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Oh, natural disasters, how you prevent us from safely going on first dates with cute strangers! On purpose, at least. I’m not saying people from Zone A in NYC won’t explode Craig’s List Missed Connections while at the hurricane shelters. However, I’m currently hiding in my sweatpants at my parents’ house and there aren’t going to be any serendipitous romantic interludes for anyone here anytime soon. You too? You should probably go read the gay lady date recap up on Nerve about a sexy accidental first date between a 31-year-old policy analyst and a 28-year-old personal assistant and join me in living vicariously through them. Were we ever so young?

From Dateline: “That girl is not straight…”:

9:01 – One of the guys notices this hot blonde thing walking to the bathroom and says, “That girl is not straight.”

9:02 – I get up and follow her. The bathroom is just a one-stall deal, so she’s in line. I say, “Come here often?” in my cheesiest ’70s voice. She giggles and says, “Yes, I visit the restroom a fair amount. You?” I tell her that I’ve actually just joined the line to hang out with her.

9:04 – She’s up next, and as she goes in, she invites me to join her. As I start to enter, she realizes I wasn’t kidding and says “Awkward!” I step back, but stay in line.

9:05 – She walks out, and I follow her away. She realizes now that I wasn’t kidding about any of it — that I really had just wanted to talk to her. She pulls me aside and tells me she’s on the worst online-fixup-date, but she doesn’t want to be rude. We quickly exchange numbers and she walks away.

10:30 – I receive a text asking if we’re still at the bar. She’s walked the girl home and will come back to meet us.

Dislikes: use of the word “chicks” and description of a woman as a “hot blonde thing.” Also, do yourself a favor and don’t read the comments. Those issues aside, this is a good story that feels very genuine in its delicate balance of nerves and hormones. Personally, I feel like that’s what successful first dates are made of: awkwardness rooted in sexual tension. Now I just hope the girl who was walked home at 10:30 found something sexy to do with the rest of her night, too.


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    Question: I’m in a pickle and this isn’t really related. I’m feminine looking but I I’m bisexual, so people, and by people I mean lesbians and more experienced bisexuals, assume I’m not for real, which really pisses me off. Why is it that no one questions a straight person who has had sex with a man once? They never say, “But are you really attracted to men, seriously?” I’m so tired of being questioned about my sexual history, as if it negates how I feel. How do I get taken seriously so I can finally have (longer) sex with a woman? It seems like it’s never going to happen!

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      Kate – I kind of know how you feel. I am at a complicated point in my life. I have only slept with two people — both men. I know that I am physically attracted to both men and women. I have kissed/made out with four women, but it hasn’t progressed to sex yet. (One of those times was with a straight girl who was questioning.)

      Having sex with anyone is a stressful experience for me due to self-consciousness, so I have only had two sexual partners.

      I have been kind of timid about expressing the fact that I am not straight, because I have thus far only experienced a negative reaction. One girl in my GSA club at college flat out said that she doesn’t think being bisexual is even real. I am just attracted to whoever I am attracted to. It has little to do with gender. If you’re appealing to me, then, there you go. But, sex with a woman just hasn’t happened yet. I want to, it’s silly I guess, but I want to so badly. I am scared that I will be an awkward partner my first time, but… ugh!

      And yay for making out!

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