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  • ThumbnailHey there gorgeous. My dog had an anxiety attack this morning because the wind was blowing. I hope you’re having a better day than she was. Here are some things we missed while I was googling “anxiety + attack + […]

    • Jessie Gallan, the awesome Scottish centenarian, has been popping up on my Facebook a lot and makes me want to increase my porridge intake. (The other part of her advice is something I unintentionally seem to do anyway!)

    • Great. Another line of fashion designed for the andro portion of androgynous people. Can we please create a line of fashion for the gyn portion of androgynous people? I would do it my self, if I were so talented.

    • I also had an anxiety attack because of the wind. It happened about an hour ago and I had to miss class. I’m self caring with a grilled cheese rn.

      But seriously, fuck the wind. Shit was whippy and terrible today.

    • Kelsey voice* I hate the wind.
      Dolly Parton losing a Dolly Parton look-a-like contest may be my favorite thing.

  • ThumbnailIf you’ve got a little extra time and want to use your very own hands to show someone you love them, this is just the miniseries for you.

    We’ve just about reached this end of this particular series of […]

    • Yay for handmade soap! I love the stuff.

    • You’ve inspired me! I’ve always wanted to try soap making and who can resist beer soap?

    • im very excited to try some beer bars! (Utah joke: we have a bar called beer bar, where i spend all my money on killer frites)

      i made coffee soap last week, & probably only have 40-ish bars laying around the house, so it’s time to make more!

      also the idea of smelling malty/hoppy seems really really appealing to me tbh

      *pours beer in…[Read more]

      • Ooh coffee soap! I tried that once and failed miserably, so I would love to see yours. I had the brilliant idea of adding coffee grounds and added wayyyy too much. Using that soap is like washing yourself with a brillo pad.

  • Last night President Obama addressed the nation on a number of pressing issues ranging from Instagram to middle-class economics to the fact that climate change exists. The full transcript is available here, and if […]

    • thank you for being so smart, rachel

    • Would just like to point out that staying up a year in space isn’t really anything new. Two Soviet cosmonauts first did it in 1987/88 (365 days), and the record is 437 days set in 1994/95 by another Russian, Valeri Polyakov.

      The longest an American (Michael Alegria) has stayed up was 215 days in 2006/07, albeit on a Russian mission.

      The…[Read more]

    • Thanks for this honest and informative run-down. I’m glad the fired up Obama that gets people fired up listening to him is back. Like you, I have lots of doubts about what he’ll actually be able to accomplish with this Congress, unfortunately.

    • I feel like Obama is like “it’s my last year in office, imma do what I want, idgaf” which I support. But also, some of the stuff he wants to do sounds crazy or terrible, and a bunch of the cool stuff is wildly unrealistic. I guess I still support the wildly unrealistic stuff that is also awesome though.

      God, this congress – what a bunch of…[Read more]

    • “What’s an infrastructure plan? He didn’t go into a lot of detail, but did mention “modern ports, stronger bridges, faster trains and the fastest internet.””

      Not completely sure why, but that had me cracking up.

      I can never listen to more than a few minutes of these speeches, because the rhetoric is so empty. It’s like, was that a sentence…[Read more]

    • 777 articles! Jackpot for Rachel

    • NASA ended the Space Shuttle program, not the whole space program — we still have the Curiosity rover on Mars right now! NASA’s been very busy since shutting down that one program.

    • President could have say way more about the internet, like how the current FCC chair Tom Wheeler is a big shill for Big Cable, and may not have the best interest for the American consumer(or really anyone not cable or phone). He mentioned a while ago internet should be classified as Title II, i.e. a common carrier(which it should really be), like…[Read more]

    • I sincerely wish the Obama of his speeches was the Obama we got as president. His administration gets credit for pushing and passing quite a lot of good, important policy and legislation, for sure. But it’s been far from perfect – no thanks, of course, to our ridiculously useless Congress.

      I appreciate the hell out of the idealism represented…[Read more]

    • Yeah I was definitely underwhelmed. Boehner’s face was a source of perpetual entertainment though! I thought it was kind of hilarious to hear Obama talking about bipartisanship while watching Boehner’s bitter, grumpy, completely unimpressed face haha. Especially when looking between Biden’s open and cheerful face and then Boehner’s completely…[Read more]

      • Actually, NASA is still around. They’re just not doing anything super interesting in the human spaceflight department at the moment: http://www.space.com/27924-nasa-orion-spacecraft-historic-launch.html

        (They’re also remarkably bad at PR, given the type of stuff that they do. I have no idea why).

        On the other hand, the Curiosity rover is…[Read more]

      • I thought the space/mars thing was weird and kind of undermined his later point about the environment and protecting “the one planet we’ve got”– it’s the one planet we all call home, so why are you talking about people going to other planets and staying??

    • It really is disappointing to see how little progress has been made throughout Obama’s run as president. I definitely think he has all the strap pings of a great leader but every.single.thing he has ever tried to pass or improve has been met with an unbelievable amount of resistance (Insert angry grumbles about congress here). This state of the…[Read more]

    • Thank you for the informative summary.
      I am really excited about the idea of free community college – that sounds like it could create such a positive impact in the lives of so many people. Raising the minimum wage is another thing I feel really strongly about – I think that making a living wage is something that should be accessible to…[Read more]

  • Thumbnailfeature image via the google image search “dinosaurs lesbians”

    It’s Monday evening. Do you know where your waffle iron is? Here are some things we missed while I was figuring out what else I could cook in the […]

    • Either the senator asked his radfem/terf leaning lesbian friend, or more likely he asked her a misleading question. Then is using that as an example of, “see I know a gay person and am LGBTQ friendly. And she agrees with me on this law.”

