Also.Also.Also: 20% of Queer Americans Are Living in Rural Communities and Other Stories for Your Week

Well hello, you have made it to this moment in your life! Congrats! Great work out there, and I love that shirt. You’re making good decisions today.

Queer as in F*ck You

Photos of Lesbian Lives Meant to Inspire a Movement

Her Aunt Let Her Be Herself. As A Transgender Woman, She Still Had To ‘Play The Game’

Lesbian Couple Agreed To Murder-Suicide Pact That Killed 6 Kids, Says NorCal Coroner’s Inquest

Video of Transgender Woman Attack Forces France to Confront Anti-LGBT Attitudes


Charlotte Clymer: Being Transgender Shouldn’t Matter in the Military

Same Phony Fear, Different Decade: On the Damaging Discourse Around Trans Rights

New Study: LGBT People A ‘Fundamental Part of The Fabric Of Rural Communities’

I Wanted to Change the World for Gay Black People. Starting With Myself.

Did you read about the lesbian cheesemongers in the Sunday Funday? Maybe you’d like to read about them again?

Carson: HUD Won’t Issue LGBT Guidance Because ‘You Would Dislike’ It

Spring Fashion, But Make It Lesbian

Dykes: Our Sexuality Pushes Beyond the Limits of Cisheteronormativity

The Future Is Non-Binary, and Teens Are Leading the Way

Lily Tomlin, Kathy Griffin Help Open New Los Angeles LGBT Campus

Activists Are Demanding Amazon’s Help In The Fight Against Anti-LGBT Laws In Tennessee

The Beloved Japanese Novelist Who Became a Queer Manga Icon

How to Host a Queer Passover Seder by Vanessa Friedman!

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Saw This, Thought of You

Country Music Excludes Women, Especially Over Age 40, Study Finds. All Industries Are Trash, Study of My General Waking Awareness Finds.

Should I Bring a Human Into the World If Humanity Faces an Uncertain Future? Look, this is just a casual question we all ask ourselves when we wake up each morning, and it’s fine. Everything is totally fine.

Move Back to Your Dying Hometown. Unless You Can’t.

Political Snacks

Don’t Get Your Hopes Up About Chicago’s First Black Lesbian Mayor

Copy, Paste, Legislate: “We looked for legislation that was written by special interests. We found it in all 50 states.” Fun!

Is the U.S. a Democracy? A Social Studies Battle Turns on the Nation’s Values

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  1. Well, don’t be reading the comments under the Hart Family article if you don’t want to make yourself super angry, as well as sad about such an awful story. (Which is not to say I don’t appreciate its inclusion here!)

    • Oops! Submitted accidentally!
      … but I feel like it must be more complicated than it appears. I feel like there has to be something that makes people do such awful things. Or are some people just terrible for no reason? Did they think they were doing the right thing?

      • How could anyone think murdering children would ever be the right thing?

        Murder-suicides are usually committed by men against their families and recognized as violence; I think a lot of comments being made about the Harts (references to them ‘succumbing to pressure’) illustrate that white women are not perceived as capable of violence.

        I do think that it seems Jennifer was abusive to Sarah and that this isn’t recognized because domestic abuse between queer women is never discussed. In that case, Sarah could be seen as an example of an abused spouse being complicit in violence toward her children, though certainly the loved ones of these children do not owe her any sympathy.

  2. I almost never have energy left to comment after closing out all of the Also.Also.Also tabs, but I loved the two photography articles. And I had plenty of feelings about the rest that I wouldn’t even know where to begin explaining.

  3. Yoshiya’s inclusion is so important. Manga is wildly popular in Japan and when crossed over to the U.S., so many people grew up with these characters. To think they were made primarily influenced by… a Japanese Lesbian who lived openly, in the early part of the 20th Century? It’s mind blowing.

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