• ThumbnailWelcome back to Transparent, the show where you get to feel every emotion on the emotion chart ranging from “confusion, sadness at Josh’s shirt collars” to “full on panic attack.”

    The emotion we start out […]

    • Once again, you managed to capture all my feels. I love you, Maura, but your kids are THE WORST

      • I feel exactly the same way. I really like watching Maura’s story, but damn, those kids are so messed up. Especially Ali.

    • There is too much feeling to comment on properly. Great recap. I think that chart is the perfect thing to describe my reactions to the show. I love how one minute a character can be so wonderful, then the next they are being giant arseholes – either by action or omission.

      Also glad I wasn’t the only one hoping for lesbian rabbi. There’s just…[Read more]

    • First and foremost, these recaps are the best.
      So the kids’ tendency to like, super casually reference the whole Rita thing with one another continues to confuse me. Shouldn’t they at least be as creeped out as I am?
      And I am ALL about day drinking but when there is a lovely older gentleman in need of assistance, maybe put down the alcohol?…[Read more]

    • Fun fact: that real estate lady (Deborah Craig) was in Unicorn Plan-It.

  • ThumbnailLISTEN UP GHOSTBUSTERS, you only have one week of Halloween excitement left before it’s all over and the world forces you to move on to Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year’s Eve! You’re gonna be a sad, sad […]

  • ThumbnailI made Hasselback potatoes on Sunday with some roasted garlic and a salad and HOLY BEES THEY WERE DELICIOUS. Here’s a smattering of 80 things we missed while I was clapping my hands together and giggling […]

    • It is entirely within the realm of possibility that my bedroom will soon be decorated with loo roll cats…

    • Ohh Rachel Maddow :)! You never seem to surprise me at all

      • Rachel Maddow is the perfect butch ….slice and dice the right wing…super duper smart….omg melty….babe. I would rip my heart out of my body and hand it to her on a silver plate…..unless she is vegan, of course……and if she is….I will grow soybeans and bean sprouts in the backyard…,and broc-cocoli for anti-oxidents and…[Read more]

    • E-Page proving once again that the short person can be the bigger person…and the most awesome person.

      (P.S. I say this from the lowly height of 5’0″)

      • Oh…..short people can be so powerful!!! Melt you and lead you around by the ear! I know, and I am 6′ and my sweet butchie was teeny. And so sweet. Was. Sigh.


    • Seriously, did you make David Hasselhoff potatoes?? That is very disturbing on so many levels! :P

    • I love Nadia Boltz-Weber so much, I loved her book (Pastrix) and I don’t understand why because I don’t do religion but it softened my heart on the subject.

    • !!! So many great articles on here! This is why I need Autostraddle: I’m horrible at finding where on the Internet all the interesting/well-written/not totally shitty things are by myself and I’m just very impressed at/grateful for this wonderful collection of links.

    • Thank goodness for that Rachel Maddow video to cheer me up after reading the NY article and Salon article. On a side note, I am pretty sure thanks to XM radio made my father a bit of a Rachel Maddow fan. I’ve yet to tell him that she’s gay as fuck, cause even right leaning people who have phobic tendencies need some enlightenment.

    • Oh that lady who thinks she’s bad at being bi needs a hug and a rainbow cupcake.

    • I feel I should point out that a lot of queer trans girls in portland are pretty pissed off about the name of the “All Jane No Dick” comedy fest. For reasons that I think should be obvious to anyone who reads a blog like Autostraddle.

      Their response has been predictably inflexible. I like Portland less and less all the time.

    • Ooh, those are adorable cats! I am not very craft-savvy, but I am cat-savvy, and it is raining and my cat is purring and I just finished off a toilet paper roll.

    • Also, I think an all-woman mission to Mars sounds awesome. (I mean, we’ve had plenty of all-men expeditions throughout history, so why is an all-woman mission such a strange idea?)

    • I love Rachel Maddow. I think Sleater Kinney’s “Youth Decay” is actually about eating disorders and about silencing ones voice, not actually tooth decay. Still, enjoyed her list.

  • ThumbnailWelcome back to Transparent and the episode where we’ll finally find out whether Gordon Ramsay’s new recipe for crab cakes is enough to bring this family business back from the brink. Just kidding, instead this is […]

    • “Are lots of people into having sex initiated by someone squeezing their breast like it’s a clown’s nose?” yea

      I can’t hardly wait to recap #9

    • Boob squeezer here. I’m like a 13-year-old boy. BOOBS! I don’t know why. I have them and yet I find them fascinating. (There, I said it. I live it.)

      Ali scamming money off of Maura was definitely not cool. You are being totally rational! Especially because the show has made it clear that she gives all her kids plenty of money when they ask…[Read more]

    • I think Maura is actually a very bizarre name for her character. It’s an Irish name, derived from Maureen and Mary, not something a Jewish woman of her age would have ever been named. Religious Jew or not, I can’t help thinking Maura would experience some sort of dissonance how none of the women in her family or that she grew up with ever had a…[Read more]

      • As usual, I find myself agreeing with you. The “second adolescence” excuse for immature behavior has always bothered me a great deal (although it bothers me more when it’s used as an excuse for treating people badly). Yes, I went through a kind of second puberty when I transitioned, and yes, I had a lot to learn about certain aspects of…[Read more]

      • Riese replied 1 week ago

        Yeah I’d always thought she’d picked Maura herself because it was the female name closest to “Mort.” I was so surprised to see it was somebody else’s idea.

    • I thought i was the only one who had some boundaries of things one can talk about with siblings/family members. guess we are bought prudes?

      • Riese replied 1 week ago

        i always imagined that maybe it was different for sisters than it was for like sisters/brothers, like i have a brother i can’t imagine talking like that to and also rachel has a brother but maybe everybody out there who has sisters could tell me ‘no riese that’s not how it works’, i might be projecting because i could talk to my imaginary sister…[Read more]

        • I definitely talk to my sister about personal things – we’re close and we are similar in age, so talking about our lives, including our sex lives, just seems natural. I do leave out any graphic details, but I do that with most of my friends as well.

        • I might mention squirting though, to my brother, because it’s hilarious and kind of gross, in the way that I’d mention other hilarious and gross bodily function stories. We are quite close and very open.

        • Yeah I think it’s a close sister thing. I have like, a million sisters (5) but I’m really only close to one of them, and she knows all the dirty nasty details and I know all of hers. In retrospect that’s probably why we always feel a tiny bit awkward when actually meeting each other’s partners…

    • samkin replied 1 week ago

      I’m really appreciating the Dig Me Out caption.

    • I was really upset that when Ali sobered up she was reacting so badly to Maura’s coming out, but her caked-on, completely-different-color face after the makeovers was absolutely amazing.

      Also that bathroom scene was HARD TO WATCH.

    • Riese replied 1 week ago

      Rachel your recaps are really funny I love you

    • When are they going to stop calling Maura ‘Dad’? Sarah could not have been more tactless in the bathroom scene; you just want to tell her to be cool! Also, I think Moppa is kind of cute/similar to Muppet?

      • I’ve been thinking a lot about this… should they just stop calling her “dad”? I’d like to know Maura’s point of view on this, in my head it makes sense for their kids to call her “dad” but probably causes pain to Maura?

