VIDEO: Brittney Griner Wants To Show You Her Lesbian Tattoo

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By now you know who Brittney Griner is. You know she’s awesome, you know she dresses well, you know she’s a WNBA star, BUT DID YOU KNOW SHE HAS A LESBIAN TATTOO. That’s right. A tattoo just for us. There is something on Brittney Griner’s body dedicated to lesbians. She gently runs her fingers over it and hums Rue’s song at night when her feet are cold but she’s too tired to get out of bed. She thinks about it and giggles to herself whenever she overhears a straight woman talk about Shane. She even snapchats it to people just because she fucking feels like it. While none of that may be true, Griner actually does have a tattoo of two female gender symbols and she lifts up her shirt to show them in the following video. She also discusses her first and favorite tattoos, her pet snakes, and a special fan in her My Ink videos.

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