    • The Kate McKinnon as Beiber underwear commercial auto-played for me on Hulu last night. Hulu is getting scary good at knowing what is relevant to my interests.

      • I take it back. Hulu doesn’t know me at all. I’ve had to watch a Viagra commercial three times tonight.

        • I feel you. Netflix emailed me and suggested I watch Friends.

          We’re in relationship counseling now, as our life together has been a lie.

    • I love that this website allows me to get my queer culture fix AND dinosaur facts in one place.

    • This sounds weird to say but Kate McKinnon is really hot as Justin Bieber.

    • wonderful AAA per usual! so I was wondering if I could talk about waffles…is this a good time for everyone?

      I have been through so many waffle makers. every year or so, I would buy a new super cheap one bc I’m not into “measuring” and “being careful” and they would get so messy that I would give up on ever getting them truly clean. I would…[Read more]

      • Please expand re: samosa waffles?

      • You should expand this into a glorious We’re All About That/billion waffle recipe link article. Because it made me want both a fly waffle iron and waffles.

      • Please share what kind of waffle maker this is! I have never succeeded in unsticking the two halves of the maker myself.

        • @rhymeriver: oh my god yes! the two halves of the waffle sticking to the iron was such a problem for me, and it was always such a huge disappointment. i got the calphalon no peek waffle maker and that has not happened to me since. it is expensive but worth it. i think it just gets much hotter and cooks the waffle faster so that doesnt happen. and…[Read more]

    • Speaking of leadership – my school is hosting a fellowship for trans and/or QPOC college students who are in colleges with limited LGBTQ resources to gain leadership skills and resources, including funding!


    • The article about the dogs got it wrong: Milo is the cat and Otis is the dog, but their mistake is forgiven because both animals are equally huggable. I watched that video on repeat when I was a kid and it warmed my heart each time and I developed a lifelong love of pugs and cats.

      Also, I’m really jealous of the “short sleeper” people.

  • Thumbnailfeature image via Katie Campbell (see bottom of post for details)

    Hello and welcome! I love your hat. I didn’t think I’d like it but you’ve really pulled it off. Here are some things you can read this weekend […]

    • i want to work at amazon

    • I heard you’re into charts and graphs and shit so I got you this Evolution of Gay Unions in the U.S. thing.

      I mistakenly read that as “Evolution of Gay Unicorns in the U.S.” Gay unions are nice and all, but I was sooo ready for those gay unicorns.

    • Lesbian movies are
      Mostly male fantasy based
      So why not watch porn?

      We’re going to end up
      Straight or lose our minds or die
      Queers needed on set.*

      *But not Jenny.

    • It really shows the how amazing Stevie Nicks is. I would love to see her and/or Fleetwood life in concert. The rest of the band told Peter Green(their first singer) to leave the band because he was doing too of his LSD binges(he was kind of famous for it). In fact the classic Fleetwood Mac song Green Manalishi is about being on LSD. Then again it…[Read more]

    • So many good links. Thank you thank you thank you for also also also

    • Great links – something to keep me occupied on a night clearly not meant for sleep. And I’m so glad you included Katie’s art! The perfect cats + MSCL mash-up by a really sweet and talented friend!

  • Two very important announcements came from Attorney General Eric J. Holder today and yesterday: he has called for better data and tracking on police violence, and has stopped local and state police from practicing […]

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for writing this. As you say, this obviously is not a panacea, but it is an important step forward.

    • Wow, thank you so much for writing this! This was really enlightening, and I am so happy to hear about some change happening on these important issues.

  • The Supreme Court has announced that it will hear arguments and hand down a ruling on whether same-sex marriage is a right guaranteed by the constitution or whether individual states have the right to ban same-sex […]

    • oh my gods oh my gods. O.o

    • crossing my fingers and also just generally excited to see what notorious has to say about all of this

    • What an incredible day it will be when all of us can marry whoever we choose.

    • Crossing my fingers and my toes

    • Saw someone mention it on Twitter and of course ran straight here… I don’t even mess around anymore when it comes to these kinds of stories. Autostraddle: The Trusted Voice (TM)

    • Come on Ohio! As someone who recently passed Constitutional Law with an ever-so-slightly above average grade, my very professional opinion is that we’re winning this one.

      • “Ever-so-slightly above average” is still impressive…all hail the mighty law school curve! Straight medians this semester myself. :'(

        • go team law school! i’m sure you’ll make a fantastic lawyer; law school grades mean exactly nothing!

    • As somebody who moved from South Carolina to Tennessee like 3 months before same sex marriage became legal in SC and is currently engaged I am very hopeful that this will turn out well because right now I’m just bitter.

      • Hi, SC transplant. SC lawmakers are still trying to screw everybody here over: as usual, they’re going with “the federal government can’t tell us what to do.” In spite of the current ruling, they’re still fighting. A lot of people I know are still afraid to marry until the Court makes a ruling because they’re afraid the state will actually…[Read more]

    • Equal parts terrified and hopeful. I almost can’t believe it’s finally happening.