        • Just to throw in a trans parent’s input… I’ve heard trans people who are parents (I used to facilitate a support group for them) be all over the place on this subject. Some people truly don’t mind if their kids call them their pre-transition parental titles, while others come up with some new creative way of saying it (I think Jennifer Boylan’s…[Read more]

          • Just a p.s. to the comment I posted a few minutes ago, regarding your last sentence: my former spouse — my son’s mother — made it very clear to my son when I transitioned 9 years ago (when he was 15) that she would not under any circumstances ever accept the notion that I could also be called “Mom,” and would view it as a usurpation on my part,…[Read more]

        • In my experience, a great many trans women who have children — especially when the transition takes place when the children are older, or even adults — leave the choice of whether their children see them as fathers or mothers entirely up to their children. In fact, I feel strongly that it should be left to the children; it’s generally more…[Read more]

      • I have a friend with a parent who’s a trans woman, and he refers to her as his dad, at least to other people. For example, he’d say, “my dad is a woman.” I haven’t met the parent in question so I’m not sure how she feels about this, but he seems otherwise completely supportive of her.

    • I just wanted to say that I’ve never seen anyone else on T.V. look more like me without any makeup on than the Ali’s character. Seriously it’s weirding me out.

    • Rachel, this recap is awesome! I was really critical at first but it seems like you’ve really gotten into the swing of the show and I keep sitting here cackling at work while reading which is more than a little awkward. *Thumbs up emoji for you!

    • the question is, where is the tara reference actually from, buffy or true blood?

    • This show is really putting me through the rinse cycle, y’all.

  • ThumbnailThere is so much here I don’t think you’ll ever get through it all. Hope you have a snack and a water bottle! Here are most of the things we missed while I was crying because my precious angel computer STILL WON’T […]

  • ThumbnailFor Buffy fans, the show has already inspired every emotion possible, ranging from “laughter” to “sad” to “scared” to “very sad” to “gay.” Why not also let them inspire the feeling of “wow I have the best […]

    • these are amazing!! but I’d like to add that Giles is a really cute and great nerdy butch costume! all you need is an argyle sweater and glasses and to hold a mug of a tea and you’re good to go!!

    • This is exactly what I needed today.
      Also I’ve been needing a Halloween costume and I don’t know how I skipped over characters from Buffy but thank you now I have ideas. Although, all of the characters have long hair and I don’t anymore, but I can work around it.

    • … or you could just do Halloween Anya and get a giant bunny suit!

      • Or you could be even more on point and link to the correct image:

        • Bunny Anya is perfect for Halloween in a chilly place and Dark Willow’s a fairly easy costume too. Black high necked shirt, some dust, black pants and eyeliner for the corrupted veins.

          Still Bunny Anya is the best. >o>

        • I did this one year! Super comfy and warm, right up until you have been drinking and have to pee…

          It also included friends dressed in the costumes worn by Willow, Buffy and Giles in that same episode. I must have pictures somewhere…

    • Thank you Rachel! I’m always that person coming up with the lamest of lame costumes at the last minute, but not anymore :) I think I’ll go with Drusilla – I would wear the old-timey white dress anyway, so I just need to get dark lipstick and a creepy expression ;D

    • They’re looking good , I loved buffy so much long time ago. Thanks.

    • I love all these ideas and this feels like the perfect opportunity to spring this:

      Any other parochial school grads out there with the classic uniform? The plaid skirt, the the flimsy white button up, the boob obscuring cardigan. If you still got it now’s the chance to turn the tables and be a monster.

      Yes, my fellow Whedonites I’m…[Read more]

    • Man. Now I want to do another Buffy costume this year. I was one of the Gentlemen from Hush last year.

    • Comfy and gender flexible idea: Get a Sunnydale High tshirt, put puncture marks of fake blood on your neck and be a victim! :D

    • I’ve always wanted to dress up as Faith, loved her, and people always tell me I look like her. I’d really like to dress up like her to see what would happen. Loved this, thank you for the post.

    • I always liked Willow, Tara, Drusilla, and Faith best. Never cared for Buffy. Great article, thanks for sharing it with us all!

    • Forget a costume, I want Bianca Lawson’s skincare regime. I’m trying to age like that.

    • I had a Whedon-themed dress-up 21st and I’m old enough that it was before The Avengers so most costumes were Buffy.

    • These are all really cool, but gender expression-wise I’d be more inclined to dress up as Spike or Giles.

  • ThumbnailPut down your goblet of Moscato because we get Callie right away in this episode, like in the first two minutes. She’s the crunchy, fresh out of the oven, cheesy half of a calzona. What more could we […]

    • Anyone else get the vibe that Callie plus Owen is going to be a THING? (please let it not be a thing).

      • C.P. replied 2 weeks ago

        Yeah… this was my first thought at the end of their cry-hug, too. And then I immediately lit a metaphorical candle to the altar of ShondaLand for that mess to never go down. If the U.S.S. Calzona goes down in flames and Callie gets in a new relationship- fine. If she’s in a new relationship with a man- ok. But not Hunt. Please please please…[Read more]

      • Toast replied 2 weeks ago

        Oooooooh yes. They were a wee bit close there. But whatever, I’ll take it over this chaste and boring baby storyline.

        I really wish Maggie Pierce would be a lesbian (like the actor’s character on the short-lived Emily Owens MD) to throw a new one into the mess.

      • Lex replied 2 weeks ago

        If that happens I’m throwing a cactus at somebody.

      • No, just no. I will rather have the whole baby storyline than that and I hate the baby storyline

      • During Owen’s monologue to Callie in the O.R. wash room, I suddenly started having this vivid flashback to the “If/Then” alternate reality/universe episode from Season 8, where Callie was married to Owen instead of Arizona, because the vibes between Callie and Owen felt similar during both of these episodes. I don’t really think they will become a…[Read more]

      • and i’m dead. whoa, damn, i didn’t even think about this. like owen & callie can’t ever be a thing. gross. no chemistry. and he looks like a lion.

        also, it’d just be as boring as the baby storyline. if she’s going to get with someone, couldn’t it be someone new? like an emotionally unavailable but mega hot firefighter? maybe Callie could take…[Read more]

      • UGH! He is my least favorite character on his show and if they keep making Callie hang out with him because veterans, I’m going to be very sad.

    • C.P. replied 2 weeks ago

      DR. LONG KISS GOODNIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      (Also, I won’t even tell you how many times I watched “Love Jones” on DVD in college. I won’t tell you how many times I just re-watched that final kiss scene now. Nope. Won’t do it…… “I Love You. And That’s Urgent Like A Motherf*cker”.)

      • i’ve based my entire romantic existence on that last scene. nina moseley/nia long is my forever dreamgirl.

        • HAHA! Nia Long has long lived directly in the middle of the confusing intersection of women I want to be like and women I want to be with. Sometimes my body and my mind just can’t come to the same conclusion, ok?

    • I’m dying. I love everything about this episode. Lol. Specifically? “All That She Wants” in the middle of this. Dr. Ginger Hunts moon cycle. Selena tribute. “All I want is a new toaster”. Dying.

      Le gente quiere mas!

