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Do you have a mind-numbing hour-long commute to work you’re desperate to make better? Not me! I quit my internship last week and am now revelling in my first and final month of summer break. Whether you’re squeezed between men taking up too much space or lying in bed with your adorable girlfriend who’s playing Fallen London, Bitch’s Popaganda feminist podcasts are probably relevant to your interests.

Twice every month, Bitch explores feminist responses to pop culture with invited guests. The series has been going on (non-continuously) since 2009 but caught my attention this week because the latest episode “Wired” deals with tech and small humans.

How are we wired? This episode talks with tech expert Ashe Dryden about why tech industries lose out when they’re boys clubs, Code for America fellow Serena Wales talks about grassroots programming, and the mothers behind Stealing Time magazine and GenderMom discuss whether gendered behaviors are hardwired in kids.

All in a fascinating 40 minutes!

Popaganda: Wired by Bitch Media on Mixcloud

Recent topics range from “Scouts” to “Intersections” to “Words We Hate” (particularly “moist,” which is apparently a thing everyone except me has feelings about). Listening to the LSE’s public lecture podcasts broke my brain every day on the way to work, so I wish I’d discovered these earlier: they’re not too heavy on content but still informative, bring in different perspectives, and most importantly, are the kind of thing you can process even before your first caffeine hit of the day.

You can browse their podcast archives on Bitch Media, subscribe to them on iTunes, MixCloud, the Stitcher mobile app or Bitch’s audio RSS feed, or download MP3s of the podcasts from Community Radio.

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    I’m really glad the Bitch discussion of gender-aware parenting wasn’t imparting the usual bs I see so often on so many ‘hip’ mom sites about how trans children are reinforcing a binary, their identity is all about gender expression or liking the color pink or playing with Barbies (or not). Yaay for nuance and having someone who’s actually living with a trans child instead of just having people projecting their own agendas onto these kids.

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