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  • HELLO and welcome to the 145th installment of Things I Read That I Love, wherein I share with you some of the longer-form journalism/essays I’ve read recently so that you can read them too and we can all know more about XXX! This “column” is less feminist/queer focused than the rest of the site because when something is feminist/queer focused, I…[Read more]

    • The title for the military sexual-assault article in the tab I just opened is called ‘Son, Men Don’t Get Raped’, which puts the article in a different light I guess?

    • Every single week I wait for this post and it never fails to impress me!

    • I was reading that article about the prison industrial complex and the profiteering of private of probation services at work and I got so angry I had to go take deep breaths in the corner to calm down.

      Looking forward to the rest of these, especially the depression & sobriety one.

    • I am also really looking forward to “The Big Stigma of Being Depressed and Sober,” mostly because I am those things, and I’d love to hear how someone else views it. I’d promise to report back here when I’m done reading it, but admittedly my TIRTIL list is weeks long and I usually get to a piece a month or two later, and by then you all will be gone.

      • But we want to know! And I am ticking the box to get email notification when there are new comments, so if you do share your thoughts when you get to it at one person will see it. :)

    • Thank you so much for including my Bold Italic article on this list! I’m so flattered and I hope you enjoy it. Please share with anyone struggling with similar issues who you think might benefit from reading it. -Katie MacBride

    • The Rebecca Brown piece is layers, layers of exquisite. Thanks so much for introducing me to a now-necessary writer’s work.

    • Surprised that death of adulthood piece didn’t mention Obvious Child, which, though I don’t think it passed the Bechdel test, was so friggin’ funny and was also called Obvious Child. Dunno how much more appropriate it could have been for this author’s argument. Still, I really enjoyed that piece.

  • feature image by shutterstock

    As you’ve maybe figured out by now, sex is sort of hilarious. You’re both naked with all your meat and cheese out there in the open air, you’re rolling around pawing at each other like animals on a bed or smashed into a bar bathroom or precariously threatening the composure of your sofa cushions. You’re…[Read more]

    • This heavily vintage list is bringing back awkward memories of listening to CD’s for sex music because MP3s were not a thing yet. And that terrible moment when your Ani or Etheridge CD started skipping and wouldn’t stop and couldn’t be ignored.

      Full disclosure: I once banged to a Godsmack CD. OK, more than once. Yes, I am ashamed.

      • An acquaintance of mines from HS use to play Godsmack, Black Sabbath, and/or the band he was in during such activities.

        • I had an ex who would play Alice in Chains. Every time. I still can’t listen to that band nearly a decade later.

      • I still don’t use mp3s and continue to have this issue — not the skipping, but just when the record or CD ends and things get reeeeeally quiet.


        Especially for my neighbors.

    • once i had sex to the entirety of a taylor swift album (i think it was speak now? it’s hazy) and i still feel kind of angry about it

      also thank you riese for this important public service

    • I was really worried there would be some crossover with my actual sex playlist here. I am so relieved to discover that I’m not that tacky…yet.

    • Wait. Is Eye of the Tiger about sexy times? This is news to me…

    • challenge accepted.

    • I would rather bang to any of these compared to the jam which I lost my virginity to-“Out Here Grindin.” Because nothing says romance like air sirens and DJ KHALED.

    • What?? No “Birthday Sex”? But it’s been the soundtrack to some of my tackier sex dreams for a good year now.
      And “Sex on Fire” just gives me life.
      Are we serious about this list? Next you’ll tell me “Like a Virgin” is a no go as well?

    • I was a little disappointed not to see “Fuck the Pain Away”

    • Is that a stock image? Where did you find it? Cause it’s perfect.

    • Oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no.

      I could not survive this playlist while having sex with just MYSELF, let alone another person.

      I did not expect to feel this uncomfortable after reading this.

    • I dunno that list is missing R. Kelly’s other song, Your Body’s Callin. Also no Back that Azz up, or Mystikal’s Shake Ya Ass?

      And how This is How we Do It a sex song? He talks about South Central, and a few other places.

      • um yup, good point re: this is how we do it
        i think we just wanted to hear that one line over and over

        • I feel like nobody knows any of the other words to that song. We’d all just be like, “Mmmrmmmrmrmrmmrr THIS IS HOW WE DO IT.”

    • I once had a customer tell me that “Nothing gets the ladies hot like Hinder’s ‘Lips of an Angel.'” I’ve never had this proven to me.

      • I’m taking that as a personal challenge to find out whether or not that’s true. For science.

        (Advance apologies to my gf.)

    • Ha sexy time ;)

    • Can anyone else confirm that “How Does It Feel” is, in fact, a sexy song? I’m now questioning everything in my life. Then again, I un-ironically had a lot of sex to Justin Bieber’s last album (and I’m 28), so.

      • Because his last album (ok the first half) is sooo good. I did a couple non-ironic strip teases for my gf at the time from that album. I’m 31. Kill me.

    • This is amazing. I would also add 2 Live Crew “Me So Horny” and this gem:

      Mousse T. feat. Hot ‘n’ Juicy – Horny ’98

      During my very brief stint as a person who went to clubs (circa 1998, obvs), this song was in heavy rotation. I’m only a little bit ashamed to admit that I still know most of the lyrics.

      Also whenever I hear Color Me Badd I…[Read more]

    • You put it on spotify and I’m obsessed with you. Can we listen to this with dinner? Be over in 20. Like literally I’m leaving my house.

      • wish i could put a gif of abby’s facial expression when she realized she’d put the wrong version of “my neck, my back (Lick It)” on the playlist

    • I just laughed harder than I’ve laughed in a long time.

    • The couple who lived above my first apartment after college used to have huge arguments and then loud sex, once to Bloodhound Gang’s “The Bad Touch” on repeat.

    • omfg I just had the most vivid flashback to watching the music video for George Michael’s “I want your sex” on mtv at a youth group lock-in ??

    • Some of these are DEFINITELY on my actual sex playlists and i am completely unashamed.
      And aw man, hardcore nostalgia for peaches n cream by 112. I used to sing along to that song when it was on the radio when i was a kid and therefore completely oblivious the the not even subtle sexualness of the song…

    • Okay this list is great, but which song is the best for making someone’s genitals dance to or sing along? There are just too many good options, someone please help me narrow this down.

    • Thanks for the laugh!!! Seriously!

      There is NO way I could make it through even the first ten. I would just be laughing way too hard.

    • My ex and I used to have sex to contemporary christian music because we were taking this queer theology class together and like, also because it was ridiculous and if sex can’t be a little hilarious/sacrilegious, why have it?!

      but also, I have played pony during sex before. but now all i can think of is lil sebastian when i hear it.

      • Also also I’m currently casually sleeping with an almost 40 year old and they love when bump and grind plays so it’s definitely on my sex playlist in real life.

    • One of my past (very past) boyfriends unironically tried to sex me while playing Nine Inch Nail’s “Closer”. He didn’t get very far.

      (This same boyfriend later painted an amateurish picture of me tied up in chains surrounded by demons. Needless to say, he very soon thereafter became my ex.)


        Seriously, um, that painting sounds super weird.

      • Unless you are into demon BDSM. In which case, cool. (But it sounds like this was not a fantasy you expressed to him)

        • I mean, bondage and aggressively sexual music definitely can have its place with the right person in the right situation, but this wasn’t like that. Red flag in this case for sure.

      • Oh ho ho, I had that very song stuck in my head this one time in religion class. It was both awkward and hot.
        Sorry about your experience tho, that does not sound fun and this is from a kinky person.

    • Woops, I would have no problem whatsoever with Prince, All-4-One, or Usher. And *especially* not with Pony. Pony is high art.

    • This one time I was having sexy times with all of my music playing on shuffle and Rockwell’s Somebody’s Watching Me came on. Lesson learned. Always have a playlist.

    • Oh hey, what about Danger! High Voltage by Electric Six?

      (I may pushed a person into a wall while making out with them to this song or maybe I pinned them to something? Just remember kissing hard, grabbing, rubbing and shoving…um TMI…)

    • Try the DVD menu music for Tom Goes To The Mayor.

    • I’m a little bit disappointed that Yakkity Sax isn’t on here. Because that is pretty much impossible.

    • If you want corny Savage Garden sex songs, try “Universe”. That’s how I learnt the word “caress”.

      *still a fangirl, but oh man*

    • Now filled with an urge to make my own playlist like this, put it on without telling my gf, and see how far we get… :’)

    • I would like to add Love fool by the cardigans to this list. As well as anything by the Vengaboys…or anything from the 90s/early 00s at all.

    • Wait…i thought of a worse one… If you’re not the one by Daniel Bedingfield.

    • I’d have too much fun laughing and lip synching to the entire 90s portion of this list to actually make it through sex. Bloody brilliant list.

    • I had sex for the first time while listening to Belle and Sabastian. “If You’re Feeling Sinister”, if I remember correctly.
      I’ve been going about things all wrong. So many sexy time jamz!

    • lol omg the cheese overkill. then again, my personal choice (except the occasions of Tori/Sarah Mclachlan, which happen) is Switchblade Symphony and Apop – so what do i know?

    • I

    • I feel like this is a good time to point out that the minx that is Abbey May somehow made Pony sexier…

      Also, I logged in for the first time in forever to share that… I hope it is appreciated!

    • I drunkenly blared ‘I Just Had Sex’ by The Lonely Island right after the first time having sex with my first official girlfriend. She was not impressed.

      The girl I was hooking up with before that, however, used to like to play MC Hammer’s ‘U Can’t Touch This,’ which always seemed a bit counterintuitive to me.

    • I would have you know that sexytimes with music by “Sade” have been scientifically proven to be better!
      As a girl of the nineties, I very much approve of this list, but am sorely mssing 50 Cents.
      Also, Shaggy’s “Boomtastic” is a grave oversight, imho. Nothing brings all the girls to the yard, like some Mr.Vroomvroom.
      That said, a gf a long…[Read more]

    • Any other members of the narrow demographpic of folks born circa 1990 to teenage parents super freaked out by the 90’s contingent? I have so many childhood associations with wildly inappropriate music. Salt N Pepa just makes me think about my mom, her convertible, menthol cigarettes, and summer. Seal is all about the year the batman movie came…[Read more]

    • This article reminds me of a HORRIBLE song called ‘My Girl Gotta Girlfriend’. Not remembering who the artist is at the moment, but….damn. Bad times. Real bad times….

    • I’m surprised not to see sexy back by JT

    • K guys, this is great and all, but I’m looking for some real sexy time song suggestions. What cha got? (Um, not that I’m getting laid these days. But I masterbate! Hey-yo!)

