50 Pictures of Kristen Stewart

For absolutely no reason whatsoever we bring you 50 pictures of Kristen Stewart. Because we have a no-paparazzi photograph policy, we could not include this photograph, but Laneia would like you to know that it’s one of her favorites and “maybe it’s just a fan photo maybe it was on the set of something maybe her mom took it.”

If you want to look at 5,000 pictures of Kristen Stewart, you need to visit Kristen Stewart Fan Dot Org, your number one source for Kristen Stewart on the web.


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  1. I’m trying really hard here to go “you know, she says she has a boyfriend, that’s totally fine, I’m glad she’s happy with that,” and goddammit, it’s just so hard for my gaydar to believe. Bisexual? Pansexual? Maybe?

    • Ah same here! I have two exams and a lab exam (wouldn’t that lump into the exams category? lol) but totally failed cause I’m surfing the web… lol when I fail I hope my instructor can understand xD

  2. ever since twilight hit theaters it’s pained me to have to stand by in silence while all my straight friends talk shit about her acting skills and appearance and award show awkwardness

    maybe its my crush goggles but i think she is a talented actress (not in twilight, but srsly no one manages to make it out of that movie with their dignity completely intact) and not the pretentious stoner/airhead people claim she comes across as in interviews. i dont care what anyone says kstew u are my forever girl

    • and I LIKE that she doesn’t do the fake-smile “well it was a wonderful experience and everyone’s so talented and isn’t the world GRAND?” Disney-princess style of negotiating being a pretty young actress in the Hollywood machine. she works in a film franchise adapted from a shitty teen paranormal romance book series, it is not actually her fucking job to smile and play nice with other starlets.

  3. autostraddle, you read my thoughts.

    just yesterday I was trying to find KStew pictures on tumblr but couldn´t really find many nice ones. today i come here and find an entire collection of beautiful pictures. thanks!!

    (ps: but i don´t really like kstew anyways, at least that´s what i want myself to believe)

  4. Am I the only one who thinks she is not that good?
    I prefer a thousand, a million times Evan Rachel Wood if I have to choose an actress.
    But then I have a thing for read head I like even Kate Walsh…

  5. I met her recently when she stayed at a hotel I work at whilst filming for Snow White and the Huntsman, best shift of my life , she’s lovely! But with the biggest bodyguard i’ve ever seen!

  6. When I found out she was in Twilight it broke my heart a little bit because she was SO GOOD in Adventureland (I think Twilight actually came out first…). But then I found out about the ridiculous commentary on the Twilight DVDs and all was well. Also, every interview ever with her makes me laugh.

  7. I love that she’s half Australian like me. That girl has a good dose of Aussie in her. At first I was like, how come this girl seems so familiar? And I was like *ding ding ding* she’s an Aussie! That’s why. I know it’s a stereotype but her laid-back attitude really highlights her Aussieness lol.

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