    • So I get really frustrated about the stereotype of lesbian marriages not usually working out, and so I sobbed my eyes out when last season (I think?) Callie and Arizona decided to make their marriage work.
      I’m not okay with them going back on that. I’m going to need them to get their shit together. And I AM NOT AT ALL okay with the idea of Callie…[Read more]

    • Mer replied 2 weeks ago

      Next time Arizona deals with Dr. Geena Davis, Jr. she should wear her white collarless shirt from Fred Segal. It’s her most capable looking outfit!

      • Since she cannot have a Professional Bisexual leather jacket the collarless shirt is the best option

    • Lex replied 2 weeks ago

      This was the episode that got me to do that thing I hate that my parents do which is yell at the TV as if that will change anything, the QB and coach cannot hear you dad. Nor can the linemen or the kicker.

      As much as Calzona can not hear me yelling, “NO! No new tiny humans! Get a cactus! GET A CACTUS!” and take my words to heart.

    • OMG you are so right, it it totally like that time in Glee where Finn convinces Santana that it’s ok to be gay. Also, the Ace of Base touch was genius

    • Thank you, Gabby, for helping me realize that the thing that has been missing from my life is a Professional Bisexual leather jacket.

      Here are a few of my thoughts about the episode.

      1. The fangirling over Geena Davis in the comments section needs to start right now!

      2. I absolutely love Amelia Shepherd. Especially after she told off…[Read more]

      • omggg please get your own professional bisexual leather jacket and then post pics here.

        • I will Second the request for PBLJ pictures

        • Okay, okay, I’ll have to get on it, I totally want one now after hearing you guys talk about it so much! (I’ve actually always wanted one, and I think seeing badass bi women like Callie and Kalinda from The Good Wife have only made me want one of my own even more.) I don’t always have a lot of opportunities or money to go out shopping for extra…[Read more]

      • I love Amelia too, have since she first showed up on Private Practice. Derek has actually always been kind of a shitty brother to her so I’m not surprised he stole her surgery just because he thinks the earth should revolve him based on the fact that the president told him he’s a special snowflake. I hated that storyline last season because I knew…[Read more]

        • I find it interesting that Addison and Derek were together about 10 yrs before they separated and now it’s been 10 years since Meredith and Derek met. I think it would be far more interesting if Meredith can show Derek the error of his ways and how he pushes people away with his ego, since this seems to be a cycle with him.

        • I haven’t gotten around to watching Private Practice yet (next on my list!), so I only know Amelia from the few times that she’s previously guest-starred on Grey’s Anatomy, but I also fell in love with her from the first episode that I saw her in, and my feelings were affirmed after seeing Caterina Scorsone’s spectacular delivery of Amelia’s…[Read more]

    • Oh! One more thing: I had a lot of conflicting feelings about the Bailey v Karev situation. I love Bailey, and I think that Shonda has largely abandoned her after giving her that ridiculously gorgeous husband, and I do think she is forgotten about by the audience and characters. BUT I also feel very strongly for Karev, because Shonda keeps fucking…[Read more]

  • ThumbnailSince our last voyage on the good ship Transparent, Amazon has announced that Transparent will be renewed for a second season! Apparently Transparent is currently the top-ranked Prime Instant Video series, […]

    • Rachel I am really excited for the day that you have your own show like Oprah.

      Also, the kill/fuck/marry Nicky/Poussey/Alex thing is so difficult it’s making me kind of anxious.

      100% on this recap.

    • This was another amazing recap! I’m so glad you’re doing these!

      But you missed my second favorite part of the episode (after “you weird old sad fellow!” which I’m probably going to use any time a guy is being weird old and sad) which is when Josh is there and Maura has changed and decided not to come out to him, but then she’s talking and…[Read more]

      • omuhgawd… the nail thing… with me it was painted toenails when i got home from a vacation, switched into my flip-flops and rushed out quick to the grocery store… only to run into a couple of cop friends. the side-eye was pretty intense…

    • mon replied 2 weeks ago

      thanks for the thorough recaps! really makes me want to watch/get access to the show somehow..

    • Abi replied 2 weeks ago

      Rachel, I really want to thank you for writing these recaps. I have a lot of Feelings on this show and you excellently articulate many of my thoughts.

      Am I the only person who didn’t really like this show first but kept watching and at a not-easily-defined point just suddenly loved it?

      • I thought it was decent and had potential for the first few episodes but didn’t get what everyone was freaking out about. Now I do! So I hear you.

  • ThumbnailI can’t say that you’ve definitely ever had a crush on Gillian Anderson — I mean it’s possible you haven’t — but probably you haven’t been able to ignore the cultural impact that she and/or her characters have […]

  • ThumbnailDID YOU SEE THE BLOOD MOON?? I didn’t because I was sound asleep, probably having that dream where all the spiders I’ve ever killed come back to life and are 30 times larger than normal and I can’t scream out loud […]

    • You don’t even understand how disappointed I am that I missed the blood moon. I have desperately wanted to see an eclipse from when I was about half the height I am now, and I have so far missed the few that have come along since. Every time. It’s not even like I was doing anything important–I was literally sitting at my desk this morning when…[Read more]

    • I was up to see the blood moon this morning, but it was too cloudy. Missed the last one for the same reason. :(

    • that Elizabeth Allen piece was pure trash, but on the plus side, Mallory Ortberg is a goddamn gem

      • My life has improved dramatically since I started following Mallory Ortberg on Twitter.

    • Too cloudy for the blood moon here but I will take that Bechdel info and reference the hell out of it in my MA thesis. Thanks again AS, you’re the big queer gift that keeps on giving.

  • ThumbnailIt’s our first food list of October! You know what that means:

    Time for PUMPKIN, my little gourds. I had my first-ever pumpkin spice latte today and I’m going to be honest, I don’t really get what you guys […]

  • This morning the Supreme Court officially declined to rule on five pending same-sex marriage cases from Indiana, Utah, Oklahoma, Virginia, and Wisconsin. This means that the lower court rulings in these cases will […]

    • I just don’t understand how they can justify American equality being determined on a state by state basis.
      I mean I’m sure someone up there has some lame precedent for it or some stupid legal explanation but I’m just gonna sit here and pout for a minute while Texas stays in the friggin dark ages. #RUDE #YouSoBasicSupremeCourt

    • Any idea what this means for Florida

    • I can’t quite wrap my head around the fact that Kansas is on this list. We’re part of the 10th circuit, true, but this seems to jump ahead of how much the majority of people here can accept. It’s good news, but I agree with the Notorious RBG–it is healthier for social change to be voted upon rather than dictated by the high courts. (Though that…[Read more]

      • I agree that a slower approach is more politically effective, but it is also an essential principle that legal rights are not subject to a popular vote. If you are a citizen you get the full slate of rights, period. If slavery and bans on interracial marriage were subject to popular vote, they’d still be legal in some states.

        • I absolutely agree with you, this right should not be up for a vote. I was in Maine when the peoples’ veto went through, and that was gutting personally and socially. However, the court is also highly political, and any case dealing with same-sex marriage would inevitably be a 5-4 ruling hinging on the vote of Justice Kennedy. Under those…[Read more]

      • I don’t believe that a slow approach is better. I agree with Northern-Barnarian’s sentiment that if everything was left up to democracy, that there would be a lot more legalized racism but not with the hedging part that its more politically effective. Sometimes the best way to get people to accept change is to change things for them and then have…[Read more]

    • I am happy this may lead to marriage equality in my state, west virginia, I honestly thought we would be one of the last states to see it!

