Sex + Relationships

Sober in the City: Adventures in Sober Dating


“I could not wrap my head around having to jump back into the dating scene – sober no less. Where would I find suitable dating candidates? How do I “come out” as sober? It’s bad enough that the queer dating pool is incredibly small. Now, I had to contend with the fact that some people would be averse to dating a sober recovering addict.”


Also.Also.Also: Pair Your Thin Mints With a Nice Merlot and Other Stories We Missed


Why it’s so hard to prove a civil rights crime, Angela Davis, print on a t-shirt using the sunshine, Issa Rae, nothing is scarier than a black trans woman with a degree, Miranda July and Lorrie Moore, a female iron worker, a queer feminist pops her Sleater-Kinney cherry, ladies on landlines, a lesbian kiss on South Korean TV, cellar spiders in my kitchen and SO. MUCH. MORE.

Food and Drink

Is Gin The Worst?


“If you want to make people feel kinda weird or sad for you, just pour some gin in a glass or bowl and dip watermelon chunks in it and eat it while you watch home improvement shows on a saturday afternoon.​”


BPM: Disclosure and a Corpse Reviver #2


Is it pop because there are so many catchy hooks? Is it rock because it has that new wave-y grungy garage sound? Is it electronic music because it has synthetic drums and cymbals, deep bass drums, and clap tracks that have the authenticity of a sitcom laugh track?