    • Wow wow wow this is actually kind of huge. Especially with that “friend of the court” thing… man oh man this could happen??? I don’t want to get my hopes up, but wow it could happen!

    • I have been looking forward to the day the Supreme Court would take this case, but now that it’s here…

      …all I feel is completely mentally and physically anxious about it.

      I don’t want to just cross my fingers! So angering that this is even a question!

      I’ve always supported gay marriage and protested, etc. Personally, however, I have…[Read more]

      • I understand you– I feel the same way. About the fact that there has been the ongoing possibility that the rulings could go higher. I’ve been waiting for this to be federal, not state-by-state. As it stands now, it just all has kind of an iffy, unstable feel. Or maybe I’m high-strung.

    • Supreme Court, you’re playing with my heart. Should my boo and I go ahead and get married in PA as planned, or wait and see what happens in Ohio?

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if they split the decision allowing states to ban/refuse to conduct same sex marriage but force every state to recognize marriages performed elsewhere. Justice Ginsberg spoke about not wanting to create a new roe Vs wade which lead to a entrenched pro-life movement. The last appeals court also wrote about wanting it decided…[Read more]

    • As someone who lives in Michigan and would like to get married eventually, this is almost more nerve wracking than exciting. For all the couples in my life who want to be legally recognized in our state along with myself, I want this so badly. Also, I’m tempted to walk around with a sign that says, “What about me doesn’t deserve equality?” and see…[Read more]

      • Yeah Michigan Buddy! Completely agree, our state is particularly eager to erase all legal traces of the LGBT community. Very frustrating indeed. Must be the bitter winter that made them turn all cold-hearted.

  • ThumbnailMy family did a lot of traveling during the holidays which meant we pulled out our suitcases with our very fancy luggage tags — you know, the ones my dad got for free from his job because they’re plastic and […]

    • I feel like my old and busted luggage is not worthy of these classy tags, but I’m bookmarking this for the day I finally upgrade.

    • stop being so cool and crafty, wooley.

    • Well this is just awesome. I bought some leather to make a mask with and never did so I may just give this, or similar, a go!

    • Neat little project. I’ve been leathercrafting for several years, mainly tooling dog collars and motorcycle bags. It’s worth noting that the letter stamps can be bought at Harbor Freight for a fraction of the price Tandy and other stores sell them for–like $20-30 less.

      • Thanks for the tip! I’m always looking for a good place to score cheap but good tools.

    • Those look great! I love the look of the metal alphabet stamps. Just may have to try this project out for myself.

      • Take a stab at it, friend. I can guarantee you will love the little stamps, at the very least

  • feature image via shutterstock

    Turn your phone off for at least ten minutes today, like just completely powered off.

    Every time you see a headline that makes you want to scream get up and pour yourself a […]

    • I genuinely benefited from the visioning exercise at the end. Like, I really feel better now. Maybe I can pay you to send me one of those every day?

    • these are most helpful indeed

    • Thank you. I needed this X100.

    • I spend my entire day screaming out my lungs/accusing people of witchcraft/crying on the floor and Rachel is there for me to help me pick up my pieces

    • these are the greatest hot tips of all

    • If you could write one of these every week this year I would appreciate every one.

    • Wow this is amazing. The coffee one blew my mind–I didn’t know and I didn’t know that I needed to know. My sincerest gratitude.

    • <3 thank you. The turn off the cell phone and get the glass of water before clicking infuriating links tips I find most helpful.

    • This has been a horrible 24 hours of a fight turning into ignoring each other turning into passive aggressive texts with my partner. Thank you, Rachel. I would be grateful for this weekly, if possible.

    • I need to send all my friends this… Thank you!

    • Oooh I really needed to read this… Especially since today was my first day back to classes and being in my dorm with roommates who really aren’t that cool with my whole not being straight thing. That last paragraph brought a smile to my face. Thank you Rachel!!

    • This is exactly the gentle practical advice I needed today.

      Mine would be: greet your pet when you get home, first thing, because they love you. Yes, even the turtles and frogs and hissing cockroaches.

    • damn, how did you know about my elbows

    • Bonus: learn definition of “ephemera”

    • This was super-incredibly helpful– especially at the beginning of the week. This is what self-help books *should* be (instead of being lame and cheesy pet-your-head crap), but you nailed it in one article.

      Pete the Cat (my personal guru) approves.

      • This is really random, but I once wore a Pete the Cat costume at a book fair, but I actually know nothing about the character, so thank you for this!

    • Ugh I love this.

    • DO read the comments on autostraddle.com. Especially in the comment award section.

      Cuddle with your cat. Give your cat tuna. Watch your cat delight in the tuna.

      Light a nice smelling candle.

      Also, I turned off my phone completely off for 1 h today while in my shrink’s office – that’s like 2 self-care things at once, right?

    • Be careful with the candy! Or else the ants may find it before you do!

      Signed, someone with such an ant problem that there are ants in my freezer and I don’t know why and Terro does fuck all

      • We used to have ants REALLY bad for years and Raid, etc never worked, but then we heard that this spray cleaner called Mrs. Meyer’s worked to get rid of them (it’s lemon verbena something or other and it’s non-toxic to kids and pets, which was important because we have 3 dogs and 2 cats), so we got some and holy crap the ants were gone. This was…[Read more]

    • Much appreciated! Especially the scalp massge one. How to give yourself or others massages should be taught in schools. Like seriously, it’s spreading love!

    • Quvenzhané is the most adorable human, yes?

