Also.Also.Also: 10 More Dino Facts to Share With Your Gal Pals and Other Stories We Missed

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It’s Monday evening. Do you know where your waffle iron is? Here are some things we missed while I was figuring out what else I could cook in the shape of a waffle! (Hint: any damn thing I want, starting with brownies.)

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Kentucky proposal: Encounter a transgender person in the wrong restroom, sue for up to $2,500. :falls off the planet into an abyss:

+ The National LGBT Task Force Announces 2015 Transgender Leadership Exchange.

The National LGBTQ Task Force has announced its 2015 Trans Leadership Exchange, a unique six-month leadership development program for transgender and gender non-conforming community leaders, will be launched at the 27th National Conference on LGBT Equality: Creating Change.

Doll Parts

+ Hygiene and heartache: Homeless women’s daily struggle to keep clean by Lisa De Bode.

For Guillet, who said her period typically lasts about 10 days, with heavy bleeding that requires changing her sanitary pad “every 20 minutes,” the shelter’s bathroom restrictions become particularly cumbersome. “Sometimes the lady’s nice. Other ladies is not,” she said, referring to shelter supervisors. “Some of them won’t work with you.”

Many shelters and homeless centers hand their female residents female hygiene products, along with toothpaste and shampoo. But social workers said that pads and tampons are often harder to source from public donors.

+ The Light Girls documentary airs tonight on OWN.

+ Relevant to your interestsssss Bitch Tapes: Tori Amos, Cover Artist by Ariana Vives.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ Remembering Martin Luther King, Jr in Photos.

+ Here are 5 Sky Events Happening This Week.

+ Oh NBD just 10 Mousey Facts About Mussaurus. You’re very welcome.

+ This isn’t a new post but it came across my feed today and is amazingly useful! How To Get Through a Workday on No Sleep. You might also like our advice on how to deal with poor life decisions: Hangover and Out: Queer Girls Advice on the Day After Drinking! Similar but not the same.

+ Cool Site Lets You Draw Pictures Using Emoji because you’re worth it.

+ Don’t Overlook Roasting as a Cooking Technique for Beans, ok? I’m serious.

+ Dogs In Classic Kids Movies, Ranked by How Much I Want to Hug Them. This list from Alison Howard includes the footstool from Beauty and the Beast so you know it’s not some bullshit.

+ TLC is Using Kickstarter to Fund What It Says Will Be Its Final LP.

+ Roughly three minutes of Kate McKinnon as Justin Bieber in underwear.

Local Autostraddle Meet-Ups

+ 1/24 Minneapolis, MN: TWIN CITIES: Lesbian Comedy Night

And Finally

A girls life

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  1. Either the senator asked his radfem/terf leaning lesbian friend, or more likely he asked her a misleading question. Then is using that as an example of, “see I know a gay person and am LGBTQ friendly. And she agrees with me on this law.”

  2. wonderful AAA per usual! so I was wondering if I could talk about waffles…is this a good time for everyone?

    I have been through so many waffle makers. every year or so, I would buy a new super cheap one bc I’m not into “measuring” and “being careful” and they would get so messy that I would give up on ever getting them truly clean. I would just spend the $25 in hopes that each time would be different (new waffle maker, new me etc). well I recently invested in a fancy square no drip one and wow is life ever shiny and new. I have made hash brown waffles, falafel waffles, cinnamon roll waffles, samosa waffles…I put muffin batter in it the other day just because I was impatient (who can wait 18 to 20 minutes?) and I felt like the smartest fucker on the planet. I am bringing the good waffle word to the community because if you are wondering what could possibly make your already great life way better, the answer is a really fly waffle maker. it’s not just an appliance…it’s a lifestyle. trust me on this.

      • @rhymeriver: oh my god yes! the two halves of the waffle sticking to the iron was such a problem for me, and it was always such a huge disappointment. i got the calphalon no peek waffle maker and that has not happened to me since. it is expensive but worth it. i think it just gets much hotter and cooks the waffle faster so that doesnt happen. and i have put some weird stuff in that thing (just because i can and i’m adult and it’s a thursday you know?) and it always comes out as a cohesive, solid waffle thing. it is basically magic.

        @vita: admittedly i did have to take some creative license with the definition of samosa for the samosa waffle but it is similar in flavor and it has a crispy outside and soft inside like a samosa. whatever it was, i can promise you it was delicious! it was basically this recipe in terms of spices etc with the main difference being i put the potatoes (and i added peas too) INSIDE the waffle batter.

        also trader joes sells frozen samosas..i would just bet that if you bought those and threw them in the waffle maker, they would cook. hmmm now i really want to do that.

        @rie: i am thinking food truck! i want to bring waffles to the people of AS. i wonder if there is a grant for that…i mean probably i will look into it. anyway, i vote yes on all things waffle, and i really want you to have the waffle appliance of your dreams. if i were oprah, you would have a calphalon no peek waffle maker under your seat right now!

  3. The article about the dogs got it wrong: Milo is the cat and Otis is the dog, but their mistake is forgiven because both animals are equally huggable. I watched that video on repeat when I was a kid and it warmed my heart each time and I developed a lifelong love of pugs and cats.

    Also, I’m really jealous of the “short sleeper” people.

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