    • I read that the UCC is suing a state (that I can’t remember right now) for banning same-sex marriage, since it violates their religious freedom to allow all to marry. I’m really interested to see how that goes, since these states so often say the ban is a protection for religious freedom…What are you going to do now, government? HA! We are well…[Read more]

    • My guess is that behind the scenes politics of the court were exceedingly interesting on this one. The four most liberal justices (Thomas, Alito, Scalia, and Roberts) likely would have voted to take the cases if they thought they had the votes to rule against marriage equality, but they don’t, so they would’ve been no votes. What would be…[Read more]

      • “The four most liberal justices (Thomas, Alito, Scalia, and Roberts) likely”

        No, no, no. Those are the four most conservative.

        • Based on the context, that looks like just a typo, since she goes onto to say that they would prefer an outcome where the rights of same-sex couples were not upheld.

        • Ah, yeah. sorry. typo. those are definitely the conservative crazies.

      • Another reason the justices may not have granted cert is the broad agreement amongst the circuit rulings in the five cases. Often, ‘controversial’ social issues will not be taken up by the court until there is a conflict between two different circuit court rulings. There is (unfortunately for us), an incentive for the courts to avoid making…[Read more]

        • Yeah, I definitely agree that a desire for legitimacy is playing a major role in their decisions nowadays. Even just this past term, there was a huge number of cases issued unanimously or nearly unanimously, even on some major issues like the abortion buffer zone case. I think Roberts is pushing like crazy behind the scenes to increase public…[Read more]

    • While I’m frustrated and disappointed that marriage is not being addressed at the national level, I’m relieved beyond measure that the issue is finally settled in my home state of Wisconsin.

      This will make a big difference for me and a lot of people in my life!

    • One of the reasons why they did this because all the lower circuit courts have all ruled on the equality side, unless one of the other courts disagrees thats when they will hear the case.

    • Don’t get too happy too fast. I live in South Carolina, and two hours after this was announced, our AG said he plans to continue to defend the ban in the state constitution.

      • Yeah, but that will be very quickly appealed to the Circuit Court that already ruled in favour of marriage equality. The Circuit Court will have to overrule the ban. The AG may ignore that, but that could lead to SCOTUS taking up the case next term if the state government refuses to fall in line with the Circuit Court’s orders.

    • There is still one circuit court that hasn’t ruled: the 6th circuit. A few weeks ago RBG said that SCOTUS wouldn’t pick up a marriage case unless there was a disagreement. The 9th, 10th,4th, and 7th circuits all ruled in favor of marriage equality, each of them citing US v Windsor. The uniformity of legal interpretation does not necessitate SCOTUS…[Read more]

    • I’m happy that marriage equality is being determined on a state-by-state basis. Nearly everyone in my family is a Republican, and they are quick to complain about federal laws that they think should be left to the state or local governments. If Obama signed a federal statute legalizing gay marriage, they would complain about “Washington socialist…[Read more]

      • Yea, Jim Crow laws were never going to get thrown out without a sweeping federal lawsuit. Public opinion is on our side the last couple of months have proven that we can get marriage state by state or circuit by circuit.

        I’d like the supreme court to give sweeping decision against conversion therapy.

    • Man, conservative Sooner fans must think it’s the end times. First OU loses to TCU, now the gays are going to be getting married in Oklahoma. I almost wish I was back home to experience this.

  • ThumbnailThis is the second recap of the gay parts of the eleventh season of Grey’s Anatomy, aka Shonda Rhimes Night: Act One.


    We should do one of two things. Either, we play a drinking game where for every […]

    • C.P. replied 3 weeks ago

      Two things:

      1. Dr. “See You At The Crosswords” Pierce- BONE THUGS 4 LYFE, YO! I laughed so hard, so so so so hard.

      2. The Mortal Kombat reference was everything.

      Ok, three things. The third being that you are hilarious and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next week. Episode 5- aka the end of the month- is supposed to be Calzona…[Read more]

    • Aimee replied 3 weeks ago

      Ok so am I the only one that noticed some flirty chemistry between Dr.Pierce and Dr.(little sister) Sheppard?

      Probably not because they’ve already reached their mainstream TV lesbian quote, but hey, a femme can dream!

      • Emily replied 3 weeks ago


      • Ahh yes! When Amelia said something along the lines of “I haven’t had sex in firever”, and maggie agreed my first thought was “..oh..I wonder what you guys could do to fix that for each other.”

        Plus, Amelia is already my favorite character after Callie.

        For me, Maggie is queer until proven otherwise.

      • yo i am gonna keep my eyes on this development and report back next week w what i find. thanks for this. y’all are the real sleuths of finding the hidden lez in this show.

    • Emily replied 3 weeks ago

      Kelly McCreary (Pierce) played a series-regular gay surgical intern on Emily Owens, MD, the short-lived Mamie Gummer series on the CW in 2012,…but maybe that’s too far of a stretch to count as a “gay part” of season eleventy one of Grey’s? Either way, I like her.

      • I tried watching that show but it just didn’t do it for me

      • See, in my mind she’s playing the same character. It didn’t even cross my mind that she wasn’t gay. Now I just need her to hook up with baby Shepherd. Because hello, Caterina Scorsone and Kelly McCreary are beautiful together!

    • - I am totally down for the official Grey’s Anatomy Gay Parts drinking game
      – mortal kombat reference made me short
      – fellowship yes, baby no
      – I have been calling Maggie “Lexi Reloaded” but thanks to these recaps I learned her name!
      – I wish I could could take the time to try to sleep as much as a koala sleeps
      – your recaps are genius! Thanks Gabby

    • OMG am I the only one who finds the new doctor extremely attractive :)? So excited for this new season

    • I thought Callie’s side ponytail was very cute and made her face look especially gorgeous.

      I’m all for the Grey’s Anatomy Drinking Game. I will not be joining in the drinking, but I will do the part where we pretend everyone’s gay and come up with gay storylines for them.

      Since the whole episode was from Maggie’s point of view, we only got…[Read more]

    • Team Plant + 10

      Team New Baby -10

      Oh and I think I have an idea on what a calzona would be if it were a food. A calzone is a stuffed oven bread filled with salami or what, Italian cheese and other pizza-like stuff depending on region. Traditionally it’s crescent shape turn over like an empanadas and the crust is kinda close to pizza crust in…[Read more]

      • um can we make this together and create a very special grey’s anatomy Get Baked post?
        holy shit that sounds delicious. let’s get comment married btw bc food.

        • Hm I’ve done the filling a Natchitoches-type meat pie before which isn’t too far of a stretch from picadillo in general, and I’ve got the experience to be careful with something like the tomato sauce.
          Just the hard part would be the dough. I am a yeast baker, but every time I try pizza dough I end up with thin crust which in this case would…[Read more]

    • “Las únicas cosas que necesito en esta vida de pecados son yo y mi novia.”


      Also, rewatching the episodes with Arizona as a constantly high femme princess just tryna get by and stay cute makes every episode so much better.

    • Maggie just came at the wrong time for me. I can’t get over how much I miss Lexie and Cristina (SOBBBBBB), and Shonda’s had all these people come and go that I have attachment issues with all the new characters (so, I don’t really feel anything for the whole Wilson-era crew, either)
      Also, this whole surrogacy thing is weird because Ellen Pompeo…[Read more]

      • i’m also kinda bummed that they wouldn’t maybe try to add fostering children to callie & arizona’s storyline. like showcase another way to create family, you know?