      Thanks, Rachel.

    • Those dogs are MOPS.

      Also I think I will clean my wallet later, as advised. It could use it.

    • So very helpful, especially in the midst of finals week and finishing my writing portfolio! Please write one of these every week.

    • You are the change I want to see in the world. These are all great thanks!

    • Those puli dogs tho. That’s Cosima Niehaus The Puppy.

    • Paper towel! always looking for it but never have it !! best tip on here

    • Do I have to feed my jar person? I’m so worried now. Is it like a tamagotchi?

    • Weird…I’ve never been taught how to do scalp massage but when I stroke a snuggle buddy’s head it inevitably turns into exactly everything she demonstrated in that video. Hooray for naturally knowing how to do a thing!

    • I love the hiding candy thing! I bought three bags of holiday hershey kisses when they were in season cause they are my favorite varieties, I’ve hidden in them in my closet and I’m just waiting a few months until I finally forget about them to surprise myself with all the wonderful chocolate.

    • Borrowers! Also: accept being the weird childless adult going into the library’s children’s room. Or just find a child to borrow to take the library with you.

    • she is there in that jar. Telling me I’m horrible. And I can’t fucking hear her. That bish just gon stay there till she runs out of words. #byefelicia

    • It’s impossible for me to forget about the existence of candy! Maybe I could get m’lady to hide it..

    • Rachel this is so excellent please do more of these A+++

    • I have such a hard time muting/defriending/unfollowing people, even when I know it’s for the best.

    • New weekly!

    • I really like this. Thanks!

    • Thank you! I needed that scalp massage. <3

  • ThumbnailWell hello and good day to you, kind readers! And vicious (not viscous) readers, good day to you as well! How are your resolutions holding up? I got seven hours of sleep last night so I’m feeling pret-ty good […]

    • That photo is incredible! Thresher sharks are beautiful, and it’s pretty rare to see them (outside of the big touristy dive spot in Malapascua) because they are so endangered. Hopefully this picture will raise awareness about these fucking spectacular creatures, because right now the first suggestion that pops up when you google ‘thresher shark’…[Read more]

    • ok that shark giving birth is v cool and all, but the real story here is that apparently those badass fish monsters use their tails to hunt via tail smacking. their tail slaps are so powerful, they can break apart water molecules. THEY MAKE HYDROGEN AND OXYGEN HAPPEN AND THEY AREN’T EVEN TRYING. evolution nails it this round.

      and the…[Read more]

      • If you think thresher shark tails are cool, you should check out mantis shrimp cavitation! You’d better google it though, I am so bad at explaining it because I always mix up my words and just start calling stuff ‘that thingy,’ and it tends to lessen my credibility. One time I explained it so badly to a friend that he thought I was messing with…[Read more]

        • oh man am i ever down a rabbit hole. what hath you wrought, mik? i have responsibilities you know. i have to feed myself at some point.

    • ugh i love you guys and your shark feelings/knowledge! badasses.

    • A viscous reader? Kind of slow and syrupy maybe?

    • Thank you for that link to the new Sleater Kinney. I think I maybe a little too obsessed with Carrie’s guitaring and vocals. Can’t wait to buy the album.

    • Ooh, that “She’s Beautiful when She’s Angry” documentary looks really good! I want to see it when it comes to my city on Jan 27th!

    • I never knew people had so many Cadbury’s creme egg feelings until I posted that story on my Facebook yesterday morning. There was a lot of hate for kraft…a lot. A lot of anti American chocolate feelings too.

    • That breakup study study basicly proved processing works. PROCESSING FOR EVERYONE!

    • Whoah, this is Laneia’s 365th article? My New Queer’s resolution was to try to comment more, but the possibility of human interaction is just so weird. Maybe I should start by commenting each day in the archived articles where no one can see or hear me and by the time 2016 rolls around I’ll grow from being a baby deer to an adult deer.

  • Thumbnailfeature image via Shutterstock

    Whether it’s an official resolution or not, it’s likely that you’re hoping to get more shit done in 2015. My credentials are my confirmed history of Getting A Bunch of Shit Done, […]

    • Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

      This post speaks to my soul. Especially on my first day back at work after two weeks away. Lists on lists on lists.

    • This is some spot on advice. I am so addicted to productivity tips I have a list of articles on productivity I need to read. Thanks!

    • this is everything i needed

    • Thanks to this, I have already sent an email I otherwise would have procrastinated on.

    • fantastic advice! will do

    • This is great! I’ve found that the timer idea works really well for me. I had to write a presentation that I had procrastinated horribly (shocking), and doing what Unfuck Your Habitat calls 45-15’s–45 minutes of work, followed by 15 of break–helped keep me off tumblr during the work periods.

      On the other hand, hi, I’m at work right now,…[Read more]

      • I had some really intimidatingly difficult work to do the other day and had to resort to UYH’s 20-10s to get me to start at all! It really does work though (and I’m now back to 45-15s so it’s all good).

    • Yes! This is so perfect and I’m gonna use all these tips to help get this crapload of college stuff finished for the end of the month. Thank you! :D

    • Oh jeez, I came on autostraddle for procrastination purposes and this is what greets me?? How dare you! Y’all know me too well.

    • Rachel, you’re my hero.

    • Also, for anyone who needs a physical planner that fulfills Rachel’s brilliant suggestions, I highly recommend David Seah’s Emergent Task Planner. Google it.

