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    I don’t know how to date girls. I’m sad.

    • It’s like friendship with more feelings. Feelings, feelings, feelings… And sometimes kisses.

      • this, basically. stayed with the only girlfriend i’ve had for three months, and there were SO MANY FEELINGS. now i’m with a guy who finds it hard to wrap his mind around how i mostly like girls & am dating him regardless. his only feeling is vague confusion.

    • I don’t know how to date, period. :C In the almost-six months I’ve been with my girlfriend, we’ve been on a total of ONE date, which was a little sad/pathetic/gloomy. Dates are hard. Being with someone is easy, if you’re emotionally compatible, though. Do nice things, make them smile, then feel happy that they’re happy and try to avoid conflicts or deal with your feelings in rational ways that don’t involve bottling.

      • dates can be a little hard, but when they work out, they’re lovely! maybe you two can go out to dinner and a movie- or if you’re feeling a little less conventional, a trip to the park/playground or a picnic could be fun. my longest relationship lasted for three years, and our favorite thing to do was to hang out in the mystery section of the library and read books together. whatever works, yeah? :’)

    • Apparently, the way to go is fall hopelessly in love with your best friend, although this doesn’t always work.


    • I’m just awkward. that’s all.

    • I don’t know how to find people to date either. Fuck tiny towns in Wisconsin.