        • Yeah, exactly!! Like, we get it, Callie and Arizona are SUPER rich and surrogacy is a thing a lot of rich people turn to when neither of them want/can have kids the old fashioned way. But Grey’s did the whole adopt a sad African orphan storyline, so I think it’s time for some fostering.

        • I never thought about this but yeah, fostering would be perfect for them.
          And now I Miss Stef and Lena…

      • Yeah, Grey’s Anatomy is one of the most difficult shows to watch in regards to having character attachment issues. Because at least every other season either an actor chooses to leave the show or a character is killed off for story purposes. Surprisingly, I’ve adjusted pretty well to the massive amount of losses, probably because I think the newer…[Read more]

        • See, I don’t miss George or Izzy at all. Both of them annoyed me so much ( Izzy the most). I do miss Teddy, although I wish she had taken Owen and his terrible American accent and dumfuckery with Cristina with her.
          I should mention that I do like Leah and I thought her storyline has been PERFECT. But beyond that, her peers annoy me.
          Also I kind…[Read more]

    • Am I the only one that REALLY thought they were eluding to the fact that Dr. Mags had lesbian Moms?!?

  • ThumbnailBefore we really get started on this recap, a few things! Previous commenters on the previous recap were super correct in pointing out that I assumed Judith Light’s character was the grandmother of the family […]

    • This may be a silly thing to comment on, because this is an awesome recap and there are many actual issues of importance to discuss, but *sobs* Bagel Rising in Allston just recently closed. It’s now a trendy coffee shop? So I guess there just is no more good tofu cream cheese anywhere. Sigh.

      • WAIT really????

        this is actually devastating to me, I used to live a block from Bagel Rising and it fueled my life.

        RIP, best bagels in the GBA

      • this will END ME. god this is the worst news since I wasn’t able to make it back to Diesel the last time I was in town. Is the Dosa Factory in Central Square still there at least?

        • Kate replied 1 week ago

          It is! thankfully! Re: Bagel Rising, it’s the same owners but they completely changed and destroyed the menu. Tragically. I haven’t had the heart to go there since. At least Kupel’s is safe.

    • This recap is great, you are great, and I am really fond of how “I would donate to a kickstarter for that” has become the default way of indicating we like an idea for basically anyone aged 15-35.

    • Broadly speaking, the concept of this show feels kinda similar to six feet under. The fairly self-absorbed adult children and the parent who wants intimacy/a better relationship with said children and struggles with loneliness. And all the characters are generally flawed and not always likable, therefore more like real people, which I enjoy. Also…[Read more]

    • When Maura declared that “$2,000″ a month rent was “cheap” I was like HA!

      I just finished watching the entire first season last night. Anyone else get really sad and want to cry at the intro music?

      “I really wish we spent more time in this scene and got to see Maura and Davina have a more complex conversation — even when we’re following…[Read more]

    • I know Mari and I talked about this in our article about Transparent, but jeez, that line “No, honey. All my life, all my life I’ve been dressing up like a man. This is me.” is seriously so, so, so good. I’ve cried every time I’ve seen it, every time in the previews, and again when I watched it.

      Also, I related so much to buying women’s clothes…[Read more]

      • Thank you Mey! I agree re: that line, I think that Maura’s scenes are really good, her lines are often great and Tambor is obvs a talented actor. I wish she had more screen time!

    • Can we talk about how Barb is played by the amazing Tig Notaro, and had exactly zero dialogue the entire season long, on top of having to bro it up with the insufferable Len in her only screen time.

      • YES. I think we hear Barb talking to Len a bit but we never even see Barb close enough to identify her as Tig which sucks because to me, that’s never giving the audience a chance to identify Barb as this human person with feelings and a life who is being fucked over by this whole thing. Like it feels manipulative to never allow the audience the…[Read more]

      • That is BONKERS seriously. What a waste of someone super talented. I mean a mannequin could have essentially played Barb in this scene.

      • Kelly replied 3 weeks ago

        I LOVE TIG and had no idea she was in this episode until the end credits ran and I saw her name, and had to go back to figure out who she was in the episode #MORETIG4ev

    • Great recap, Rachel. I also have no clue why Girlfriend is with Josh. I sort of like Girlfriend and don’t get why she would bother/glad she has decided to stop bothering.

      I have never been fond of Ken Marino so I’m secretly hurt that you confuse him with Rob Huebel. I’m not even a huge Rob Huebel fan but I think he’s really good in this role…[Read more]

      • ugh I’m sorry it’s such a stupid problem to have, but i am seriously incapable of telling white men in comedy apart. I also think every white man in comedy looks like Bob Odenkirk. It’s honestly amazing I didn’t think Rob Huebel was Bob Odenkirk, actually. I can sort of recognize Scott Aukerman but I usually need context to get it right.

        • I confuse so many white male comedians! Like, when SNL added all those white guys last year, the only one I could recognize was Kyle Mooney! And then with White Male Daily Show correspondents I’m even worse.

        • I can’t tell any of the white bearded men apart in game of thrones…. Which is to say EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER? Basically I don’t know what the hell is going on in that show, ever.

          • cb replied 3 weeks ago

            word. that took me forever to figure out and every now and then I’m still like WAIT which guy is that??

    • this recap was sooooooo funny ilu rachel you are so good at captions.

      josh is the worst and i never could figure out how to tell those two girls apart.

      this recap reminded me of a time before i’d seen all the episodes and still liked tammy. no but really i felt like she was a good person to be there when maura came out, i wouldn’t have…[Read more]

    • I’m so glad you are doing these recaps! So much teevee is so much better through the Autostraddle lens. Thank you! You are so so funny! The captions are priceless!

    • Not enough Maura, too much Josh for sure. I haven’t watched the whole season but I am kind of afraid that they are going to imply that the children’s horrible behaviour can all be traced back to Maura’s flawed parenting.

      I can see how people would draw a parallel between Transparent and Girls due to the white Jewish upper class narcissist…[Read more]

    • Rain replied 3 weeks ago

      I haven’t watched this yet (nor any of the other shows I’ve been wanting to watch. Gone are my summer days of OITNB marathons – now I’m lucky if I have less than a page of stuff DVR’d) but I’m really enjoying these recaps!
      Maybe I’m being judgemental because I haven’t in fact watched the show, but Josh seems like kind of The Worst of this show.…[Read more]

    • Why oh why oh why is Autostraddle giving this show any attention. It’s so horribly offensive.

    • This recap hit on 100% of my feelings.

    • I just finished the whole season and I cannot wait for you to recap every moment of it.

    • I’ve watched two episodes of Transparent, and so far I’ve cried during both of them.
      The first time was when Maura is trying to talk to her kids about herself, and suddenly she covers her face with her hands. That gave me such a sense of helplessness.

      And the second one was because of that phrase: “All my life, all my life I’ve been dressing…[Read more]

  • Wrongful birth and breach of warranty — that’s what Jennifer Cramblett, a white lesbian mom from Ohio, is suing the Mid-West Sperm bank for. I’m not a lawyer but something about those two terms felt weird. Here’s […]

    • I would like some compensation for being born to a white mum who has zero ideas about how to raise a Black daughter. Just sayin.