      • i did google this and just looking at it is making me feel very calm

      • That would have made my life so much easier when I was in grad school. Definitely keeping that in my back pocket for my next project. Genius Chrissie!

    • what if i’m a victim of my inner lazy shiftless bastard who simply. will. not. do. it. what then?

    • Any.do has been incredible.

      It’s on my work machine, my home machine, my phone, and it pings me little cutie pie reminders in the morning, like “Take some time to plan your day.” MAYBE I WILL.

      A big fan of multiple, mission-specific lists, mine currently have 2-8 items in any given category:


    • Way to keep me on task today. #rachelisbehindyou

    • Use a timer is my personal favourite. It sounds awful but I find it really comforting and helpful when I have a lot on!

      Also re priorities, you know what I would go as far as to say have one per day, two max.

    • For me, literally the only difference between a productive vs. non-productive day is whether I stick to my resolution to not Internet until after my tasks are done. If I get sucked into Facebook or Autostraddle or Language Log or The Toast, I’m done for.

    • You guys, since reading this post I have applied for two jobs, AND showered, AND walked the dogs, AND eaten a bag of doritos! 2015 is the year of Getting Shit Done!

      • Congratulations!! :D I agree, this is the year to finally kill my procrastination.


          sorry for shouting, I am excited.

          And I believe in you, Dante! Conquer the hell out of this year.

          • DON’T APOLOGIZE FOR SHOUTING! YOU DESERVE TO SHOUT YOUR HAPPINESS, CUZ YOU ARE AWESOME!! Like seriously, that is amazing to hear! I hope everything goes well for you! :D YOU CAN DO IT!!

            And, as a result of your fantastic efforts, I am now even MORE MOTIVATED to conquer this year. So much thanks to you and Rachel!

            • Yayy thank you for your positivity! I really, really need this job (or any job, really)and I’ve been unemployed for months now and my confidence is way down because of it.. So nice people on the internet really do make a huge difference for me. Now I just need to find the confidence to walk in there on Friday and crush my interview! One step at a time!

    • NGL I also had a very effective day today and would have gotten EVEN MORE THINGS DONE if for some reason old navy only has the leggings I wear in my size in BRICK. thank you, I do not need brick-colored leggings today.

    • Autostraddle, you always know what’s on my mind…

      I have just recently gotten into list-making. I get it from my dad, who is Mr. List. But yeah, lists are great! They make me feel productive when I’m writing them, which motivates even more to actually get stuff done.
      Also I already bought a new planner. ;)

      Wonderful tips, Rachel! Thank…[Read more]

    • Lists are my go to, but I rarely get my shit together enough to have them more organized than different colored pens for each main category. When I get super busy I’m a huge fan of adding the random things that come up (which can be absolutely anything, one of the joys of teaching littles) to my list and immediately crossing them off.

      Say I…[Read more]

    • I’m a freelancer/writer/freelance writer, and I really needed this. Another tip: set an alarm in the morning and actually get out of bed. It’s so easy to sleep in until noon when I’m my own boss, but damn, self, be a responsible adult and wake up. Eat breakfast…and not at 2 pm.

    • Started reading. Got distracted with cat cafe. Spent the next 30 minutes reading about Seattle’s upcoming “Meowtropolitan.”
      Conclusion: cats are the bane of getting stuff done. But we love them anyway.

    • Rachel you are a goddess

    • Thank you very much for this article, Rachel!

      It was really significant for me to read this right now. Last year my life was a mess, and I intend to put many things back in order this year.

    • I LOVE LISTS thank you!!!! This list of list-making tips was so calming to read.

    • I’ve been a househusband for a few months now, and the biggest productivity thing for me is putting on real pants in the morning. Its simple and dumb sounding, because obviously I can make bread and apply for jobs in my pajamas, but the mental shift to “work time” makes it much easier for me to get going on stuff.

      Also, I didn’t realize my…[Read more]

    • Also, for when your brain just will not yield to a self-directed timer method: Freedom.

      It’s a program that disables your internet connection for a set amount of time, up to eight hours. My dad makes fun of me for it, but really, this thing has saved several semesters.

      I have a tic of opening my browser reflexively every time I can’t form a…[Read more]

    • I as well make lists recreationally. They are peaceful and calming in this complicated and unorganized world.

      This post was really helpful and sorely needed; thank you very much. To productivity and beyond.

    • Although I put off doing my lit review to read this it was a super lovely gentle guide and thus just what I needed. Thank you Rachel! listsforever

    • I love lists and make them constantly. For a while, my strategy has been a plain moleskine which I would use both as a planner and as a journal. My lists would be pretty detailed, but there was really no accountability. Because I like to make lists that span tasks over the period of a week or so, I had a tendency of procrastinating. For xmas I…[Read more]

    • I use an app called Clockwork Tomato to time my working periods and breaks. It is excellent.

    • Lists lists lists! Nothing makes boring tasks more satisfying than checking them off of a nice long list.

    • THIS HELPED ME SO MUCH. I needed a push to actually get my 2013 taxes filed. Yeah, you read that right. I never filed them last year. Due to a series of REALLY unfortunate events regarding a W2 form, I met with a tax specialist last spring and then promptly “forgot” to do anything else by way of my taxes for the rest of the year. So now it’s been…[Read more]

      • Ahhh, I wish you the best of luck! I know you can do it. Soon all these tax shenanigans will be over, and you can chill with some hot cocoa or something.

