming Ugly.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ NASA Wants You to Get Set for the Great American Total Solar Eclipse of 2017.

+ Generation X Lost Too Many Touchstones in 2016. Correct.

And Finally

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  1. Wow, “Becoming Ugly” was an amazing piece. I used to be a regular Jezebel reader many years ago, and then I felt like they really started going downhill and then I discovered The Toast and then Autostraddle and I stopped even thinking about their site, but I’m glad that there are still some good writers and quality pieces of writing being produced. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. So much good stuff this week to read! Brittani Nichols is hilarious. Best thing I’ve read from the list so far.

    Also, I am proud to announce that I understood the reference “Welcome to the Hellmouth” because I am finally watching the Buffy series. Yes, I am that behind. :)

  3. “The league has also adopted guidelines barring testosterone hormone therapy in transgender men, and transgender women athletes will be required to demonstrate testosterone levels equal to those of cis-female athletes.”

    This is “protecting” trans athletes? It’s transphobic. They’re telling trans men and women both that they can’t be too “masculine” or else they’ll be barred from playing. Trans men are welcome unless they’re transitioning? Trans women are welcome once they’re transitioning and have hormones at cis level (which isn’t likely since many women will exceed the cis estrogen levels)?

    Is this progress? Sure. It’s still grossly ignorant and discriminatory. It’s professional gatekeeping. People can play hockey for a living and follow their dreams as long as they transition (or don’t) according to the cis gatekeepers who run the league. This isn’t a positive story, IMO.

    • I was thinking the same thing, but would like to know if cis women will be tested too. Because I think they fail to realize there are cis women who have higher than average testosterone levels, which has in the past gotten a few Olympians in trouble. I don’t think it’s fair if they are just testing trans people then, either all get tested or neither. One positive I did read was they don’t require trans women to get bottom surgery in order to play, so there is that. But, I agree it really isn’t that positive of a story.

      • I agree cis women would need to be tested too, but only in support of their discriminatory standards. If this sort of foolishness is the standard, they need universal testing. Not only are hormone levels naturally variable in people, but other medical conditions and even diet can affect such things. It all adds to show how silly this is.

    • The trans women stuff, yeah I totally agree. But the trans men? I think it’s pretty okay and fair to say that trans dudes can’t play in the NWHL as it is a women’s league if they start T (though it’s unfortunate that unless trans dudes start playing in boys’ leagues very early on, they’re very unlikely to be able to compete at the men’s professional level due to the presence of checking allowed in boys/men’s hockey and the fact that checking is not allowed (and therefore not taught) in girls/women’s hockey, leading to very different play styles, and the fact that a lot goes in to learning to take and receive hits to minimize injury risk. But checking should also be allowed in girls/women’s hockey and it’s frustrating that it’s not).

      • Personally, Hollis, I’d be more comfortable letting trans men players play where they prefer as well.

        And let’s point out none of this discusses genderqueer and non-binary players, including those who are trans.

        In other words, I’d rather err on inclusivity than telling people they aren’t allowed because they don’t fit into what the league dictates is the “norm”.

  4. I’ll say the same thing here that I said on the piece about Nina Chaubal on Medium before they blocked me:

    “You know what else ought to be considered a human rights violation? What you did to my wife and my family.

    Being trans and suicidal and thinking you’re going to get help from a sham hotline. Calling repeatedly, getting progressively deeper in despair. Then having that organization try to use your death as a fundraising effort and attacking the victim’s family when they ask you to stop it.

    I lost my wife, and god damn am I swimming in the schadenfreude of Greta losing hers too. These two travel all over the country frequently. Nina absolutely *is* a flight risk and I hope she gets kept in custody.”

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