    • This is clearly a lesbian playlist. Straight girls must get very confused looking at how long it is.

  • henricks-gin-artwork2Gin: some people like it, but a lot of people really don’t like it. According to our annual Autostraddle Reader survey, only 3% of you folks cited gin as your primary alcoholic beverage of choice, making it second-to-last amongst preferred alcohols (Tequila came in with 2%). Somehow, the topic of gin came up in our Office E-Mail Reply-All the…[Read more]

    • I am usually ambivalent about the things that people are supposed to either love or hate! On one hand, gin is delicious in a gin and tonic in the summertime with cucumber. On the other hand, once I drank too much gin and then the next morning I puked my guts up in the bathroom of a fancy brunch place. The lady in the next stall was very…[Read more]

    • I love me some gin, but WOW those are some stories! It seems like gin can be a pretty divisive spirit, but I suppose it only takes one bad experience to ruin things. On a related note, I can no longer even look at bottles of UV vodka.

      Gin isn’t my first go-to liquor (that would be single malt Scotch), but I *love* an expertly-mixed Tanqueray…[Read more]

      • what even IS uv vodka? is it meant to be drunk by humans? i ordered it at a bar once because it was the only vodka option and then i felt really angry that i paid money for it.

      • ahahah, there’s like a quarter of a bottle of that shit that’s been sitting on my desk here for the last six months. Blue Raspberry.

    • Gin and tonics are my favorite, go-to drink at a bar. Extra points when they have Tanqueray Rangpur.

    • Gin is made from juniper berries pooped out by angels, masticated by unicorns, fermented in Gaia’s womb, and distilled through rainbows.

    • I really like gin. Gin and tonic is my go to “I’m at a shitty or unfamiliar bar and am unsure if this bartender knows how to mix a good cocktail” because it’s impossible to fuck up a gin and tonic TOO badly. That said, cheap gin is the worst. You have to at least go middle of road.
      The first time I got really hammered was on five o’clock gin…[Read more]

    • Gin is the WORST, but for some reason I took a trip to NYC and ordered multiple $10 Tom Collins. I was trying to fit in with these hip, writer types and felt fancy as fuck, but it was still the worsttttttttt!!!

      Also, can we talk about Judy Funnie and her ALH?!?!?!

    • Okay, I love gin…I mean, it’s in my username. I feel like enough of anything will lead to insane drunken stories though. I think the only crazy gin story I have is one in which I went to a bar, ordered a Hendricks gimlet, and the bartender gave me a pint glass full of gin with a lime wedge. I mean it was literally just gin and ice in there. I…[Read more]

    • I like gin, especially gin and tonics.. You you aren’t a fan of the whole christmas-tree taste, try New Amsterdam Gin. It isn’t near as heavy on the juniper and tastes more citrus-y.

    • Hendricks and tonic is my ultimate fancy lady summer beverage. Also any not so delicious gin and tonic can be made better by adding a tiny bit of elderflower cordial to it. Mmmm.

    • I spent a couple minutes puzzled in front of ”my friend brought a bottle of gin in a Poland spring bottle to first period computers” because I couldn’t imagine that America gave special computers to bleed on, but then thought for a minute and came up with an elaborate backstory like ‘Ah, liquid courage for facing a puberty info computer…[Read more]

    • I guess I just like pine flavored beverages, see also: IPA’s.

      Gin & Tonics are like a deep cleansing breath of crisp mountain air on a sweltering summer afternoon.

    • That Hendrix ad is the best!
      I LOVE gin! I was having really nasty hangovers and a friend tipped me off that tonic has tons of sugar in it, so I drink gin and soda and no more hangovers… Well, usually ha I feel like gin is a flavor like cilantro, you love it or HATE it. I like floral, earthy, soapy flavors :)

    • I’m partially to Tom Collins though that name is starting to sound a bit too straight for my taste. And the though of Christina Hendricks gin, mmmm. Not sure about others here but Bombay sapphire is nice as is the higher proof, extra filtered gin.

    • Not all gin tastes like trees or Pine-Sol. If you actually don’t want to drink trees/cleaning liquid, try American gins, which tend to use less juniper and more not juniper in their botanical flavor profile than English gins.

    • One time I drank lots of gin and also tequila at a theatre party at Cornell (I went to Ithaca College), when I was a freshman. I ended up ugly crying at this kid who knew the girl I was in (unrequited) love with in high school, and confessing a bunch of shit about it to him. I think it was probably the first time I came out to someone actually? …[Read more]

    • Gin is delicious, especially in fruity cocktails! My wife had a bad gin experience that involved orange juice and tater tots, but I’m trying to recruit her to Team Gin.

      Tequila, on the other hand… nooooope.

    • No, gin is the best.

    • I invented a cocktail called Desperation. All it is is gin and tap water. Try it, you’ll like it.

    • While I don’t have any horror stories about Gin, I do have to say that I’m not a big fan of it, and have yet to find a gin drink that I like.

      Then again, I didn’t start drinking until I was 21, and didn’t begin more seriously drinking until I was about 23 (I’m 24 now).

    • GIN IS THE WORST. And Kaitlyn, do you remember last year when I went to that sailing open bar and drank gin and tonics? I blacked out (I’m convinced I’m actually allergic to something) and ended up 2 miles away somewhere near rush hospital. Also it was during that storm the governor called an emergency for…. I came home and just cried on Sarah’s…[Read more]

    • So the first time I ever ordered a drink in a bar, I was panicking because I didn’t really know /how/, all I could think of were these embarrassingly-named cocktails like “Sex on the Beach”, so I ordered the first thing that didn’t have “Sex” or “Nipple” in the name and it was a gin and tonic. I was very pleasantly surprised to find I liked it a…[Read more]

    • I had a cabin mate at camp who LOVED gin and tonic and I had some during the staff reading and it got SWELTERING in the room so I stepped out for fresh air and felt the whole entire camp spin. I downed water and found my cabin mate to be EXTREMELY HAPPY when we finally hit KlubDeer.

      In college I’m pretty sure I had gin all the time. It had the…[Read more]

    • So I guess gin isn’t the worst but I guess it isn’t the best either. But it does make for a lot of stories! =D

    • Gin is not the worst you guys.

    • Did ya’ll even notice you spelled tumbler “tumblr” the first time?? hahaha
      My gin story: When I was a young teen my older brother got 3 water bottles. All completely unmarked, 1 was vodka, 1 was gin, and 1 was… something else clear. I don’t remember much about that night other than the fact that I knew I didn’t want to drink “that tree shit,”…[Read more]

    • Personally I dig it’s weird pine needles flavor but I feel compelled to point out that the common denominator across all these stories isn’t just drinking gin, it’s drinking MASSIVE QUANTITIES of gin.

      Causative relation? You decide.

      Because I don’t know shit about drinking. I have never had more than three drinks in a night and between the…[Read more]

    • Wait I love gin. Especially with a clever berry mixer. Though too much of it can lead to some poor choices.

    • I am all about respecting everyone’s personal tastes but HOW HOW HOW is tequila not everyone most favorite booze? I mean yes, gin, delicious, I love you, my dad makes badass gin cocktails and everyone has a great time, but…TEQUILA.

      • I second the tequila love! I was always afraid of it (on account of my brother had terrible luck with tequila) but then I tried it and was like “THIS TASTES LIKE MAGICAL RIVER PEBBLES” and it’s been love ever since.

      • thirded, tequila 4ever

      • tequilaaaaaaaaa! i feel like everyone side-eyes it because that one time they did too many tequila shots at some frat boy’s probably racist cinco de mayo party. or because all they’ve ever drank is some nasty-ass cuervo gold. whatever. more for us! 1800 + grapefruit juice + salt rim = heaven

      • I’d be a 40-year-old virgin right now if it weren’t for tequila! God bless it.

    • Gin and tonic is totally my go-to at any bar/restaurant that only serves IPAs (which in Minnesota is basically all of them, because evidently people here like the taste of copper and piss).

      I think my only gin story is that in the millions of times that I got drunk with my best friend, her husband and I (who were both the gin drinkers) tried…[Read more]

    • This post was making me sorta sad because I didn’t think I had a fun gin story, but then I remembered when I was in the midst of my glorious ill-fated long-distance relationship with my first and to-date only girlfriend I drank about half a bottle of gin at my friend’s house and then sat in the bathroom with her while she threw up casually…[Read more]

    • I quite enjoy gin! It tastes fresh and clean. But I also don’t have any gin horror stories.

    • My roomate asked me to mop the floor, and while I was able to scrub it with hot water and a towel, I was unable to find any cleaning fluid in my house. But there was Gin in the kitchen, because I had been heartlessly left with a girls entire College Alcohol Learning Experience on my counter. I liberally sprinkled it about the floor, and the…[Read more]

    • I have a passionate love for gin, & I’ve recently turned my girlfriend on to the stuff. – it makes me really proud that she’s less likely to order a vodka and cranberry now that she can order a gin ricky or gin gimlet.

      Anyway,there are so many different, delightful types with so many varied flavors, and my favorite classic cocktails are…[Read more]

    • I’m just thinking of that song which has a rap and a country version, ‘sippin’ on gin and juice’. Why can’t I remember where on earth I heard that song and who sings it?

      I love gin. I danced with my gf’s ex who I hated at the time when I was drunk on gin martinis. Such are the powers of gin.

      • “Rollin’ down the street, smokin’ endo, sippin’ on gin and juice…with my mind on my money, and my money on my mind.” Snoop Dogg’s breakout hit, anthem of my college years, though I did not like gin at the time.

    • I love gin. I love whisky. Tequila is ok. I hate vodka except in bloody marys. I hate ipa and chardonnay.

      Story: Once I had a cat that died unexpectedly and after we buried her beside my friend’s apartment by the lake I quickly poured myself some of his roommate’s gin, with roommate’s permission. But then I finished the bottle. When he tried…[Read more]

    • My story is not interesting enough to be told. All I can add is that when I was living in a smaller city (Santo Domingo forever, yeah!) I only ordered gin when it was really late because it was the only thing I was sure was the real deal based on the fact that NOBODY ELSE SEEMED TO LIKE IT.

    • I use to love tanqueray and Canada Dry back in my college days. I would say Seagrams definitely taste like pine sol. But this article definitely makes me wanna go try a gin and tonic I’ve never had one!

    • Once I drank a lot of gin and my lovely also gin-drunk scottish friend spent a great deal of the night telling me that Hendricks is proper fucking wedding gin. I videoed it, because it was great.

      Then a bunch of people jumped in the pool. We were at a wedding. Maybe we were at my wedding. Some of the less drunk adults were seriously concerned…[Read more]

    • Gin is my favourite.