    • I am going to print this so I can read it always.

    • Can I tell you something really distressing? Oh my gosh. So we are renting a house from my girlfriend’s parents. They gave us one days notice to move into their house temporarily “DON’T BRING MUCH” because they were renovating the bathroom. We were meant to be back in by Christmas and it went on for two weeks.

      Now we are back in the house but…[Read more]

      • The family keeps being like DON’T YOU LOVE THE HOUSE NOW

        and it’s like

        …no… you did stupid things like put our microwave outside and it got rained on as well as several other things. you contributed to two months of anxiety and eating nothing but bread because we were still paying rent WHILE NOT LIVING THERE and they said they’d provide…[Read more]


  • ThumbnailHello and welcome to this thing we’re doing where we help you figure out what you’re gonna put in your mouth this week. Some of these are recipes we’ve tried, some of these are recipes we’re looking forward to […]

    • those kale crisps need to get in my mouth right now.

    • I love love love LOVE apple chips, guys. Thanks for the list!

    • You can never have too many varieties of spiced nuts or granola.

      Also, those sweet potato nachos sound brilliant.

    • I want to try those vegan cheez its

    • I just made the edamame hummus w/cilantro. Delicious with some turkish bread. Just one thing: can you make the links automatically open in a new tab?

    • Kale crisps are delicious home made. The kind bought in the store n I t so much.

    • This list is fab!!

    • Been trying to figure what baked plantain recipe is trying to accomplish.
      It looks like an attempt to find a middle ground between tostones and maduros.

      Maduros are what most people think of when they think of fried plantains, soft, sticky and sweet. Kinda sorta like banana part of banana’s foster.

      Tostones are what people end up with who…[Read more]

  • This is the best day of the whole year! The day the A+ podcast finally finally says hello to you! As you may remember, we’ve had a time getting this project off the ground. But then we asked for help in the form […]

    • Thank you, getting things for Christmas is so worth waiting for them!

    • Thank-you! BEST CHRISTMAS!

    • Casey replied 1 month ago

      Thank you! This was perfect to listen to while I worked on some knitting! You ladies are the best :)

    • Is it weird to say that I miss all of your guys’ voices?

    • Jess replied 1 month ago

      OMG, this is the best Christmas gift. I’ve only been reading AS for a few months and I’m already so crazy about all the fantastic writers here. So much talent!

      Okay, so. I have not, historically, been the type of person who joins and participates in communities. I tend more toward haughtily peering down my nose in rejection of such transient…[Read more]

      • Riese replied 1 month ago


      • Yay! It’s so nice to hear from you! Welcome!

      • Jane replied 1 month ago

        Autostraddle was the first site that I actually looked forward to the comment section and I’ve stuck around ever since! Welcome home!

      • welcome jess we’re so happy you’re here we made you some banana bread

        • Jess replied 1 month ago

          Oh bless my tiny heart, I am positively IN LOVE WITH banana bread.

          Rachel… you just won Christmas.

    • Beth replied 1 month ago

      Yesss I will listen to this at some point in my 12 hour flight tomorrow. Thank you!

    • My favorite part was B+ and Lil C, but the rest was fun, too.

    • Mary replied 1 month ago

      I listened to this while I was out for a walk, and it was perfect. Thank you guys! I can’t wait for the next one!

    • thank you thank you thank you

    • Hana replied 1 month ago


    • Lil C?

      Like Lil Cal?


    • I’m only part way through so far and will have to wait until tomorrow to finish this, but I just wanted to say thank you for putting this together! It was so interesting to listen to, and I love the concept of the BFF interviews, which I can already tell I will love as much as the Interview with an Ex series. Thanks!

    • GoS replied 4 weeks ago

      Loved the bff interview. Podcast worrh waiting for!

    • I’ve been saving this podcast until I really needed it and today I had to work 12 hours (gotta love jobs with no paid vacation) so I listened to it and it was everything I had hoped for so thank you!!!

    • This was worth the wait. A Plus B and Lil C forever.

    • I just found your site and this is great! :D

    • I’ve been spending a lot of time alone and podcasts help me feel like I have traveling friends or that I’m not alone or in this case that I’m not alone in cutting off all contact with the world when life gets weird and then frustrating the humans who care about me. I have so much love for you gays. So much.

    • I FINALLY had a chance to listen to this, on the train on the way to work this morning, and it made coming back from nearly two weeks vacation much better. You guys are the cutest/raddest.

    • As someone who has a hard time navigating queer friendships, I really appreciated hearing Riese and Laneia talk about the times that they almost had something weird go down between them. Queer friendships can be so weird!

      Digging the podcast.

    • I finally had a chance to listen to this yesterday and loved it. Hearing all of you talk about your friendships and how you met was super cool. Looking forward to more podcasts in the future!!

  • ThumbnailYou’ve almost made it through this week! What will you do to celebrate? I’m going to California to meet Megan’s extended family and I’m like, NOT EVEN nervous about it at all!

    That is a lie.

    Here are some […]

    • Hm, so there’s a rational sort of argument I can use for the next time I let slip my desire to smash those awful dolls’ faces in and have a little feu de joie of my very own? Good to know.

    • In other news this week, DC cancelled Batwoman. So like RIP my interest in ever buying DC comics again. With Batwoman gone there are no more queer women in any of their current line-ups. Not unless she pops up later in one of the many comics already dedicated to other characters in the Bat-family, which I doubt it.

