Also.Also.Also: 1983 Called and Wishes You Had the Gay Areas Telephone Directory

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Wow I can’t find a single playlist on Spotify that goes with this day. Nothing, and I think listening to Christmas music has really fucked up my Discover Weekly. I mean, it’s really bad out here! This just came on??

Please help.

Queer as in F*ck You

At an Alabama Rally, a Father’s Grief Over His Gay Daughter.

A Mass Lesbian Wedding at the End of the World.

Trans in Trump’s America.

2017: When Queer Femmes’ Music Embraced Dating, Love, and Sex.

In Exile: Finding Home as a Queer Refugee Woman.

A Black Lesbian’s View on the Trump Years: Jim Crow Is Back.

The 1983 Gay Areas Telephone Directory Presents Stories of the LGBTQ Community Told Through Amateur Graphic Design. Gah this is so cool I want to scream.

How the Places We Live Can Shape Our Queer Identities.

Study Reveals High Relationship Quality in Same-Sex Couples.

Welcome to the Hellmouth

Yikes. Six Anti-Choice, Anti-LGBTQ Doozies From Disgraced GOP Representative Trent Franks.

This Is the Daily Stormer’s Playbook.

Trump Admin Scraps Obama Era Proposal Requiring Airlines to Disclose Baggage Fees ??????????? Why?????

Doll Parts

Black Women Kept Roy Moore Out of Office. Here’s How to Actually Thank Them.

White Women Keep Fucking Us Over.

The Reckoning: Women and Power in the Workplace.

Donald Trump Did It.

This list that I flipped out over yesterday and will hold in my soul forever:

Powerful Men Can’t Plead Ignorance in the Wake of Misbehavior Revelations.

Dear Male Chefs: Talk Less.

Keep Up

Yes, Net Neutrality Is Being Stolen From Us in a Fucked Up, Undemocratic Heist.

Alabama Proves That Appealing to Trump Voters Is a Lost Cause. The Power Is Elsewhere.

Official Toll in Puerto Rico: 64.
Actual Deaths May Be 1,052.

Saw This, Thought of You

FML: “Why millennials are facing the scariest financial future of any generation since the Great Depression.”

Google’s Year in Search 2017

The Park Slope ‘Blue Hat’ Incident, Ten Years Later.

Americans Don’t Really Understand Gun Violence.

Newtown Is ‘Still So Raw’ Five Years After Sandy Hook Shooting.

Who in America Is Allowed To Be Ordinary.

And Finally


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    • I could turn into what’s happening in Portugal and New Zealand. Kind of like cable packages, where you pay for specific packages, but in this case, want messaging pay for one package. Of they could be doing what they have been trying for years, where if you want to view Netflix or a non-carrier/internet owned service you’d have to pay more to not have it count against your allotted data. Like Verizon at one point was counting Netflix against customers allotted data(well those who were on limited data plans), while their own GO90 service didn’t count against your data and got full internet speeds. Or T-Mobile who cut deals with services to make them data free, while those who didn’t have a deal counted against your data or were speed limited.

      The real shady part of all of this is when landline broadband companies, like AT&T home, want to install cable, or improve service in the area for internet, they’d tell the government they are a utility to get subsidies to build out the infrastructure. But, then they tell congress they are information service provider as to not get regulated/treated like a Utility, which fell under Title II Classification(NN in popular speak) that got repealed for the internet. They also don’t like municipal internet and Google Fiber in their area, because that means they have to compete, so they’ve lobbied state and local governments ban Municipal and Google Fiber(they have been very, and I mean very successful at this).

  1. That environment/queer identity piece was super interesting!

    I would like to see someone do research into how the internet affects that – both flattening regional variations in identity, creating new variations in identity between platforms (tumblr v reddit or whatever), and in leading to conflict as people with different understandings of their own identity in the RL queer communities interact online. (so much conflict I saw on tumblr in the years I as on it could have been solved by “clearly these words mean different things in the queer communities we are a part of in real life! let’s agree to disagree then.”)

  2. To sum up White Women Keep Fucking Us Over using the fact I read it and the fact I have inside lifelong look at how these women’s minds work.

    The reason why is basically 2 beliefs stemmed in ignorance:

    1) Republican economic policies benefit the deserving middle class types

    2) If a person works for it they can make to middle or upper class even,laziness or some other moral defect is the only thing stopping POC from doing so.( i.e assistance programs of any kind are am undeserved handout that increases that defect and is THEIR nice hardworkind white taxpaying dollars being wasted)

    But the reason white women would vote for a sexual abuser is a special kind of magical thinking of “Those kind of things happen to a type of girl ,and I’m a good girl” but in someplace like Alabama it’s also “Well he sinned but he’ll fight for the lives of the unborn and Jesus forgives.”

    • I think this is all probably true, though when it comes to the sexual abuse issue there may be an even simpler reason. They won’t believe it! There not willing to even serious consider there favorite candidate (especially a supposed “family man” or “man of God”) would ever do this sort of thing. It’s just easier to assume the charges are all the result of political opposition.

      In fact, a certain kind of mono-thematic reasoning may come into play. If candidate A represents my best interest and accuser B says he’s done terrible thing on the eve of his election, that must means he doing something right because he’s opponents are getting desperate! Thus the only way they’ll ever believe the women is if a) he confesses b) h’s convicted or c) an opponent is also accused by same person.

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