      Though I was once banned from drinking it for several years by my closest friends. I would always end up in tears stumbling home from [xxx queer disco] alone without telling anyone, or telling everyone that I knew they secretly hated me. Etc.

      But those were dark days. I’m past all that now.

      TEAM GIN!

    • Leigh replied 5 days ago

      I always take gin with me to house parties. It’s one of the perks of liking gin. You won’t have to fight to make sure that you get any of the booze you brought because so many people don’t like it. But you are guaranteed to make friends with that one other person at the party who’s like, “OMG, gin!” Then you drink with that person all night.…[Read more]

      • Love it.

      • Yes. So many time yes. This was the only way I survived the really dark point in my life when I was in my mid-twenties and going to parties with undergrads because I had just moved to a new state and was underemployed and my 21-year-old coworkers were the only people I knew. No one wanted to touch my Tanqueray.

    • Gin and Tonic in summer and a good single malt in winter. Absolutely Devine!
      I don’t have gin horror story but I did have a very unfortunate experience with Scotch,when I was trying to get passed the last bit of really lousy behavior that my last gf perpetrated against me. I’d been having a pity party with the scotch, lamenting my rotten choise…[Read more]

    • Love is like a bottle of Gin, but a bottle of Gin is not like love!

      All the lessons you need to learn about consuming Gin is laid out in this song…

      I am must limit myself to two gin and tonics on a night out as it makes me angry drunk which is not pleasant for anyone involved…..i speak way too…[Read more]

    • Can we talk about how gin tastes like scotch tape and how I kinda love that about it?

    • omg but i love gin! if I HAVE to drink a clear liquor, it’s definitely gonna be gin. Vodka will always make me feel like that too drunk girl at the first house party of the semester, plus you have to buy really expensive vodka for it to not be the worst decision of your life (smirnoff is satan). And then tequila–or as I call it, te-kill ya–is…[Read more]

    • Gin + sugar + rosehip tea + hot water = a divine sunset cocktail.

      I should probably mention my friends and I do this when watching the sun go down on the top of a mountain in Slovenia during summer. Otherwise I don’t often like gin. But I’ve never tried a gin and tonic.

    • i presently have on my desk a bottle of delicious Monkey 47 Schwarzwald gin, and Fever Tree tonic water – also yes, this is an ad agency

    • gin reminds me of my grandma Gerry making inappropriate comments about the nearest person’s rear-end.
      also, this article made me piss myself with laughter.

    • My boyfriend bought me a bottle of gin and one of tonic water yesterday because he had a party and someone finished my old bottle. It’s hot and I’m working from home. I’m strongly considering cracking them open, but since it’s 4:50pm I probably should wait a bit. And we don’t have limes, so it would sort of be a waste of time.

      Thanks for the…[Read more]

    • Gin is the best. Sipsmiths forever.

    • gin may be the worst, but y’all are decidedly the best

      I tried some gin cocktail yrs ago with a friend’s parents made with this purple liqueur that tasted even more like potpourri than the gin itself:
      it was like drinking the essence your great aunt’s house, the one who had a cabinet of those collectible spoons and gave you a fun refrigerator…[Read more]

    • after a night out last weekend, i awoke to discover i had acquired two new items of clothing and a bottle of cheap gin. i have no idea where it came from or who gave it to me. i feel a significant gin story may be a-lurkin round the corner.

    • I don’t like gin, which is not very surprising because I don’t like most alcoholic beverages. When the situation requires it, like if someone’s making a toast, I just take one or two sips, but other than that, I hardly ever drink. TBH, I have a hard time understanding how people consume so much of this stuff, considering most booze tastes awful…[Read more]

    • “I don’t remember.” Often said the day after a sloe gin bender. However a memorable awakening saw me in a different set of clothes to what I wore previously, a traffic cone over my head and no recollection of the previous night. I’m surprised my liver still functions after three years of temporary alcoholism.

    • Gin is ginerally the best. Li-me tell you.

    • In high school I once started the night with a water bottle that was like half gin and half tonic water and I woke up in the morning on the floor, with my laptop open to this page http://sciencegeist.net/i-love-gin-and-tonics/ presumably having googled “I love gin and tonics.” Science!


    • Lo, Ethereal and Greylock of the Berkshires, oh sweet, sweet Cold River, dear Leopold, you king of kings, dear older brother Martin Miller, Terroir isn’t just for wine – St. George is a fine distiller, and if you must there’s always Hendrick’s, and Boodles is a ladykiller.


    • I have a remedy for those of y’all who think gin is the worst. It’s called a French 69/Chelsea Darling (I mean, helloooo) and you need to make yourself one and sit on a porch. Gin, champagne, and fresh lime. It makes you f-ing delightful.

    • Hahaha this is like the story sharing thread of my dreams. In this current stage of my life, I enjoy gin but have to be in the right mood for it. During my college life, I was a participant in our shadow showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I went on to be the organizer/director for two years, but during my first year with the show I was the…[Read more]

    • my oldest memories of gin are camping and sharing a tent with my best friend and his girlfriend (who had a secret crush on me) and drinking it mixed with dr. pepper. when i woke up the next morning i got to listen to her giving him a blow job as i stayed quiet and pretended to still be asleep.

    • gin is glorious, i feel so much less like a boozehound (and more like an adult) if i go home after work and drink a g&t than a vodka with literally anything.

    • Ok because tequila has been popping up in the comments I feel a need to share a certain story which if you personally know me…you will know the person in said story.

      So in college (an excellent start to the story) aside from gin we liked having tequila. Finals had just ended and the plan was drinking at my house. The plan was like 10 people.…[Read more]

      • And that is my infamous tequila story. Its my favorite drinking memory/story.

      • Two words: colgate wisps.
        And as a child sufferer of stomach migranes, wicker baskets and ultra thin plastic trash liners are the devil.

        Also um holy shit puke and bare skin ouch, what the fuck but not many people know puke as intimately as I do and she was drunk.
        Still *shivers*

    • I thoroughly enjoy G+Ts with lots of lime. It’s my go to. Like most folks have said, you can’t mess it up out at a new bar. The best gin drink I’ve ever had was at FarmacIa in old city, they make an incredible gin, elderberry, champagne concoction that goes great with any of their brunch. Also, where else can you get 1/2 price fancy brunch drinks…[Read more]

    • As a long-time gin drinker I can guarantee that all these hangovers are coming from tonic. Tonic is the devil.

      • Definitely. For me, gin is the least hangover-inducing of all the boozes. It’s also the most likely to keep me relatively clear-headed (and full-memoried) even if I overdo it a bit.

    • ” Lydia: This conversation makes me want a delicious gin based beverage. Also, I can almost understand the Pine-sol comparison. Still gonna drink it.”

      This sums up my feelings perfectly!

    • I swear someone at work had gin-scented cigarettes (I sit right next to the door to the smoking area) and I decided I both wanted and deserved to have gin tonight. I mixed it with orange dry. I ALSO LIKE IT with regular orange soda, grapefruit juice, pomegranate dry (the best), coffee, and straight. So I was texting my friend and she asked me if I…[Read more]

    • I started drinking gin because I really got into M*A*S*H one summer. And then I ran out of seasons of that show and just kept on drinking all the gin.

      Also, it helps that I’ve never been hungover from gin and, weirdly enough, usually wake up after a gin night feeling super alert morning person-y. In contrast, vodka makes me tired and rum makes…[Read more]

    • Whenever I think of gin, I think of this car I used to drive that had a lot of weird quirks. For example, sometimes it wouldn’t start when it was really cold outside. As a freshman I was at the queer college student conference in upstate New York in February and I had driven my group of friends to the conference because I was the only one with a…[Read more]

    • One time, my best friend drank 5 gin and tonics at a happy HOUR (literally an hour…) and proceeded to kill a half handle of some kind of gin afterwards. She prized herself on whipping up some guacamole for her guests and decides the secret ingrident is cinnamon. Proceeds to eat more than half of it, ruthlessly concerned when it is all gone. Then…[Read more]

    • This confuses me, because I started drinking gin & tonics when I saw that a hot older lesbian I looked up to/ was into did, and since then I’ve always just assumed that’s what the cool lesbians drank.

      It’s still my go-to in gay bars because whiskey is dangerous and g&ts are like juniper juicewater.

  • Well this week kicks off what’s certain to be a groundbreaking fall television season, chock-full of racially diverse casts and pioneering explorations of gender identity. Lesbian representation isn’t exactly fantastic, however, especially with Pretty Little Liars and The Fosters not returning full-force until 2015 and Glee‘s premiere date TBA,…[Read more]

    • Beck replied 1 week ago

      wow, i really had no idea about a lot of these shows, so i’m definitely going to be looking back to this article a lot! out of the ones i did know of, i got especially excited about the idea of transparent, but the fact that the main character is played by a cis dude is kinda rubbing me the wrong way. as a nb person, i’m super excited to see a…[Read more]

    • Kasey replied 1 week ago

      I kind of want to get Amazon Prime just to support and watch Transparent. This looks like an exciting fall television season!

    • I’m just so excited for The Walking Dead and Faking It. Like I’ve been screaming how excited I am at my family for the last few weeks.

    • Anna replied 1 week ago

      I’m cautiously optimistic about “Faking It”. I think they’re walking a fine line, but I’ve enjoyed the show so far.

      If season 2 steps in it, I can always console myself by re-watching season 1 of OITNB.

    • C.P. replied 1 week ago

      I am so unreasonably excited for a Grey’s Anatomy recap on Autostraddle! YAY YAY YAY YAY!

    • Erin replied 1 week ago

      Gotham is the new show I’m most excited about. Can’t believe how close it is all of the sudden! And I’m a big fan of Sleepy Hollow! Such kick-ass, gorgeous women in it.

    • I am so excited about How to Get Away With Murder. My TV always needs more Viola Davis.

    • Alenka replied 1 week ago

      Brooklyn Nine-Nine, yeees! I cannot freaking wait. Also I want Transparent to be good and not do terrible things… -fingers crossed-

      • Brooklyn Nine-Nine might be my favorite sitcom of all time. And I may or may not have a huge crush on Rosa :P

      • Brooklyn Nine-Nine is hilarious! The Super Bowl episode was the first time I saw it and I fell in love with it at first watch. The characters are quirky and screwball in the best way.

    • Isn’t that the actress who played Paris on gilmore girls in the how to get away with murder picture. Excited the most for that one and Gotham. I’m cautiously optimistic about AHS but it’s probs gonna be really ableist :/ like the name alone is so awkward

    • Marie replied 1 week ago

      I’m really excited that AHS and Sleepy Hollow are coming back, even though AHS will probably be extremely offensive. I missed that there would be a lesbian detective on Gotham so now I’m even more excited to see it! How to get away with Murder looks cool too plus it has Dean Thomas so I will have to check it out.