    • Wait, I legit want to read that A-Camp fan fic

    • - Best of luck meeting the extended family Laneia!
      – congrats to Martina and Julia
      – A-Camp fan fic please and thank you

    • 1- Dannielle and Kristin’s video is adorable
      2- Those tweets by Brittani are just gems.

  • ThumbnailIt’s a well-known fact that making presents for people makes the world a better place. Not only are you taking time to create the perfect gift for your mother, brother, or girlfriend, you’re making sure there’s […]

    • Okay, please tell me somebody else saw the pictures and was like “Those are totally the colors/materials from Anne Shirley’s Christmas gown from Anne of Green Gables.”

      • I wasn’t thinking of Anne Shirley’s Christmas gown specifically but AoGG in general did pop into my brain after *ahem* the usual petite bosomed oh hey this would be lovely a lingerie addition thought.
        Something about silky copper brown with white lace just says AoGG to me like pigtails under a straw hat and green gingham.

      • I have never read/seen Anne of Green Gables but I just looked it up and you’re right!

      • I love that you noticed that!!! Oh my god, can we imagine for a moment that Ann(e) and Diana are “bosom friends” but like in a gay way and that Ann(e) wears this scarf (as lingerie, nice going with that, friend) and then they drink cordial together and scandalize Marilla?


  • ThumbnailWelcome to This Shit Rules, wherein members of the Autostraddle team open up to you about the beauty products they can’t live without.

    I work from home and most days I talk to between zero and one other […]

    • Eeeeeeeeeeee benny clay is just THE BEST stuff ever. I tried it on a whim and am never going back. I’ve basically never used a face mask which actually had an effect besides this one. And a little goes a long way. Can I ask, though, what makes ACV better? I’ve only tried it with water, because I read that it doesn’t make a difference, and it was…[Read more]

      • i have no idea honestly! i could be wrong about that. i mean i do know that ACV is supposed to be PH-balancing for your skin, and also juliana huxtable said so in this article (although she also recommends st. ives apricot scrub in the same article, which i think is a devil product from hell, so)

      • Using apple cider vinegar (or a lemon juice/water mix) makes it mix WAY more easily. You know how when you use water, it’s sorta clumpy and difficult? Mixes up smooth as butter with ACV (or other acidic situation). I also bet there is a benefit to your skin, but for me, the main benefit is ease of use.

    • Rachel do you have sort of sensitive skin?? Because I normally don’t pay much attention to product recommendations but I just HAVE A FEELING that these are all things I want to try AND they are all in my price range-ish AND I’ve been MEANING to try to actually take care of my skin. I have had cerave things before and loved them too. I want to go…[Read more]

      • not super sensitive, but a lot of the things i like are good for sensitive skin! maybe just skip the chemical exfoliants for now and also the super intense face mask and you’ll be fine. i don’t often pay attention to product recommendations either but i promise i have done a fair amount of research here! also does your skin like oil cleansing. do…[Read more]

        • i WAS going to skip the clay and only maybe TRY the exfoliants so COOL. and my skin is not SUPER sensitive so i still think these might be good thing.

          but my skin does NOT like oil cleansing!! well, really i’ve only tried it a few times and am VERY BAD at sticking with things with a “worse before better” period. but really i just didn’t like…[Read more]

          • *thingS

            • OH OK so i do oil cleansing but am off the hot water train — i don’t believe in the hot water thing after, i think that’s bad for your skin. i do double-cleansing instead, so like i oil cleanse but then just wash off the oil with the hydrating cerave cleanser and room temp water. not to pressure you into the oil cleanse, because oil cleanse…[Read more]

            • ooohhhh, i hadn’t heard of doing that, only the thing where you have to wash it off with hot water or a wash cloth and like never ever touch your skin with anything but oil. your way sounds better and i do not feel pressured at all! thanks!

      • If you want to try chemical exfoliation, try using an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid aka glycolic acid) treatment every other day. Also, use caution with clay masks, and only apply them to the oiliest parts of your face.

        Boots No 7 (at Target) has some great cleansing balms and gels that are comparable to pricier brands and are sensitive skin friendly.

    • I don’t know why I know this (yes I do, it’s because I’m a nerd), but oakmoss is being banned in the EU and is being taken out of a lot of perfumes. So better stock up!

    • oh also

      yes to TWIN PEAKS HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I like Fuller’s Earth Clay. Definitely a whole thing, definitely serious, which is probably why a pound of it has lasted me four years. Not for the faint of heart(or the non-oily masses):


      and I mix it with ACV, too, because the people swear by it and i’ve mostly taken it…[Read more]

    • This is so great, I have always wanted to smell “second date nice” without spending a bunch of money on a bottle of smelly water, now I can achieve my hopes and dreams.

    • I have some friends who teach English in Seoul and they’ve become rather evangelical about Korean skincare. I finally caved to peer pressure and ordered a bunch of stuff online from w2beauty.

      That shit is FUCKING MAGICAL. I have rather obnoxious combination skin where some parts are oily, some parts are scaly and dry and some parts somehow…[Read more]

      • Is it the Innisfree Apple Juicy Cleansing Oil? Their green tea series is pretty good too~

        Korean and Japanese skincare products are huge locally and I have friends who make yearly trips to Korea now to stock up on products. Personally I love Laneige and swear by their Water Sleeping Pack.