    • I am so glad Autostraddle picked this story up. I was having a lot of conflicting feelings about it because on one hand, I know that its psychologically damaging for young children of color to grow up in all-white communities and I almost want to applaud the parents for “acknowledging their lack of cultural competency” (because isn’t that what we…[Read more]

      • Leila replied 3 weeks ago

        after consulting my law school graduate sister, who seems less sympathetic than I am, she says the actual terms theyre suing for are probably picked on the basis of what would hold up in court the best based on precedent- not what is necessarily “correct”

    • I can’t even express how revolting this is, the idea that this child, a child, that their very existance is a crime against hese women, all on the basis of her color. It… it is repugnant in a way that I can never express. It is an inexcusable idea. And a grim reminder that membership to one marginalized class or minority group does not by any…[Read more]

      • The choice to sue for wrongful birth is a legal strategy, most likely selected by the women’s attorney to give her the best chance of success in court.

        Is the whole concept of “wrongful birth” problematic? Yes, of course. Especially when applied to the birth of a child of color, which is not at all the situation this cause of action was…[Read more]

        • I was thinking this, too.

        • Excellent comment. It’s amazing how often we get high level exchange of ideas around here with people making thoughtful and eloquent points.
          Autostraddle has the best comment session of the internet, heads and shoulders above the rest.

          • Yes! This site is one of the few places that starts what conversations need to get started, and sustains healthy discourse all throughout.

    • Isn’t there something abhorrent and criminal about the fact that a predominantly white community is facing no consequence for its racism and bigotry? We’re all just like “well, you know, that’s how it is when you have a mixed-baby. White people are gonna be mean.” If that’s true and these “stereotypical attitudes” are reason enough for Cramblett…

      [Read more]

    • So I absolutely understand the racism in all of this, but the parents do have the right to be angry; they were not provided with what they had asked for. Granted, the race of your baby shouldn’t matter when it comes to caring for and loving them, but the “breach of warranty” part of the lawsuit makes perfectly good sense.

      • If you read the entire article your comment is addressed in the following paragraph:

        “But by suing the sperm-bank for wrongful birth and breach of warranty, these women are saying “my child was a mistake.” If they really believe that they’ve been wronged and need the money to move, why not sue for malpractice? Cramblett ordered one man’s sperm…[Read more]

        • Yeah, I didn’t read the whole thing. My comment was definitely addressed there, you’re right.

          It’s obvious that racism is at play here, though, and I think the parents should have looked at more of the long-term implications of their decision to sue.

    • What kills me is that this is so public, SO BIG right now that this child will read about this. This baby will be 14 years old, google her name, and find out that her mothers sued the sperm bank for WRONGFUL BIRTH????? Like, she’s gonna find out that her mothers thought (and let’s be real, probably still will because this is straight up racist…[Read more]

      • That was my thought too.

      • I totally agree. That was my first thought (maybe because I’m adopted myself). How is that poor child going to feel when she’s old enough to read about this?

      • My thoughts exactly! Every kid wants to believe that they were a wanted child.

      • She won’t have to Google her name; by the time she can read, the rest of her classmates can read too and their parents may know a thing or two about this girl — who knows? HRRRUUGH, this beautiful girl stuck with the WORST parents.

    • I’m really annoyed at the way this story is being spun in various media.

      If this were a straight, hetero couple who received the sperm (or egg) of another couple who were using this clinic – people would be outraged and freaked out. Media would be calling for reviews and regulations. There would be acknowledgement of the difficulties that lie…[Read more]

      • I agree with this so much. What if it was a straight white couple who was discreetly dealing with infertility? A mixed race child would require explanation and conversation about parts of their life that should, in all fairness, be a private discussion between a couple. If a white male fathered a mixed-race child because of an error at the sperm…[Read more]

        • Just saying, the fact that a straight white man has visibly not ‘fathered’ (in the most base sense) his child is seen as a source of embarassment, shame, or loss of masculinity is the byproduct of a shitton of sexism.

          Why should it be a big deal if your children don’t look plausible as biological descendants? That notion should be gone, not…[Read more]

          • I’m not excusing that or saying it’s okay and I am fully aware of how problematic that is. I’m just saying that if we were looking at a straight couple instead of a lesbian couple, people would be more sympathetic to the parents and would be outraged on their behalf, instead of just calling the parents horrible racists.

      • I don’t see anyone here saying that this was “meant to be.” The article actually said:

        There’s no way around the MAJOR fuck up that occurred at the Mid-West Sperm Bank and I’m all for suing the fuck out of this place for misreading someone’s sloppy handwriting – the real reason for this whole mix-up.

        There was a serious mistake at the lab and…[Read more]

    • There are some other interviews out there that get past the race baiting headlines including showing her with her daughter whom she obviously adores. The women were clearly pretty oblivious to the racism in their community, but they’re getting a big lesson in it now and are just trying to get funds to get somewhere their kid can have a better life.

    • This is such a disappointing article. I was waiting for Autostraddle to cover this because I was waiting for a piece that would be thoughtful about the parts of this story that are innately queer. Getting sperm from a sperm bank is not a gift that you should be grateful for no matter what. You pay a huge amount of money, you sign many contracts…[Read more]

      • I agree, I was surprised that the discussion was so one-note and painted the mothers as horrible people. Donor sperm is chosen very carefully and family history, medical history and other things (yes, including resemblance to the parents) are all taken into consideration. To be given the wrong sperm after all that, I would feel betrayed and…[Read more]

      • It’s totally addressed though – suing for malpractice would be an entirely different matter, as stated in the article. That is NOT THE PATH THEY TOOK.

        • You are very hung up on the idea of malpractice. Have you ever ordered sperm? It’s not like establishing care somewhere. You don’t meet a doctor. They know absolutely zero about your medical history or you. YOU decide the donor based on the criteria you want. YOU sign consent forms and forms acknowledging that your child may be special needs or…[Read more]

        • They sued for what their attorney told them the best options were.

      • Thanks, Becky. That was well said.

      • “Additionally, citing to Wikipedia for an understanding of the legal claims being brought here is irresponsible. I am a lawyer, and I would never try to explain or present an understanding of legal claims outside of my particular field of expertise based on what I read on Wikipedia, or what I found when I googled the terms. Perhaps if you were…[Read more]

        • I appreciate you responding to my comment.

          I completely understand that you are not a lawyer and you do not have the background relevant to every issue you might want to write about. That said, this is a piece that is entirely about a legal complaint filed in civil court. That, along with an interview given by one of the mothers about the…[Read more]

          • The thing is, though, like malpractice, wrongful birth also requires a relationship between a patient and a doctor. That element of the cause of action confused me because I imagined a sperm bank relationship being like you described: doctor-free. That’s not a false dichotomy: that’s taking the allegations and seeing what else can be done. Why not…[Read more]

      • The article does not say the mother is a “a bad person for choosing sperm that would resemble her partner”.

