50 Pictures of Rachel Maddow

There comes a time. That time is now. 50 Pictures of Rachel Maddow:


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    so, it was a number of years ago, and i was having these…feelings. i began talking with a friend and journaling heavy, albeit cryptic, emotions about this nagging presence that just wouldn’t go away. i opened the NYTimes magazine and there was #48, staring back at me. rachel maddow + books + sneakers = paradigm shift.

    it most definitely was time for this.

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    Love how they misspelled her name twice in the caption to #28. It was clearly entirely impossible to fact-check such an obscure bit of information.

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      HA! Rachel Maddox! That’s amazing. They are always doing that on getty images and wireimage though, it’s funny. Like they also misidentify people all the time, which is cute. That text comes with the photo somehow, so I didn’t notice it, but I sort of don’t want to delete it because it is so special.

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    Yesss! Look at #3! And #48–is that her library? Those are some pretty nice looking bookshelves…
    And the cocktails! Rachel Maddow is the perfect woman.

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    A post about Rachel Maddow AND Feist in one morning? You guys are too good to me. Stop it. It’s not even 9 AM and I’m already smiling. Not ok.

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    Yo Autostraddle, Imma let you finish but this is one of the best photo galleries of all time. OF ALL TIME.

    Suspenders Rachel Maddow is my favourite. I’m pretty sure she was setting out to bring joy to queer women everywhere with that shoot.

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    love love love. #2 is my favorite!! have y’all seen effingdykes’ post about lesbians and track jackets/hoodies? cause this totally proves her point!

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    Riese, how did you know that this is EXACTLY what I needed today? Is it because I happen to be wearing my autostraddle shirt today? Because if that’s all it takes I will never take this sucker off.

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    I’m looking at these photos in a neurobiology class called Sex on the Brain. I am counting it as classwork because sex is now definitely on my brain.

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    Rachel Maddow gives me a serious do-be-do-be-do complex. I cannot figure out if I want to be like her or just somehow manage to get her into bed. Either way, she is amazing and this gallery is full of win. Thanks AS!

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    Not to be a Debbie D but putting a man on the moon was largely about profit and primarily about power. But the sentiment behind her message is swell. Now, I’ll stop being an over analytical dweeb and enjoy the pictures. Thank you for them, btw.

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    You know, she looks like this adorable gay boy I went to high school with. Maybe this explains why I swooned so much idk.

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    There’s a guy on the staff of a magazine I write for who looks almost exactly like her– big glasses, same hair style, wears sweaters over collared shirts, tall and lanky. He confuses my brain every time I see him.

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    Goddamn, even her HANDWRITING is sexy!
    I’m now resigned to the fact that if I ever had a drink with her, it would be the greatest moment of my life.

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    I so needed this today/this week, it’s the best thing ever. I especially love the pictures with the blue glasses, they’re even sexier than the black ones.

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      I read the first part of that sentence and I was like, “damn that’s love!” Read the second part, “oh…”

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    I was on this site while I was eating a peanut butter and nutella with spoon (it was like they were having sex in my mouth!) and looking at this slideshow of Rachel fucking Maddow.

    People, I can’t even begin to tell you how it felt sight and taste having an nirvana like experience.(I should try this with the other AS galleries and see if I will have different reactions…) Anyway I think I blacked out briefly from all this goodness that was going on and my mother calls me down to tell me how awesome Rachel Maddow is and how much Rosie O’Donell sucks.

    I think we had a RARE pro-gay moment.

    I can’t even, too many feeeeeeeeeeeeelings.

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    Last night, after viewing this gallery before going to bed, I had THE most wonderful dream with Rachel in it. Thank you Autostraddle.

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    I’m seriously considering blowing up #1 and giving it to my dad as a Christmas present. He’s the only person I know who’d enjoy as much as I do.

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    I would do disgusting things to get to hang out with Rachel for one hour. I love how the images capture her personality and style so effectively. She is an honest, true to herself, opinionated, sexy woman. It is amazing to get to spend an hour with her every night!

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