    • Society, mostly. And it’s not even all that consistent. I’ve lived in three different countries and the standards for beauty can differ greatly – for instance, while I’m not exactly prized for my brown skin anywhere in the world, I actually found it (ironically) a lot easier to be valued for it in the US and Australia than in Malaysia, which has…[Read more]

    • Oh hey! I’m doing a 100-day skincare challenge right now and had been contemplating the clay masks for some time. I’m a little broke to buy anything on the list right now (mostly because I spent it all on getting my startup set ;P) but next month maybe!

      Note to people with darker skin: chemical peels may not be so good for you.

    • The next time you’re at Walgreens getting your CeraVe stuff, look for the Studio 35 Beauty AHA cream. It’s super cheap and my absolute favorite AHA I’ve ever used.

    • So, this is just a cautionary tale for anyone who wants to try the apple cider vinegar/clay mask. I had bought a tub of the Aztec clay before, and having tried it with water before, I found that it dried the fuck out of my face. You can actually feel it pulling at your skin as it dries, and even after washing it off there were areas of my face…[Read more]

      • Never experienced temporary wrinkles myself, but the redness is pretty normal. Maybe some people don’t experience it because they don’t leave it on for long. I do it before going to bed for that reason.

    • Do you happen to know which products are non-animal tested? Also, which ones are NOT owned by Johnson and Johnson or other mega-corporations?

      @janelle I’ve also used the aztec mask and it lit up my face like a red lightbulb too. I avoid that stuff like the plague.

      On a side note, I started using SkinActives and let me tell you, THIS SHIT…[Read more]

  • ThumbnailWhat a fucking day! Did you wake up wanting to punch an inflatable Yogi Bear punching bag? Did you have one of those growing up? My friend Jennifer did, or maybe it was Jessica, but either way that motherfucker […]

    • My good friend stayed in tht shelter for a brief time after being kicked out of his home by his homophobic mother. He said they made him feel welcome for the duration of his stay, and he has now found a safe place at his aunt’s. That shelter probably saved his life, and I’m very thankful for it.

    • LMAO @ study confirms men are dumb, 90% of the time I’m the only female around at work, I could write a book on this subject … guess that’s why I’m in charge of them!!

    • Monkey day happened?!?!?! But our stuffed monkeys!!!

    • I’m a graduate of that school district and it’s about as awful as you’d expect. My heart goes out to all the baby queers (and esp trans teens) whose identities are being blatantly shit upon by grown-ass adults in the name of “religious freedom”. Gonna go be angry and sad now.


    • Wait, did you say that the only good Batman is the Michael Keaton one that doesn’t have Michelle Pfeiffer in it???

      • ok ok ok actually ACTUALLY i’m saying that the michael keaton batman is the only batman worth batmanning — not just that one specific film. but mey i could never compete with your catwoman feelings EVER. my bold stance bows down to yours.

    • I can’t view some of these events :-( that’s no to promote if I can’t see them

    • I’d like to delve deeper on the etymology of ‘jabroni’ if possible, thanks

    • Suggestion: printing that misandrist prayer on the back of the misandrist shirt
      But change the first word to Lorde

    • Ooh that monkey is SO CUTE!!! I need to put it at my computer while I study for finals. For motivation.

    • Thank you, once again I have 12 tabs open.

      1- Very positive step for Texas! Sad that there are so many homeless LGBT youth though. My heart goes out to them. :(

      2- Ruby Rose’s “Break Free” is such a beautiful music video.

      3- I think using headphones/earbuds to avoid social interaction is a universal introvert thing, it’s just innate…[Read more]

    • Y’know, I never understood that whole leggings-are-not-pants deal. Yeah, they’re not pants. Neither are skirts.

    • Stayed for the quirky articles, came here for the picture of the monkey.

  • ThumbnailIt’s a well-known fact that making presents for people makes the world a better place. Not only are you taking time to create the perfect gift for your mother, brother, or girlfriend, you’re making sure there’s […]

  • ThumbnailNext week, Tuesday, December 16th, 7pm at the Strand bookstore in NYC, Speed Dating with Gabby and Phoenix. Come down on Tuesday and do the damn thing with us. For twenty bucks, you will get FREE WINE and FREE […]

  • ThumbnailWell this is the week I let Taylor Swift into my heart, so thanks a lot for enabling that bullshit. OH you enabled it. You did. Here are some stories we missed while I was making my own “Blank Space” videos. […]

    • “Trans women at Smith College have announced their Pledge of Nonsupport in anticipation of Smith’s upcoming “Admissions Policy Student Group/Committee.””

      What trans women at Smith College?

    • Ack. Bummer for Salvation Army, I was always there shopping for clothes and vintage kitchen ware. :(

    • Just watched Rosario Dawson kissing Jenny Slate. Salvation Army is so irrelevant now.

      Holy lesbian baby Jesus. O..O

    • AND ROSARIO DAWSON HAS AN UNDERCUT (i think?????)!!!!!!!!

    • I love that herstory instagram.

      Also, that inglorious fruits and vegetables campaign is brilliant. I am 100% pro-ugly fruits and vegetables. My favorite produce stand is a local place that’s open 24-7 and has the nicest employees and the BEST local fruits and veggies. And I always buy from the $0.50/lb discount section there and some of the…[Read more]

    • Funny, I always thought of it more as a rosebud, but I suppose tulip works.

    • That tulip knot tho…

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