        The author is commenting specifically on this statement: ““Why would I want [an African-American donor]. My partner and I are Caucasian?” to which she comments, “which indicates some level of belief that there’s no way a white mother…[Read more]

        • Because it doesn’t tell the whole story, and when you choose to cover news and politics and don’t frame stories as opinion columns, you have the responsibility to share those angles. Not everyone does this, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. Maybe that’s just me being wistful for a little editorial integrity, but I feel that as a group who is…[Read more]

          • This, kind of. The article alleges the following things:

            1. “The parents hold unexamined racist views.” Very likely true, assuming the statements they’ve made to the press are accurate.

            2. “Their community is racist, and it sucks that no one can hold them accountable for that.” Also very true.

            3. “The sperm bank screwed up.” I don’t think…[Read more]

          • To be fair, I think this angle, this lens of race is a necessary one for a writer at Autostraddle should be taking. It is possible for another kind of a article to comment on the queer reproductive justice issue here but to do so without even touching upon the implications of deeply embedded racist attitudes held not only by the mothers but also…[Read more]

      • I am also a lawyer, and this article actually reflected very accurately the discussion of wrongful birth that occurred in my torts class. We spent a lot of time on the harmful aspects of such a claim, and I think this article is an intelligent parsing of the issues involved in essentially declaring that your child is a mistake. And not a mistake…[Read more]

      • I second this, thank you so much for stating so eloquently the thoughts roiling around in my brain. I was expecting AS to present a nuanced look into the issues of the case, sperm donation for lesbians, and issues of trans-racial parenting. I really don’t like this depiction of the mothers as racist.

        My fiancée and I have been thinking about…[Read more]

      • This is a good point. Also its relevant to add that ‘wrongful birth’ is a heading of tort – this couple didn’t invent it, its just a bad name. There was a case in the UK where a lady had her tubes tied and then the doctor did it wrong and she had another baby – she wanted to sue for the costs of raising the child (the court disallowed it because…[Read more]

      • Thank you for such a thoughtful comment. Now I don’t have to rack my brain for how much was off-base with this article.

    • I’d forgot to add…

      Laws around the world are not written to cover anything like this. The legal system is playing catch-up when it comes to fertility treatment and other “modern world” issues.

      Whatever they sue for is inevitably going to sound extremely offensive, given that there is an innocent involved and the legal system is mostly archaic.

    • So my first thought on reading about the ‘mix up’ at the sperm bank was that they had some valid reasons to be angry – people spend weeks going through profiles and medical histories, and finding out that you have no idea whose DNA you’re carrying must be really distressing in that moment.

      Everything below that made me realise that my first…[Read more]

      • Exactly, and it’s super shocking that so many comments in this thread are STILL standing by that first response.

        • Kathryn, it’s just a discussion. People are going to have varying opinions. Ideally, we would all be able to have enough compassion and awareness to empathize with both sides of the argument–there’s no way for us to understand exactly why the lawsuit looks the way it does.

          • I can empathize with the couple around the fact that the sperm bank fucked up, but I try not to empathize with racism.

    • I am surprised at the position this website is taking about this story. I fully support the couple taking legal action and it has nothing to do with the skin color of the wrong donor — it has to do with the fact that they were sent sperm from THE WRONG DONOR. I would imagine they would sue even if the wrong donor was white. It is appalling. From…[Read more]

      • As discussed in the article, they are NOT suing for medical malpractice. They are SPECIFICALLY suing because of the racial element. THEY made that the focus of the suit.

        • Yes, I know. I don’t think they even could sue for medical malpractice. They would have to go after this from another angle, which is what they are doing.

      • “These women lost control over starting the family they wanted. Maybe some of you here have never have the experience of looking through a donor list, never had the experience of looking for traits that reflect who your partner is and what your dream for your future family is. People select a donor based on hair color, medical history, shape and…[Read more]

        • Thank you, I just hate how this child’s blackness has ANY PART of this lawsuit.

        • Thank you for responding to my comment in a thoughtful and engaging way. I do appreciate that.

          I don’t know why I am defending these people so much. I just… don’t think they are bad parents and I don’t think they resent their child. I think a mistake was made at the sperm bank and they are trying to get someone to take responsibility for that…[Read more]

        • I can’t help but wonder how much of this is legal strategy, as well. They are bringing this lawsuit in the same small community where they are raising their daughter. If the potential future jurors come out of this community, then they may predictably be racially biased. It could very well be a chess match of setting up the facts in a way that…[Read more]

    • I actually don’t think there is anything racist about his. You go to a sperm bank and you pick out a donor based on his health background and how that will be compatible with yours. You pick his race, because people often want to see their child reflect them. I don’t see why us gay people have to be any different. You get less stares, people…[Read more]

    • I agree that if that’s the way it happened- the mothers had a choice of what grounds to pursue their lawsuit on, and they picked these- everything that this article says is spot on. But there’s another set of circumstances, that’s probably more likely. They’re not lawyers, and they may not have the educational background to understand the…[Read more]

    • As an egg donor, I totally understand why the couple would sue the clinic, and I think (as some commenters have mentioned above) that it’s important to think about this from the perspective of a couple going through IVF and the clinic fucking it up. HOWEVER, this is ALSO about race and racism, and I’m disappointed that some people are trying to…[Read more]

    • The comments this woman has made to the press in support of this lawsuit have been unambiguously racist, and the underlying argument of the lawsuit itself is unambiguously racist. And I think it’s heartbreaking to realize that someday Payton will be old enough to read the horrid comments that her own mother has made about her in public.

      • I agree, that’s the first thing I thought of (what will Payton think someday finding out about this?). Of course they love her, but the way they word a lot of this makes her and the situation surrounding her sound like a burden in their lives (at least that’s what I felt reading their comments)

    • I’m no lawyer, but I think suing for malpractice would have caused the same stigma you are talking about with this lawsuit. She would have had to prove that she was injured by medical negligence. So which is worse, sending your daughter the message that she’s a wrongful birth or that she’s a medical injury?

    • thanks so much for this article. it challenged me and made me think about my own biases.

    • OMG! Commenters have this so right. The right of a woman to choose the genetic makeup of her offspring is one of the most basic human rights. And, yes, even racist asshats get those rights. Also, $50K??? Should be $1M+. This is some serious shit.

    • I think this family has a right to be angry about getting the wrong sperm. I fit were me, I would start questioning the practices of the agency and worry about whether the sperm is screened appropriately, etc. Because I am neurotic. What I feel is missing from all the coverage is this: is Uniontown really that cool with lesbian families? Uniontown…[Read more]

    • I was having so many strong feelings about this that I was having trouble articulating. Thank you for writing this. You said it all, and you said it PERFECTLY.

    • Let’s call a spade a spade here people. Straight couples who have children have the option of deciding who they want to have a baby with every single day. They make decisions about partners based on future children. Do they all? Maybe not. But many do. And that is OK, because here’s a phrase we don’t give enough importance to in Texas, IT IS THEIR…[Read more]

      • But good parents also sometimes do racist things. One condition doesn’t negate the other. If we’re committed to calling a spade a spade, why not name racism where it exists — even when it’s being carried out by people who may be good parents, or who we feel sympathy for?

        I also think it’s worth noting that racism doesn’t have to be “blatant”…[Read more]

    • “This is about a white lesbian who was totally fine with her racist relatives and the lack of Black people in her life until she birthed a half-Black baby girl. This is how you can be a white lesbian and not be an ally.” This is everything!!!

      • I seriously wonder if they would have gotten this far if they found out they have gotten the wrong donor if the baby was white.