      Also, I have been seeing a…[Read more]

      • I still cannot believe there were no students lesbianing together in the Witchcraft Boarding School for Girls

        • Marie replied 1 week ago

          I know, what a waste! I thought they were hinting Misty was gay or something but that didn’t happen

    • KaeLyn replied 1 week ago

      So excited for Gotham and How To Get Away With Murder and Scandal and Walking Dead and everything, really. I’ve run out of things to Netflix. Bring on the fall premieres!

    • Awww, you guys! I cannot believe there will be AS Greys recaps!
      I wish Yang was still here to see this… Snif…

      • And just the gay parts so I don’t have to pretend that I care about Karev!
        I always felt that Shonda Rhimes and AS vibed…

        • Yes,I realize I am answering my own comment. That’s how excited I am.

          • I will join you in the comment thread, even though you already responded to one of my comments, because that is how excited I am!

            I can’t wait to see you around the recap comments! We will have a party together!! Woot woot.

          • Gabby writing about Miranda Bailey! The recaps will be a thing of beauty

      • I’m joining you two in the Grey’s comment thread party! And at the weekly Shondaland “Thank God It’s Thursday” celebration. I’m so super stoked for this!

    • Allie replied 1 week ago

      Super excited for Faking It! Also I may be naive but I totally did not figure out Lauren’s secret, so I will be interested to see how they handle that *fingers crossed that they don’t royally screw it up*

    • Di replied 1 week ago

      It goes without saying that I’m Kermit flailing in excitement for GOTHAM.

      I’m also excited for Riese’s Faking It recaps since I’ve read all of them but don’t actually watch the show.

      AHS is giving me Geek Love vibes, so it better be really dang awesome.

      And I’m madly in love with Tara who I’m pretty sure is going to die five episodes…[Read more]

      • Oh my GOD for that last!!! YESSSSS

      • I’d love that so much, since Daryl is basically the official heartthrob of the show. I understand why they don’t do too much romance on the series, but Maggie/Glenn are saccharine and overexposed at this point. Who WOULDN’T go ahead and face their sexuality during the zombie apocalypse? What’s Daryl got to lose?

      • Oh my. Your last sentence is giving me some unexpected pantsfeelings. That was delightfully unexpected.

    • The Blackish pilot is on iTunes for free so I’ve already watched it and stand by my previous statements.

      • YES! I’m so ready for Black-ish because in my head I always wanted to a comedy show about the cost of one’s identity in the pursuit of assimilation into “American culture” whatever that means. But in my head it would be the crazy antics of explaining all the things of being a Nigerian-American family living the suburbs that is so white that it…[Read more]

      • I watched it tonight and I am definitely in. It was funny and made it’s point without being too preachy, and I’m already in love with the smarty-pants little girl. Also I want a bromitzvah.

    • Alice replied 1 week ago

      I can’t wait for The Good Wife to come back! Last season was amazing. And yes, I will keep you updated about Kalinda (it’s a hard job, but somebody has to do it).
      I don’t know if I’m ready to be offended for the millionth time by Ryan Murphy, but I’ll still watch AHS.. and your recaps will save the show as usual.
      Very very very excited for…[Read more]

      • I’m very excited for The Good Wife too! Last season was the first time I’ve watched an entire season of this show and IT WAS SPECTACULAR. Truly one of the best TV seasons of the year.

        So I’ll also be on Kalinda watch with you! I hope she actually gets a storyline this season and that she gets to date a woman for more than just a few episodes.

        • Yes, I’m in love with that show! I really hope too that they can finally give a good storyline to Kalinda this season.. it always feels like they don’t know what to do with her. It’s a shame.

          • Have you heard about one of Kalinda’s former lady loves returning? I know for sure that she’ll be in at least one episode, but hopefully she’ll stay for more. (I don’t want to say who or in what episode, in case you don’t know and don’t want to be spoiled.)

          • Yes, I knew something but I prefer to stay spoiler free for what is possible :) Let’s hope! (at least they can’t do worse than the ex-husband storyline. ugh)

    • I want to see Gotham so badly.

    • recapping the gay parts of grey’s yesssssssssssss (because those are the only parts worth watching.

    • I don’t watch a ton of TV, but so many of these look so good! I’m excited for Black-ish, Transparent, and Gotham (even though that’s usually not my type of show, it looks pretty cool and I didn’t realize Renee Montoya is a main character!). I’ve been super looking forward to Red Band Society for a while too, I love those…[Read more]

    • Can we just talk about the fact that little Dean Thomas from Harry Potter is all grown up now? I swear that cast will be kids to me forever. He’s so handsome too. He pulled a Neville on us. I hope How to Get Away with Murder makes him a star since he really didn’t get much to do in the HP films.

    • Sooo pumped for all of these. I’m surprised how legitimately thrilled I am for season two of Faking It, considering how completely grossed out by its premise I was when AS first posted about it. Fingers crossed they don’t fuck up horribly.

    • Gotham/Sleepy Hollow double feature on Mondays? HELL yes :D

    • I haven’t regularly watched a network TV show in literally years, but I may have to start. I’ve been meaning to check out “Sleepy Hollow” and “Scandal,” but there are sooo many others in this list I wasn’t aware of. How am I going to get anything done this fall with my TV on all the time?

    • SO MUCH TV SO LITTLE TIME. (That should be my motto, tbh.)

      I’m excited for a lot of these. How To Get Away With Murder looks amazing, I mean just look at Viola Davis on the poster. Bam.

      I’m super excited for both Faking It and Sleepy Hollow to come back. And I will watch AHS despite the fact that it will probably be offensive as hell…[Read more]

      • I’m pretty sure this is also my unstated motto, since I’m planning on regularly watching TWELVE SHOWS this season. (Though two of those shows don’t come on until the spring and one of the shows is only on in the fall, so that ONLY leaves me 10-11 shows to watch a week.) And that number doesn’t include casually watching a rerun or a PBS show or (my…[Read more]

        • I just counted how many shows I watch. For now, 4 returning + 4 new that I definitely want to watch. Then I have 4 more that run on different schedules so are on hiatus still, 3 other new ones that I might check out, and 1 that I stopped watching halfway through last season and would like to pick back up. That’s a lot of TV.

    • Autostraddle should also talk about Parenthood! in the season finale last spring, Hattie came home from college with her “super awesome best friend” and then came out to her parents!

      • OMG I forgot about Haddie! I hope she is at least somewhat featured in the final season, since I think it’s a short season? I feel like I read that somewhere maybe.

    • This is why I love fall: Sweater season, great TV, good food. READY. FOR. THIS. SO. DAMN READY.

  • feature image via old tweener

    HELLO and welcome to the 144th installment of Things I Read That I Love, wherein I share with you some of the longer-form journalism/essays I’ve read recently so that you can […]

    • “We Say No Because We Are Grumpy and Have Not Slept Properly”

      Can someone translate this into latin for me? I need it for my family crest.

    • “Who Gets to Graduate” was a great read. It’d be interesting to see affects of similar interventions on LGBTQ college or high school students.

    • I look forward to this post every week! I always seem to run out of Autostraddle articles and you’ve introduced me to some great writers.

    • Gosh – ‘No’ is full of such wonderful phrasing, bubbling charmingly along (but then I do love sentences that last for days).

      Also now I get to spend the next few days looking forward to ‘States of Desire’ making its way through the post to me, so… thanks!

    • I just had to comment on the Teach for America piece. I’m a corps member and they are just as big a mess as ever. They take very little responsibility for what happens after you get stuck in a mess of a school. I was working without even being on payroll and without insurance, and TFA didn’t intervene (despite emails and calls on my part for…[Read more]

      • And just to add, I still have no clue when I’ll be paid for the time I worked, when I’ll return to school, when I’ll get healthcare, when this will be resolved, or anything. They are a wealthy organization that is stingy and unsupportive when it comes to their corps members.

      • Thanks for both the article and the warning. I’ll remember this next time I have a student interested in TFA. Hope you get paid!

    • Defs my fave series on autostraddle.

    • I always feel so proud when I’ve already read an article you posted! I really like the article on graduation rates an efforts.

    • The Fear of Missing Out article gave me a lot to think about. I like to think that I’m somewhat immune to it, but it affects me more than I want it to. (But not in the “everyone is doing things and I am not” way, rather, in a “I wish I could do more things” way.)

    • Amor replied 1 week ago

      The piece about rejection letters by Brian Doyle is completely mesmerizing and charming. I had a first draft rejected last week, and have another chance to shape it up and submit it before the end of today and his essay made me feel a lot better… plus it allowed me another 10 minutes of procrastination that felt like research, which is my…[Read more]

    • I am so excited to read the Not-So-Simple Life, every time I say I come from a farm somebody always has to tell me how they’d ~~love~~ to do that.

      Yeah, sure you would. For about a week. And then you’d realize how early 5am is, how haying can only be done during the hottest possible part of the year, why working 7 days a week, 365 days a year…[Read more]

  • Thumbnail

    After season one of Faking It ended in basically the worst way possible, we’ve been eagerly anticipating how much better/worse things could get in Season Two! Yesterday, Buzzfeed published a post chock-full of […]

    • Ugh. Pass.

    • Down! Last night I made my gf watch the show, so now we’re both “excited” for the premiere!

    • I had the biggest grumbles about the season finale, but omigod I missed Amy and her face and the silly words coming out of her face.

    • Is it wrong that I’m stupid excited about this? Because if it is, I definitely don’t want to be right.

      Also if y’all are right about Lauren being trans* my little queer heart may explode from delight!

    • I like this show. I may be the only one, but I’ll do me and keep watching.

      • You are definitely not the only one, Rachel! I really like this show too. So I’ll do me and you’ll do you watching Faking It together. :)

    • This is leaving me so excited for so many things including Amy, Laverne Cox, Amy + dating ladies, the first A+ podcast, and more Autostraddle recaps.

      (also I can’t help but root for Karma/Liam sometimes because Karma crying makes Amy cry which makes me cry. pls everyone just exude forgiveness and love and wisdom beyond your high school years in…[Read more]

    • If Shane transferred and was never heard from again,if Liam dug a hole and stayed in it for eternity and if last season ended before that last part,I’d consider watching it again.

      • what’s wrong with Shane?

        • When Amy clearly wasn’t comfortable with his questioning of her and Karma’s relationship, he kept pushing anyway.

          And then he decided that outing them in front of an entire party (even though they weren’t really together) was an okay thing to do. And he never even apologized for it.

          Plus his issue with bisexual people.

