70 Pictures of Jodie Foster

Because why not? (For additional Jodie Foster imagery, check out Fonseca’s Fuck Yeah Jodie Foster tumblr.)



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  1. CANDLESHOE FTW. I’m 27 yrs old, and Jodie Foster in that movie still embodies everything I ever want/need to be. Smart-mouthed, independent tomboy who eventually strikes it rich. Done and done.

  2. AAAAAHHHHHHH! My childhood fantasies are once again flooding over me! Freaky Friday Jodie. Silence of the Lambs Jodie. You left out Bugsy Malone Jodie..Thank you for that. *shudder* But so much Jodie! So much Yay!

  3. All I have to say is…dang Jodie, dang. (Also, I had a great quotable but Firefox crashed)

    She embodied the androgyny tomboy before it was a THING.

    So now I have to go and look for her films. Imdb is my best friend for this reason.

  4. Wow. Just developed a HUGE crush on Jodi Foster. And, fucking hell, Kristen Stewart is so gay. OK, there may be an element of wishful thinking involved in that last statement. Wutevs, A girl can dream.

  5. Jodie in Contact – as a 9 year old I had an obsession with science (and sci-fi). Actually my perfect film.
    Also decided I’m basing my 2013 fashions on the looks of #19 and #20. And #34 for special occasions.

  6. I remember that as a kid I had a totally non-romantic infatuation with Jodie Foster. I watched all of her Disney movies not because they were good, but because she was the first person in TV or movies that I related to. It took me a few years to put my finger on why I related so much to her.

  7. Someone on ONTD mentioned that her aunt was in a relationship with Jodie Foster in the late 80s, and Jodie used to visit their home for the holidays.

    I really don’t suppose anyone in a relationship with a non-private A-Lister could make it these days. The kids will be spilling it all on instagram or twitter.

    Mad props to Jodie for making it work!

  8. Jodie was one of my first crushes. I remember seeing her on tv in the seventies, I was like 7 (I’m 44 now) but I can only describe it as my first sense of “gaydar” lol….she was so cute….and tomboyish….much like i was at the time, so it was something I could relate to, and yet could not talk about…

  9. I first saw Jodie on the TV show Courtship of Eddies Father back in 1969 or 70 when I was 9 and she played the tomboy neighbour of Eddie!
    Even then I recognized a kindred spirit even though I had no name for it then. At that time she would have been the only character on TV that I could resonate with. She had her husky voice even then!
    As a grown up butch I still love Jodie Foster!!

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