We Need Help: Seeking New Fashion Writers

Lizz has been Autostraddle’s resident fashionable human since 2011, basically the dawn of time. In her tenure, she’s brought you life-changing fashion experiences like Style Thief, Queer Outfit of the Week, and Lizz’s Latest Thing, which she somehow turned into an opportunity to talk about Naya Rivera and beavers. She’s also captained fashion show coverage, one million shopping guides, 18,000 fashioncaps, suggestions for what to wear to every single event on Earth, and found you a bunch of sweaters with cats on them. When Lizz isn’t picking out leggings, putting together layouts of bowties and recapping your favorite shows all at the same time, she somehow makes room in her schedule to be a full-time med student.

Lizz is looking for some sharp-dressed, fashion-forward, smart, creative, funny and visionary people to contribute to Autostraddle’s fashion coverage and ongoing world takeover. If this sounds like you, keep reading!

Okay, yes, I"m listening

Okay, yes, I”m listening

Who We’re Looking For:

Autostraddle is looking for fashion writers who can cover one or more of the following stories/areas:

  • Seasonal photo shoots
  • Plus size fashion
  • Different interpretations of garments/outfits along the spectrum of gender presentation
  • DIY style and fashion
  • Fashion-themed lists, like this one
  • Pop culture fashion in movies, TV, etc
  • Rockabilly, skater style, punk, and/or alt fashion
  • Workplace wear
  • Maternity wear
  • MoC fashion beyond dapperness
  • High fashion/runway show coverage
  • Hair stuff! Cutting your own hair, styling your own hair, etc
  • Video tutorials! Especially for makeup and hair!
I can't wait to write about my love of flannel for Autostraddle dot com!

I can’t wait to write about my love of flannel for Autostraddle dot com!

We’re especially interested in bringing on fashion writers who are currently running their own fashion blogs or have experience writing about fashion. If applying to be a video tutorialist, you need to be able to edit videos yourself, and if you are planning on doing your own photo shoots, relevant photography and shoot style experience is required. Experience working in the industry is a plus, but is not required. We welcome crazy things! Get wild!

Those applying for this position must be web-savvy, a strong communicator who responds to emails in a timely manner, and have impeccable grammar/spelling.

Time Commitment:

We are looking for regular fashion coverage or columns AND/OR quarterly fashion shoots with own camera AND/OR video tutorials. You can apply to do one of these things or several of these things. Frequency for these varies from twice a month for regular fashion columns or videos to once a month/season for original fashion shoots.

Applying to be a fashion writer for Autostraddle was so exciting and fulfilling!

Applying to be a fashion writer for Autostraddle was so exciting and fulfilling! I’m going to tell everyone about where to buy this denim jacket!


  • Online fashion writing experience (personal blogs count)
  • Solid knowledge of at least one area of fashion and overall knowledge of the fashion industry
  • Knowledge of and familiarity with all things Autostraddle
  • Comfort with social media
  • Comfort with having your photograph & name on the internet

How to Apply:

Send resumé (PDF), cover letter (in the body of the email) and at least two relevant writing samples to lizz [at] autostraddle [dot] com and cc: rachel [at] autostraddle [dot] com. If you have relevant video tutorials or photos, send those too!

I'm going to pitch an eyeglasses buying guide to Autostraddle! These are from Warby Parker.

I’m going to pitch an eyeglasses buying guide to Autostraddle! These are from Warby Parker.

Your cover letter should answer the following questions:

  • What’s your availability?
  • Why the hell do you want to do this?
  • What area of fashion are you an expert in?
  • 2-3 clips/specific posts that highlight your best work (should highlight fashion knowledge and writing style)
  • If applying to be a video tutorialist, submit one example video
  • Concrete description of a regular, if pitching a regular, and 5 proposed column entries under that regular.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Deadline For Applications: 11:59 PM on Sunday, February 9

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    “Fashion-themed lists, like this one” <– I read that as "Fashion themed hats." I would like this person to also write about hats. Please also find out if ALH-owner and fashion writer Anne Catherine Frey is queer and bring her to me.

    Could we just hire Anne Catherine Frey?

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    Ahhh, this makes me really wish I actually wrote down all of my fashiony thoughts on a blog somewhere! And kept better records of what I dress myself and my girlfriend up in. 😛

    Does anyone else get (perhaps overly) excited about dating someone on a different end of the gender presentation spectrum from yourself because SUDDENLY YOU GET TO MAKE MORE OUTFITS FOR SOMEONE WHOSE STYLE IS SO DIFFERENT FROM YOURS OMG SO FUN?! Or is it just me? (This is probably a rhetorical question.)

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    I was seriously just going to say “would anyone be interested in an eyeglass column” because I’ve been working on styling/ writing copy for an online start up women’s eyewear company. What could be better than helping a bunch of queers have a fabulously framed face with the perfect fit specs!? Now lets see if I can get this resume done by the deadline.

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    oh maaaaaan, some of those dot points sound *ridiculously* perfect for me, but I (as usual) get the feeling that I’m probably not cool enough for something like this. here’s hoping I somehow manage to find the guts between now and the deadline to press send??

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