    • First picture: MTV was like, how gay can we make Amy in this scene? And they added a beanie, aviators and a plaid thing over a slouchy shirt.

      I’m excited about it coming back!

    • This is the show I’m actually most excited about!

    • Early Happy Birthday Wishes to you, Riese! Now I extra-hope that the season premiere is really great, because you only deserve to watch the best on your birthday. :)

      I was just wondering recently when Faking It was coming back, so I did a happy dance when I’d looked it up online and found out that Season 2 is starting in ONLY TWO…[Read more]

    • Liam’s art: still worse than terrible.

    • Please tell me I’m not the only person that kept forgetting that Shane was a guy whilst reading this? Shane McCutcheon will forever and always be my default Shane.

      Also, somewhat excited for this to come back. Teen dramas are my not-so-guilty pleasure, and I’m glad this one focuses on LGBT issues. I’ll be really pleased if Lauren is trans.…[Read more]

  • I thought that song “Rude” was kinda… you know… rude? Like why is this dude gonna marry that girl whether or not her Dad says it’s okay? Why is he even asking if he’s gonna marry her anyway? But then I heard a girl sing the song about marrying a girl and suddenly it became subversively delightful! Which got me thinking about how really there’s…[Read more]

    • Becky replied 2 weeks ago

      You must check out this version of Rude.

    • Lolau replied 2 weeks ago

      Chicken Hugs

    • I hate the song “Rude” like I hate the song “Blurred Lines,” but Kina Grannis just turned my brain into jello holy shit.

    • For some reason the second half of this list won’t load on any internet-having device I own, but I’m hoping against hope that someone has finally made a queer lady cover of “Scotty Doesn’t Know” and that it’s on this list.

      • None of my devices will load the second half either and I may hyperventilate from the anticipation of getting to listen to it…

      • Lo replied 2 weeks ago

        That is an amazing idea. Like. Just yes.

      • i will learn to play an instrument and start a band for the sole reason of making that happen. why have i never thought of that before? it would be so good!!!

    • This is hot as all living fuck

    • Casey replied 2 weeks ago

      I’m waiting for somebody to cover Jesse’s Girl. I feel like that would be so good!

      Love this list, made my day so much better.

    • I love everything about this but Bruce Springsteen’s name is spelled wrong both times and my giant Springsteen fangirl heart is going to pass out from horror. :P

      • Riese replied 2 weeks ago


        • Thank you Riese I heart you. The Springsteen-shaped parts of my heart are very happy now. <3

      • … Also “Heaven” is actually by Bryan Adams.

        I’m sorry I’ll stop being the annoying music nerd now I promise! :( This list really is great!

    • Tegan and Sara. :D

    • Melissa Ferrick used to cover “Jessie’s Girl” live in concerts. I loved it!

    • Cazz replied 2 weeks ago

      Me and two of my friends played She Will Be Loved at a gig for LGBTQ charities a few months back :) It was one of those songs that if you listen too closely can feel really creepy but if you let it can sound beautiful.

      I’m gonna put most of these songs on a Youtube playlist.

    • Lolau replied 2 weeks ago

      I totally agree. The xylophone was the most exciting thing happening in that performance.

    • lisa replied 2 weeks ago

      queer girl covers aka the reason I started listening to 8tracks playlists. (but wasn’t Heaven written/performed by Bryan Adams? ["He's Canadian!" notes Canadian girlfriend.])

    • Emma replied 2 weeks ago

      Wait wait wait. Julia Nunes is confirmed lesbian, queer, or bisexual??? OH MY GOD OH MY GOD how did I miss this? She was totally my middle school crush (pre queer awakening). Also, this post is my new fave thing.

    • Ana replied 2 weeks ago

      I really dig Tegan and Sara’s cover of “When You Were Mine”.

    • Alice replied 2 weeks ago

      I serious think I need to start covering more songs..
      I also really need MK Nobilette to make an album my gosh!

    • Steph replied 2 weeks ago

      I’m sorry to point out an error but as someone raised on Springsteen this killed me — Heaven was written and sung by Bryan Adams. That song is waaaayy too optimistic about love to be written by The Boss :-)

    • Rie replied 2 weeks ago

      I don’t know how any of the members identify but Postmodern Jukebox does amazing retro style covers of pop songs and they don’t change the pronouns from the original no matter who sings it.

    • I love Joan Jett something fierce. I saw her play a couple years ago and she is still slaying. I would not kick her out of my bed. I’m just saying.

      • Not much of joiner or one prone to fan-girlishness but I managed to get close to the stage when she started singing Crimson and Clover and suddenly Beatlemania made much more sense to me than I ever though it would….

    • dawn replied 2 weeks ago

      i love missy higgins <3

    • My second favorite, after Joan Jett’s “Crimson and Clover,” will always be Bratmobile’s cover of “Cherry Bomb” in which they change “Hey street boy…Your dead-end dreams don’t make you smile?” to “Hey straight girl”.

    • Rain replied 2 weeks ago

      Oh my god. I knew I recognized Dani Shay from somewhere so I googled her and she’s the girl from The Glee Project I had a crush on two years ago (when I still watched Glee because I liked it) how could I have forgotten about her?

    • I’m a huge fan of the Melissa Etheridge cover of Maggie May, but I cannot, for the life of me, find a decent version to link here. It’s tragic.

    • Sam replied 2 weeks ago

      This is a great list. Joan Jett’s Crimson & Clover has always been one of my fave covers.

      Also, if I may, one of my fave queer lady covers of a song is Sweetest Girl as covered by Nervous But Excited. There’s a few versions on youtube but I’ll just link this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fufmLdR7Kw0

      • Sam replied 2 weeks ago

        Oh, how could I (OR ANYONE!?) forget this…I wish there was a studio version of this so so much.

        • <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    • Maybe I’m just having an especially emotional day but I definitely cried at least a little through about half of these.

    • Bree replied 2 weeks ago

      I. Love. This. So. Much.

      Joan Jett is so dreamy in that video. I definitely have it favorited on my computer. #blackhearts5ever

    • Melissa Ethridge always turns my knees to Jello and her covering Let’s Get It On…

      Y’all, I’m a puddle.

    • Larry replied 2 weeks ago

      Bruce Springsteen songs make magic queer girl covers in my opinion.
      I’ve been singing ‘dancer in the dark’ in the shower a lot recently. But my favourite to sing in the shower is ‘I’m on fire’.

    • Okay great post BUT this gem is missing (also I have no idea how to embed videos, help me someone)

      Tender Forever singing ‘My Love’, so good!

    • Beth replied 2 weeks ago

      So many feelings!

    • Lex replied 2 weeks ago

      I came for Joan Jett’s cover of Crimson and Clover and there it is in the top five, yuhss.
      Have some more Joan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SlgRSNkWu4
      My Baby Does the Hanky Panky ;)

      *wants to brag about how I can do her growl an’ stuff but I have to finish dancing to Hanky Pank and listening to the rest of the 28 artists.

    • Janet Jackson’s cover of “Tonight’s the Night” got banned in Singapore in 1998/1999 because she fucked around with the pronouns to make it sound like there was a poly-gender threesome.

      Here’s a fun Metafilter thread about this (both genders, but no changed pronouns). Also check out the Aversions subsection on this TVTropes article.

      • (I should have probably said “all genders” rather than “both genders”, I apologise. the Mefi thread is more gender-binarist.)

    • Hat replied 2 weeks ago

      Queer girl covers 5ever. I love any kind of cover that switches genre or changes context or subverts. This list is amazing.

    • Sam replied 2 weeks ago

      Wow. I’ve never really been a huge fan of ‘Heaven’… and then Brandi Carlile happened.

      Love this list and the general queering of all the things!

    • Emma replied 2 weeks ago

      This list made my shiverrrrr

    • Anika Moa – Crazy Yes Dumb No (Mint Chicks cover)

    • Hat replied 2 weeks ago

      Has anyone else heard Joan Jett’s cover of Fun Fun Fun by the beach boys? Amaze.

    • I am so thankful this article exists and I am especially thankful for that cover by Melissa Etheridge.

      The Alex Parks cover of “Yellow” is also pretty fabulous. I like it better than the original version.

      • I was looking through this list wondering where Alex Parks was! I pretty much prefer all of her covers to the originals

    • How about this ?
      Coeur de Pirate – Music when the lights go out

    • I’d like to take this opportunity to plug The Slits cover of ‘I Heard it Through the Grapevine”

    • I’m a little ashamed that I seem to be immune to tiring of either version of “hot in herre”

    • Tender Forever’s cover of “My Love” is quite great.

    • I would hardly call anything by The Magnetic Fields “straight.” Honestly, that’s kind of insulting to an amazing artist.

    • Not a gay girl, but also very good: Rae Spoon’s cover of HALO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cyn4h5oWII

      And: Zoe Boekbinder’s “I’m your man” (Leonard Cohen) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cyn4h5oWII

    • speaking of gay girls covers that rocks, let me introduce you to this girl:

    • Hi.. I super enjoyed all the videos! Love women who perform songs performed by men. I do it too.

      If you have the time, please give a listen/watch my video covering ‘Alright Now’ from FREE. Thank You!


    • I thought I couldn’t love Mal Blum any more than I already do, but alas. Wrong I was.

    • Mirah also covered Dancing in the Dark – it’s a stunner.

    • Oh oh oh, plus the Electrelane cover of Bruce Springsteen’s I’m On Fire is sexy and brilliant and amazing. Writing this from my phone, otherwise I’d go find a video to share…look it up!

    • What about Mary Lambert’s cover of “Teenage Dirtbag”? Incredible. http://youtu.be/sZi69cid9ak

    • What about Mary Lambert’s cover of “Teenage Dirtbag”?

    • LP’s cover of Halo is amazing as well (which I proudly discovered from Autostraddle)!

    • Ferron’s Inside Out is all covers of a lesbian’s take on straight songs that influenced her growing up. She’s in her 50s, so the songs are not new. However, Walk Away Renee is just heartbreaking and brilliant.

    • angel haze though…. that song wipes the floor with Macklemore. Especially given that she’s actually pansexual and has experienced life at the hands of rampant heterosexism. Macklemore really is such a knobber.

    • Also there’s this Caleigh Peters cover of the Cars’ “Just What I Needed” with none of the lyrics changed. I’m just going to leave it here.

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  • HELLO and welcome to the 143rd installment of Things I Read That I Love, wherein I share with you some of the longer-form journalism/essays I’ve read recently so that you can read them too and we can all know more about Mary Beard! This “column” is less feminist/queer focused than the rest of the site because when something is feminist/queer…[Read more]

    • Wait where are Kirk and Spock??? Where is the Star Trek goodness I was lured here by??? I was tricked! TRICKED I TELL YOU!!!

    • I read the Vitamin Soup piece a while ago and had a lot of thoughts&feelings about it! I’ll reread it and maybe I’ll have different feelings now, but at the time I remember feeling really struck by what a DUDE he was and how unaware of his DUDEness he seemed. Like some of the things he talks about as being part of a freelancer’s skillset —…[Read more]

    • things i read that i love is always one of my favorite parts of saturday mornings but this one in particular was great.

    • I dunno, I was not particularly impressed by what seemed to be the central discovery in the Baltimore study that poor kids in shitty schools usually remain impoverished throughout the rest of their lives. To me it sounds like the equivalent of following a litter of chihuahuas and declaring after careful monitoring to adulthood that, “yep, these…[Read more]

  • Peter Pan holds a special spot in so many queer girls’ hearts. For example, I’m pretty sure that Mary Martin playing Peter Pan in the televised 1960 version of Peter Pan is my root? Also, I maybe possibly once published a (terrible) lesbian erotica story titled “Straight (On) ‘Til Morning” that indulged itself pretty intensely in Peter Pan…[Read more]

    • I’m convinced that Mary Martin as Peter Pan is my ghey root. I had a VHS of the musical as a kid and watched it till it broke. I miss that movie—the DVD is ridiculously expensive. :(

      • I was JUST about to post the same thing! We had to buy a replacement VHS after I broke the first one. I’ve since copied it to a DVD :D

      • ME TOO

        • I still have my VHS copy! I watched it at least once a week.

          And I definitely made multiple attempts at rigging up a pulley system so that I could fly in my back yard.

      • YUP! This is definitely my root. Like no question about it.

      • Yes absolutely! I’m lucky my VHS still works!

      • Same! I can’t remember how many times I watched that movie on VHS, wondering why I loved it so much…

    • Um, this was the hottest post of the day. I’m totally into it. I’ll be the Wendy to any of these dapper gals any day.

    • I grew up watching the Mary Martin perfomance too! She was a huge crush of mine growing up. Sidenote: any one who wants to be really annoyed just go look up the queer actresses on wikipedia and see how most all of their sapphic relationships have been excised. Unless they gave an interview and explicitly said “I am a lesbian/bisexual/etc…” (and…[Read more]

    • Man I totally remember watching that Mary Martin Peter Pan one a LOT. But… my favorite character was Captain Hook. Mary Martin just always SUPER ANNOYED me as Peter Pan! Something about her intense earnestness or something. I’m an awful person.


      brb I obvs need to distribute copies of the vhs tape of the 1960 Mary Martin version we recorded off tv complete with commercials for teddy ruxpin and the like

    • For me, Mary Martin was Peter Pan. As everyone else has said, I watched that as a young child on VHS and now every time I think of the play I get an instant flashback to her coming in through the window and wanting to be Wendy. Pretty sure by now I know why.
      (Also, I was in a production of the show a few years ago and was very disappointed that…[Read more]

    • Looks like I just found my next Halloween costume!

    • Oh my god I loved Mary Martin as a kid! I pretty much refused to see the cartoon version. The Canadian comedian Mae Martin kinda looks like her…perhaps they are secretly related…

    • I will never look at Allison Williams in the same light and i am grateful.

    • I saw a live production of Peter Pan when I was a child, and I had a HUGE crush on the person playing Peter – and then I discovered that that person was a woman! I’m actually pretty sure it was Cathy Rigby… she was blonde and super cute and was a lot older than she looked down on the stage. It was surprising and lovely, and I was literally just…[Read more]

      • Scratch that, I’m SURE it was Cathy Rigby! I just watched that video clip and it brought back all of the memories. Gosh darn it, women playing Peter Pan are the best

    • Um, um Maude Williams I must share because without this article I never would have found this picture:

      or this one:

      • These are amazing! I got interested in her a few years ago when I saw an amazing painting by Alphonse Mucha that used her as the model and I read a lot about her acomplishments and was blown away. The wikipedia page for her btw, has ZERO about her companion of many years or anything else about her being gay despite many accounts from people she…[Read more]

      • Bless this post with a thousand unicorns and the tears of the lost boys.

      • #undressingeyes #penetratinggaze #omg

      • Gorgeous! But correction, Maude Adams.

    • Even though one of my favorite movies is still Hook, the root of my love for the story was certainly the Mary Martin production. I can’t have been more than 4 or 5 when I saw it.

      What a delightfully thorough post!

    • Hi America…this is super cool BUT please see the British tradition of Pantomimes for many many other male leads played by women. What you folks in the US call pantomime is actually just MIME (some etymological weirdness occurred somewhere) and what I’m talking about here is the gayest song and dance comedy play for family entertainment,…[Read more]

    • Amazing post, made my day.

    • this was a fascinating read, thanks for putting it together!

    • So, once upon a time I helped produce an amateur version of the play with one of my best friends (who is a woman) in the title role. And our other friend, a dude, who was directing it, when casting, happened to gender-flip-flop every single role in the play except Wendy. The Lost Boys and Pirates were played by girls; Mrs. Darling by a gay man…[Read more]

    • Oh whoa I was not expecting Williams to be so attractive there.

    • Hmmm. Excellent use of lesbian wrist bands on Alison Williams. It’s fascinating that there such a gay/bi history of women playing the role.

    • Betty Bronson and Mary David are so hot <3 <3 <3

      This VHS is my root, too! Thank you for the link!

      I can never decide if I'm a sexy, spiteful Tinkerbell shut up in the drawer or a parentified, story-telling and credulous Wendy…Wow these are my female archetypes…this is deep.

    • Another obsessive watcher of the Mary Martin movie… I went through a phase during which I left my window and screen open every night, just in case, hoping so hard…

    • My Great-Uncle was Cyril Ritchard, who played Captain Hook in the Mary Martin version. I used to watch the VCR version of the musical at my grandparent’s house and child-me definitely had a thing for ‘Peter’. My grandfather would of course be horrified if he knew.

      • Ooh, jealous! I love Cyril. Now, yes, he was married to his theatrical partner… a woman (and he was raised very Catholic) but no less than Noël Coward described him as being, “queer as a coot’ though unable fully to accept it.” He was certainly the gayest pirate of all time, bless his hook. What a great person to have in your family tree.

    • Jess replied 2 weeks ago

      Those Allison Williams pictures were pretty much the highlight of my year so far…wowza.

    • Where are my ovaries?!?!!

  • Y’all probs read The Giver in middle school and have strong affectionate feelings for it, and perhaps you were even eagerly anticipating the long-awaited cinematic adaptation of this tender tale. Perhaps you re-read The Giver last week so that you’d be fresh and prepared for the movie, as I did, and then perhaps you saw the movie, as I did, and…[Read more]

    • Someday I want to write an article titled Working for an INGO Ruined Dystopias but I think that’s been summed up in like, two gifs and a cat macro by tumblr.

    • Never in a million years will I watch this movie, BUT the crazy amounts of advertising for it showed me that I somehow missed the other books in the series. Read them last week and love Lois Lowry even more than I did in 7th grade! Is anyone else obsessed with Messenger?

      • i didn’t really dig gathering blue when i read it a few years ago, so i’ve been bad and not gotten around to the following two. i keep meaning to fix that, though–your obsession with messenger is good encouragement!

      • I read Gathering Blue last week and just started Messenger (Giver Quartet Book 3)! i liked Matt/Matty so much so I’m excited about it. My girlfriend read Son and said I will really like it ’cause they all come together in it.

      • I loved Messenger. I haven’t read Son yet, I really should get on that.

      • Read them all about a year ago when I realized it had become a series. Love Lois Lowry!

        Oh…gawd…does this mean they are probably going to make this into a movie series? Ugh…

        • I’m so conflicted on the whole idea of her books becoming movies- it’s like I’m happy for her because its great to see authors I love have some financial success but also devastated that some kids might just see the ruined movie versions of the books and never read the beautiful, poignant, perfect books themselves. Sigh.

    • I refuse to watch this movie, on principle. Jonas is supposed to be 12 years old. TWELVE. The fact that they aged him so they could force in some stupid love story makes me irrationally angry. Also it looks like the tried to make it way more of an action movie than it should’ve been? Either way, ew.

    • By Jeff Daniels did you possibly mean Jeff Bridges? Pretty sure the other guy was a little busy filming Dumb and Dumber To, sure to be a cinematic masterpiece in comparison to this.

    • I knew it was going to be bad because no joy can come from books that changed my childhood being turned into DYSTOPIC MOVIES!!! and yet, my heart is still mildly broken. Why must you, Hollywood. Why.

    • SO MANY THOUGHTS RIESE but mostly these two

      1. was that baby made of titanium??? how did that baby survive any of the things it did?????? at so many points in this film, that baby as a dead baby, there was no surviving for that baby AND YET
      2. apparently the majority of human memory is from 2008-2014, nothing else, sorry, nope. and the most…[Read more]

      • A friend of mine in NY went to see this and called me (I live in The Hague) just to tell me that she’s shocked there wasn’t a cat video somewhere in there, so your second point just made chuckle.

        Thankful for this review; now I can avoid this when it hits The Netherlands.

      • that baby has magical powers, like maybe it’s a tiny heater, like maybe the baby is not a baby but a space heater? it’s just that it was very cold there for some time.

    • Thank you for saving me from this which sounds like exactly what I thought it would be but that I probably would have seen anyway because Jeff Bridges.

    • Oh wow I’m pretty sure I did actually make a diorama of The Giver in 7th grade, so now I’m just gonna go dig around in my parent’s basement til I find it rather than wasting $10 on this movie!

      That Giver Picture Book thing is really cool, though.

    • This movie sounds awful, ridiculously awful.

      One thing about the fact that people of colour suddenly appear via memories though: maybe they were trying to underline a common hypothesis about Jonas’s world.
      Fiona has red hair, and the Giver/the Receiver both have bue eyes, so Sameness is probably not post-racial ‘ambiguity’ but really White…[Read more]

      • yeah i thought maybe this is like, “everyone is white” creepy post-genocide dystopia, but randomly there was this one black nurturer! i don’t even remember if she had lines or not but we all noticed she was there because everyone else was white. so idk what they were going for really.

    • Man, Pleasantville is a great movie though.

    • One of my favorite books growing up and I haven’t made it out to see the movie yet. Now I can go in with low expectations, at least? Meow.

    • Quick and easy procedure to follow when trying to determine whether or not a movie adaptation of a book will be good:

      a) Is it The Hours?
      Yes – Yes
      No – No

      All movie adaptations are terrible and inaccurate.

      • It once took my roommate and I 2.5 hours to get through the first 25 minutes of The Hunger Games movie because I paused it to explain why it was wrong every time it was wrong.

    • 10/10

    • I didn’t even know this was happening.

      I wish I still didn’t know this was happening.

      • I have pneumonia and it hurts to laugh. You just almost killed me. It was worth it. This is exactly how I feel about this topic.

    • Well, I clearly won’t watch this movie, but I had somehow completely forgotten about the book (even though it was one of my favorites when I was younger) and this article
      a) reminded me it existed
      b) made me want to find my copy and read it again.

    • ‘But dude just pressed “convert to grayscale.”’ Oh my. Hahahahaha

    • “Stirrings,” which is YA code for “boners.”
      This is perfect.

      I was already pretty dead set on not seeing this movie, as The Giver was one of, I’d say, my top 5 favorite books as a kid, and your review Riese just cements that commitment.

    • I am not paying money to see this movie. I was initially excited when I heard they were making a movie, less so when they cast Taylor Swift and a 22-year-old Jonas. I’ll probably watch it online after it comes out on DVD just for the giggles. It almost seems like it’s so bad it’s good.

  • Welcome to You Need Help! Where you’ve got a problem and yo, we solve it. Or we at least try.


    Question for the Team/ all human beings who date: What is the best way to end something (i.e. break up) with someone you’ve been casually dating for one or two months? My general feeling is that open and honest communication is the way to go…[Read more]

    • I have never played this Kim Kardashian game and I’m really intrigued. Is it like the Sims but with more cleavage?

      Love to you, question-asker, and good luck in that sea o’ fish out there. I hope you find one (or more) that give you tingly feelings soon!

    • “feel friend feelings toward you” ….I’m, not sure alliterations are really appropriate for gentle break ups

    • I love all of this advice. Except never, ever, EVER say “right now” because that means “maybe later” and is cruel.

    • Yeah I’ve talked about this before on AS, and she saw it and I felt bad, but this has been basically my situation. I tried to handle it the way KaeLyn suggested. As soon as I knew she was way more invested than I was, I knew I needed to break things off, and said I just wasn’t “feeling it” and didn’t think it was fair to waste her time any…[Read more]

    • I have like 16 ex-girlfriends in the Kim Kardashian game.

      It’s way too hard to cultivate something meaningful when I’m so famous I’m constantly on 24-hour-long photo shoots.

      And I still need 3 more of those K charms so I can adopt that freaking cat who lives on the wall in downtown LA.

      I have priorities, you know?

    • I just did this the other day and totally fucked it up, so yeah honesty (to some extent) is a good call I think. I basically spouted like fifty clichés in an effort to find a reason other than not liking them enough, so I guess planning your words is the real moral of this story.

    • Also yes, please don’t do that slow-fade thing.

      Someone kind of did a similar thing to me once and it was just really uncomfortable.

      She went away for her birthday and when I texted her to wish her a good time, she didn’t respond.
      She actually didn’t say anything for almost 3 weeks, and when she did, it was basically a random booty call…[Read more]

    • I’ve had the slow fade thing and I’ve done the slow fade thing. It’s just not good either way and it’s leading someone on. I’ve also been the jerk who texted someone to dump them. I think being honest is the way to go, and if you wanna be friends, really be friends. If you don’t tell them that you need to take some time from them. No matter what,…[Read more]

    • “Oh gosh I just had to do this casual break-up thing but thankfully had a real excuse called “getting back together with my ex.””

      Thankfully?! What?! I would rather hear almost anything than “I’m getting back together with my ex” cause what it sounds like is “I’d rather be with this shitty person it didn’t work out with than you.”

      • I hear you, but also, this is pretty particular to the situation…. There’s a helluva lot of reasons people can be ex’s besides someone being a shitty person. There’s a helluva lot of reasons that people could have broken up besides “it didn’t work out” in the sense of being mismatched or the relationship being unhealthy. Sometimes getting back…[Read more]

    • “I feel friend feelings toward you.” Hahahahaha I’m crying. That’s some s**t I’d tell my friends as advice in a sorrynotsorry, semi-serious, but totally joking kind of way.

    • I have been the slow fade jerk because I didn’t know any other way to do it because sometimes it’s just. so. awkward. But it always sucks, and I imagine it sucks being on the other side of it. Things don’t work out sometimes, but that doesn’t mean that honesty isn’t important still.

      • Yeah, I’ve definitely struggled with this. Like, if things have been really casual and have not been going on for long, isn’t it an exaggeration and super awkward to meet the person to dump them? (A recently dumped casual fling actually said to my friend: “Why did you drag me all the way here to dump me when you could have done this over…[Read more]

        • I have had the SAME THOUGHTS. I eventually decided to meet her because I didn’t think it was proper to break things off over text, but then it felt like I HAD just dragged her out just to make her feel bad in public, and I hated that. She looked so excited to see me, and it was THE LITERAL WORST. So I don’t even know now.

        • I have called to break up with someone. It felt like she was giving me the slow fade (I only saw her once every 1-2 wks) and I felt like she wasn’t interested in trying to make things more serious so I called her up because I couldn’t wait for her to make time to see me a week later. I did recently see her at the local gay dance that she would…[Read more]

    • The main thing is to keep the focus on you, and what you’re feeling / not feeling – rather than intimating that it’s because of a lack or defect in the other person. So, “I’ve realised that I like you a lot as a friend, but I don’t have the fluttery feelings that I should have for you as a lover. I’m sorry, but it doesn’t feel right for me, and I…[Read more]

    • I’m horrible at break ups.
      Actually, I’m so horrible, I’m not even dating anymore, because I’m that scared to be in a relationship/whatever that I can’t get out of.
      a) Be so horrible and uncaring, you try to get the other person to break up with you.Remember to act surprised/hurt,though, when they actually…[Read more]

    • You know what? I am 99 percent sure that the woman who let me down read this article most things she said were almost exactly the same wording.

    • “Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” -Mark Twain
      I try to give the person I once felt something for (or just fucked)enough respect and honesty as they gave me when they took a chance on me.
      It’s pretty painful sometimes, but I reflect on times when people didn’t offer me answers to why…[Read more]

      • I second this, but will add- honesty, yes, but tactful honestly is key. Don’t be overly critical. It’s easy when it is a fundamental surface characteristic, such as she is religious and I can’t handle that or she wants kids when I don’t. However, when there’s something about that person, such as a personality trait that you hate, it’s a bit…[Read more]

    • Ah the slow fade it’s the thing that experiencing made me no longer seem like a heartless bitch to someone I broke up with in a firm, direct and “emotionless” manner. Yeah that’s right the actions, or inactions rather, of other people got me an apology and a thank you from an ex that previously besmirched my character.
      Think about that kids.

    • I admit to being terrible at confrontations/break ups. The last one was a little over a year ago, and boy was it a doozy. We only dated for a summer, but there were MANY reasons that I wanted to get out of this relationship with this woman, mostly because she was just psycho. She had a terrible anger management problem, and acknowledged it,…[Read more]

    • I’ve done the slow fade (terrible), I’ve done the “we can be friends” (which was totally untrue, I was the one that didn’t want to be friends WHY DID I SAY THAT I CRIED A LOT)and I’ve done the “I can’t do this right now”, which at least was honest (and cried a lot too). Breaking up is pretty horrible, but if you do it with honesty at least you can…[Read more]

  • HELLO and welcome to the 142nd installment of Things I Read That I Love, wherein I share with you some of the longer-form journalism/essays I’ve read recently so that you can read them too and we can all know more […]

    • I was there! I was there when Amitava Kumar interviewed Cheryl Strayed at Vassar in 2013! It was amazing. I had no idea who she was or what Wild was about, I just thought I should go because I was in his journalism class and always giving him a hard time about not having enough women in the syllabus, and here was this woman he was bringing to…[Read more]

    • Like Dunham, I grew up in therapy–since I was really small. And, like Dunham, I knew my therapist’s daughter in college. We weren’t really friends ’cause she was a super Christian fashion major and I was a raging feminist lesbian Psych major with a chip on her back from being raised Christian, but we were in the honors program together. It…[Read more]

    • Cheryl Strayed <3

      Also, I really love this column a lot. I just can't ever read enough things and I appreciate you giving me more things to stuff into the overflowing file cabinets inside my head. Thank you.

    • Oh gosh. I read the interview with Cheryl Strayed, and got to the part where she talked about her mother and Michener and class, and had so many feelings that I wrote a 2000-word essay about it. Now I’m going to have to start a blog or some shit. So much for taking my dog to the beach.

      tl;dr: Cheryl Strayed. Feelings.

    • Haha my FAVOURITE PERSON Lena Dunham! She totally isn’t but I did enjoy that piece a lot, thanks Riese.

    • I hate how much I relate to Lena Dunham. I feel like I should really dislike her, and I do think a lot of the criticism of her work is totally justified, particularly the lack of diversity in Girls and her defensivness and insensitivity in responding to it those who caleld her out. She is definetly imperfect, but I guess being the highly anxious…[Read more]

    • I love these! I’m gonna throw it out there, I always got the impression that Lena Dunham was (as much as I despise this outdated and sexist term) Borderline Personality with other stuff mixed in. It’s a great article.

    • i’ve gotten used to saying “that story/article I’ve just read is the best one ever,” seriously, the one about the hermit? negative 20 degree winters, living in a tent and the guy lives to tell about it!

  • Today, deeply embedded and highly confidential yet incredibly trusted inside sources within the Autostraddle network have secretly confirmed a story currently fingerblasting from the newsdesks of the hard-working and undoubtedly honest journalists of The Daily Mail: Orange is the New Black actress Samira Wiley and Orange is the New Black writer [Read more]

    • YES, THIS IS THE BEST NEWS! I’m so happy about this lesbianing situation!

    • WHAAAAAAT!?!


    • Guyssss I have been reading into their Instagrams for so long!!! I’m not sure if I’m sobbing bc this is the cutest or because this dashes my hopes of Samira somehow falling in love w me

    • I don’t want this gem to be lost in the excitement of this news though: “I’d highly recommend going that route rather than the sleeping-with-your-straight-best-friend route. This is me looking out for you, young lezzers of America. This is the work we do here.”

    • AHH

    • I can’t comment on this because I have exploded into stardust. Queer love’ll do that to ya.

    • Omgeeeee. So happy for them! And a little sad that Samira is no longer single. *sniffs*

    • Well, comparing side by side, your Samelli doodle (sorry) is totally better than all of the DM photos except maybe the second one, where at first glance it looks like Lauren is reaching round the front (also sorry).

      Incidentally, chocolate and vanilla swirl is one of my favourite moments of all of OITNB, but this is doubtless a horribly…[Read more]

    • What about Taylor and Carrie? Any leads or inside info?

    • Also: “I went through it all on set: I fell in love with a woman, and I watched my life play out on screen.”

      CAN YOU FUCKING IMAGINE. OF COURSE SHE REALIZED SHE WAS GAY AFTER MEETING SAMIRA WILEY. WHO WOULDN’T. Oh my gosh, I am obsessed with the two of them! xoxoxoxoxo

    • This shouldn’t be tagged as Vapid Fluff. This is definitely Inspiration journalism.


      • I am glad this is tagged “Vapid Fluff” because it definitely belongs on the list of posts I re-read to cheer myself up (aka everything tagged “Vapid Fluff”).

        • I was making a joke…because Vapid Fluff makes it seem superfluous when instead THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT GROUNDBREAKING NEWS AND EVERYONE MUST TREAT IT SERIOUSLY OBVZ

          • I knew you were making a joke. I should not comment when I’m tired. It’s obvs VERY IMPORTANT NEWS. ;)

          • Hah, okay =P That’s why I suggested an “Inspiration” category because, by Jove, I feel spiritual just reading this news.


      Bless this day.

    • Coincidentally, “Young Lezzers of America” is the name of my political party. AKA me and some chicks I hang out with eating chips and queso from time to time.

    • I literally lol’d at the oyster picture/caption. While sitting in the quiet carriage on the train. No regrets.

      Also Samira Wiley is GODDAMN HOT

    • YASSSS this just made my day!!! My friends and I have been hoping for this moment forever after squealing about their adorable instragram posts for a few months. Can’t wait for more info!!

    • Holy fucking shit this is some sexy news!

      Baby Jesus must have been a lesbian! Look at the great things he’s bestowed upon us!


      also like duhhhhhhh saw that from a hundred million lightqueers away

    • OMG, the captions on these photos. My family are mostly asleep and I’m trying really hard not to crack up laughing out loud.

      Also: yay for them!

    • I think I need some mourning time.

    • I… didn’t realize this was news, but also those pictures from the Variety party are probably the best thing to ever have happened to lesbians ever.

    • This might be the best thing since ever!

    • Oh my god. I got so excited reading this that I accidentally ate a piece of the paper napkin around my soft serve.

    • they seem adorable. and now they’ve topped Chelsea Peretti/Jordan Peele on my “celebrities who I totally figured out were dating before they made it official” list.

    • I am so happy….but actually I am so, so, so jealous and lonely.

    • Swoooon.

    • So much joy. <3

    • This is probably the cutest thing to happen ever. I was at an amusement park yesterday and they had TVs in line. And while waiting for a roller coaster, this paypal commercial w/ Samira Wiley comes on and I had to restrain myself from screaming “MY BOO!” in a crowd of strangers. I’m glad these beautiful queers are together and blessing us with…[Read more]

    • Someone needs to appreciate Riese’s gleeful sarcasm here. This is the reason that this website is the best one on planet Earth. Making fun of and cherishing this culture at the same damn time. Bless you.

    • Wow crappy day officially made! Wish samira was MY coming out experience. <3<3

    • I mean, if it couldn’t be both my fiancée and I.

      I guess I’m into it.

    • These two are, like, dangerous levels of cuteness. Red Alert! All the alerts!

    • So, I might be a creeper. But on the tail of this breaking news I was on Instagram and noticed something extremely adorable on Lea Delaria’s feed.

      Red Carpet. @therealsarahhyland #fuckinggorgeous

      YES. You have seen correctly. That is Lauren Morelli fixing Samira Wiley’s makeup off to the right hand side of the picture. This is a job…[Read more]

    • AGhhhhh!!! I am SO HAPPY for the both of them! For everyone. Although I admit to getting envious when I see a happy lesbian couple, that envy is totally cancelled out by the surge of hope I receive. Hope that I can be in a relationship like that too! :D

    • I am so happy. I could only be happier if it was me in the middle of them like some lesbian ice cream sandwich.

      Also, Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood Bisexual have been hanging out a lot together in denim vests and beanies and button-ups, so I’m hoping they fall madly in love soon and announce said love to the world. I’m calling it now.

      • “Also, Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood Bisexual have been hanging out a lot together in denim vests and beanies and button-ups, so I’m hoping they fall madly in love soon and announce said love to the world. I’m calling it now.”

        AHHHHHHHHHHHH! I would explode.

      • Also noticed this :)

    • This just made my night. They’re so cute together! *squee*

    • “Is this real life?”—David after Dentist.

    • This made me so happy!!



      this makes me so so so happy

    • Yay for writer/actor relationships! They’re the best


    • *punches the air*
      God damn yes!!!

    • Waaaaa! :D

    • wee!!

    • This is a shining light in the hideous darkness of Internet customer service that has been my day. Thanks again AS. Also squeeeeeeee.

    • Mortals do not ever get this level of reaction from a community of people when they start dating. Wilelli are not mortals.

    • how ridiculously lucky is morelli? she comes out, and her first girlfriend (presumably) EVER is samira freaking wiley?! sigh. my life could only wish to be this awesome.

    • i will continue to crush real hard on samira wiley. (forever.)

    • YAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY :) :) :) that is all.

    • Queer beacon.
      This article is a frickin’ queer beacon.

    • This makes me so ridiculously happy it’s not even funny.
      I can’t handle the amazing.

    • They are so cute together! I loved the pictures from the Emmys

    • Aww… they are both so adorable. Cute couple, cute couple. Man, Congrats on finding love you two! I’m jealous now.

    • Autostraddle, I read wayyyyy more than I comment (which I really need to fix, ‘cuz I love this site and everyone on here seems to be lovely), but why oh why do you look towards the Daily Mail for news/sources? Ask anyone of us who lives in the UK and we can tell you how horrible The Daily Mail is, it has a history of homophobic ‘reporting’, sexism…[Read more]

  • HELLO and welcome to the 141st installment of Things I Read That I Love, wherein I share with you some of the longer-form journalism/essays I’ve read recently so that you can read them too and we can all know more […]

    • I’m so happy that someone wrote about Hook. That movie is unapologetically, nostalgically special to me, too. And so I was a bit sad when in all the Robin Williams tributes it didn’t rate a mention.

    • Oh Riese. This is hands down my favorite series on AS. Thank you for making our world a smarter, more literate place.

    • re “it’s the end of the world if you don’t attend an Ivy”: this was by and large the most regular comment I got on my Malaysia-focused education blog. Any suggestion of higher education beyond the Ivies was met with disdain or horror. Even just generally, the attitude in Malaysia was that you should go to Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, the…[Read more]

      • Riese replied 4 weeks ago

        that’s really unfortunate considering how few people have the ability to attend those schools

        • Yeah exactly! And if you don’t get in (like maybe 99% of all applicants), no matter how qualified or talented you are, it gets reflected back to you as a personal failing. Obviously you weren’t ~good enough~, because if you were then Harvard et al should be a shoo-in for you.

          I’ve had to counsel a lot of heartbroken or suicidal teens who were…[Read more]

  • If you’re gonna be shopping on Amazon anyhow, one of the easiest ways to support Autostraddle is to do so via our affiliate links. We don’t get any data about who buys things — seriously, none, zero, zip — but we […]

    • I read Blue is the Warmest Color and I absolutely adore it. Hands down my favorite love story.

    • kaybo replied 1 month ago

      This is excellent. I like that you include little blurbs from past articles AS has published about each of these books!

    • Rie replied 1 month ago

      Pages for You is one of my favorite books of all time–how cool that it made the list.

      Not gonna lie, I totally bribed myself into investing in some boring household goods (like a new vacuum) by letting myself order Hannah Hart’s book along with them.

    • I have over half of these books on my Kindle ripe-for-reading right now! Adding Pregnant Butch to my reading list.

    • I may or may not have just used this list to construct a shopping list for my next Amazon splurge. (Though, I already own quite a few of these).

    • Al replied 1 month ago

      I can proudly say I have read most of #13. :-) But, thank you for this list.

    • SO many on this list I need to read! I got “Blue is the Warmest Color, by Julie Maroh” for my bestie for Christmas, though! She said she was gonna lend it to me but she moved across the state before I could, so I’ll just have to buy it again but for myself.

    • Ann replied 1 month ago

      I love Pages For You so so much

    • Is it sad that seeing The New Topping Book made me crave frozen yogurt? I kinda think it’s sad…

    • While we’re on it…Anybody has a recommendation or five for good gay fiction? I decided to give the genre another chance this fall, after cringing through countless “After making love to her all night, the tall,slim, undeniably sexy CEO, who was also a baroness, went running for two hours and brought back breakfast, before heading off to…[Read more]

      • I would recommend Ali Smith’s Hotel World. I loved that book and i loved Fingersmith.

        Sort of similar recs:
        Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenis
        The Hours by Michael Cunningham

        I’m sure I’m forgetting other great ones, too.

        I need to read ‘Giovanni’s Room’.

      • Fingersmith is amazing. Have you tried Sarah Waters’s other books? Emma Donoghue is another excellent author, especially Kissing the Witch (lesbian fairy tale retellings). Also, The Nude by Ellis Avery. If you’re up for YA, The Miseducation of Cameron Post by emily m danforth is amazing, as is Silhouette of a Sparrow by Molly Beth Griffin. Sarah…[Read more]

    • Pages for you is one of my favorite books ever. So glad to see it here. I’ve also definitely bought and read about half of these.

  • HELLO and welcome to the 88th installment of Things I Read That I Love, wherein I share with you some of the longer-form journalism/essays I’ve read recently so that you can read them too and we can all know more about Miranda Lambert! This “column” is less feminist/queer focused than the rest of the site because when something is feminist/queer…[Read more]

    • Thanks Riese! These articles are especially good this week!

    • I love Miranda Lambert, and reading about her. Brandi Carlile sang at her wedding, so I have to hope she gets it. I’m proud of her for becoming a country star without sacrificing (too much) of the quality of songwriting she started out with.

    • Whoa I’ve actually been talking a lot this week about female vs. male country singers and also the craziness of retail scheduling! The Miranda Lambert/female country article basically restated the entire argument I had with my coworker yesterday. That Miranda Lambert/Carrie Underwood song came on the radio, and my coworker complained that he…[Read more]

    • I did actually miss the Michfest article when it was posted and it was fantastic! Thanks Riese :)

    • I don’t even know how to respond to Leslie Jamison’s writing anymore. I’m paralyzed by how good and true it is, always. I’m also measuring up how I haven’t had thoughts that deep and analytical, haven’t written anything longer than a paragraph, for too long. There’s sort of a one-sided conversation going in my head about The Empathy Exams, and…[Read more]

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