        • Shaed replied 3 weeks ago

          I don’t think the sperm bank would have confessed to their error if it wasn’t going to be obvious as soon as the baby was born, so I don’t think they would have found out.

        • Ka3L replied 3 weeks ago

          I SAID THE EXACT SAME THING!!!! OMG I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought the same thing…

    • I completely empathize with this couple, it’s a hot ass mess! We live in a racist society with people who lose their shit with being called racist than actually being racist! This couple admits to their failings about race and if they could find the means to get compensation because this was not expected, I say sue sue sue sue! They are actually…[Read more]

      • They found out about the donor mixup before the child was born…

      • Damn, Drop Dead Diva is such a good show.

      • NGL, when Tina first panicked about the donor I thought it was because she had not signed on to have the baby of a guy THAT massive. I was really sad when I found out that most sperm banks don’t stock the sperm of short men. If that baby’s coming out of my junk, I want the petitest donor possible.

    • Thanks for the article; this is the first I’ve heard of this story.

      There is a lot of fuckuppedness here – the wrongful birth and breech of warranty is so unspeakably wrong.

      And I agree that it is totally effed up to not expect the racist family members and communities to change. On the one hand, it seems like a cop out to say, ‘Oh, gosh, we…[Read more]

    • So I have lots and lots of complicated feelings about this article/situation being a biracial person raised by a white person so here we go:

      In terms of the lawsuit, wikipedia is a terrible source of legal advice. State by state the requirements for a particular legal action may change, some states it may be harder or easier to bring a…[Read more]

      • Okay but THIS PERSON’S opinion is really important because it sounds like they have some in-depth knowledge of how the law works and ALSO they are a Biracial person raised by supposedly white parents

        (just going off of- “mine sure weren’t.”)

    • I’m a few-times egg donor and I have to say I occasionally see related stories in the news and just think, “Oh please don’t be my eggs please don’t be my eggs.” In their small town I wonder how many sperm donors are sitting there wondering if their donation was the “wrongful” one.

      Regardless, a sperm bank is basically a store, not a hospital,…[Read more]

      • Also, I can’t help thinking they could easily raise moving costs through crowdfunding instead of permanently stigmatizing their daughter. “Help us move our mixed family out of this racist town!” is a pretty damn good pitch. I’d chip in a few bucks!

        (Yes, I realize I’m oversimplifying. But sometimes it all seems that simple.)

        • so this is random, and not anything to do with the article. but I’ve considered donating eggs – is it worth it, do ya think?

          • 100%! You get used to giving yourself the shots, and I didn’t notice all the side effects I’d been warned about. Maybe just a little extra-PMS feeling for the 10 days or so before the surgery.

            Honestly the only part I hated was the recovery room after the surgery. For whatever reason you’re left feeling like you have to pee so bad your bladder…[Read more]

    • Kinda fucked up that you’re claiming racism here when there is none to be had. The mothers have stated over and over in interviews that they love their daughter very much. The issue here is that the clinic misrepresented their product (the sperm donation) and they want to be sure that the clinic is held accountable. That is all.

      • “I’m not racist! I have a black child!” hmmm what does that sound like?

        • Sounds like a moron. It’s harmful to claim the parents have “unwanted blackness” when that is not at all the case.

          • If they are claiming that they have been damaged by having to deal with their daughter’s blackness, which they have, then that is exactly the case.

        • Ka3L replied 3 weeks ago

          Spot on Justina!

    • For everyone who wants to talk about how critical and intricate sperm donor selection is and how parents invest so much time and money into screening donors, I ask you one question: Would Cramblett and her partner be suing for “wrongful birth” if the wrong donor had been another white person?

      Because from what I’m reading, the entire legal…[Read more]

      • “the entire legal basis of their “wrongful” claim is that the child is Black and that her Blackness makes their lives more difficult”

        False. They had not prepared themselves for dealing with having a child that is of a different ethnicity. In terms of adoption/artificial insemination this is a very important part of the planning process.

      • I agree! If it had been a brown eyed brunette donor, would they even think to sue? They very well could, but would they?

        “Because from what I’m reading, the entire legal basis of their “wrongful” claim is that the child is Black and that her Blackness makes their lives more difficult.”

        YES! I’m really annoyed with the fact that as parents,…[Read more]

    • This is not the most insightful, intricate comment to make on this article and this issue… but as someone from Ohio (a much more diverse part of Ohio), who knows these types of 98%-white, p.o.c.-hostile communities…

      I hope that at least part of what each of us takes away from reading about situations like these is the question, “How do I…[Read more]

    • This whole situation is just the worst. I read an article earlier about this after seeing a twitter link, (which according to my browser history was from the Chicago tribune), where one of the women claims her family haven’t “fully embraced her honosexuality”, which just to adds to the mess.

    • This is just really frustrating. Like, yeah, I think they have the right to sue, but not for what they’re suing for. The sperm bank seriously fucked up. Like, really, really fucked up. But it’s not a wrongful birth. A wrongful birth lawsuit says that if you had known your child would have a defect (and, um, blackness is not a defect), you’d have…[Read more]

    • The breach of contract portion of the complaint has a good chance of success for the simple fact that the clinic did not give the parents what they paid for – be it a white donor or black donor, it was not 380. At minimum they’re entitled to what the clinic has already offered – the money they paid for the sperm. But, the fact that the clinic uses…[Read more]

    • Wow. I can’t help but think about how she’ll feel when she’s older and finds out about how much her parents freaked out, and sees the language they used describing her and the whole situation

    • I think some of us may be missing the point: the couple is not upset that their baby is half black. From what I have read in the news, they love their baby very much. The couple is upset because they chose a specific donor, and purchased this sperm from a bank, that was inseminated by a doctor, and the bank or the doctor, fucked that process up.…[Read more]

      • Listen up, most of you commenters sound racist as hell, and you need to sit down, take a breath, and think for a minute about the real person at risk in this situation: THE CHILD. It’s great to empathize with adults, or something, but the main person these people now have responsiblity to is their child…and they are seriously fucking it…[Read more]

    • I have to say, as a law graduate (I can’t say attorney yet for a few more months) I see this very differently. I highly doubt this woman choose to sue for wrongful birth because she views her daughter’s life as wrong. She’s most likely using whatever strategy her lawyer beleives is most likely to result in a favorable outcome.

      Implanting the…[Read more]

      • I meant Ms. Cramblett’s Daughter is a healthy child, not that she herself is a child, obviously. Sorry!

      • I think that if this is the strategy their lawyer advised, then the lawyer is being irresponsible and probably also racist. Wrongful birth is an incredibly complicated and difficult tort action, and at least at my law school we spent a lot of time talking about how problematic its very existence is and what the consequences would be for any child…[Read more]

        • That may well bet rule. Given that the child is healthy, I don’t really get how wrongful birth applies. You’re right that even when in wrongful birht cases where the child was born with a genetic disease, suing on this ground is controversal.

          I don’t know anything about the particular laws of this jurisdiciton though. It’s possible that where…[Read more]

          • Wow, I really need to proof-read before hitting submit. I meant, “that may well be true”. I again apologize for the typos, clearly I’m a little tired today.

          • (As a soon to be lawyer too) I also think that claiming wrongful birth is the lawyers’ doing. The mothers told them the facts and they tried to fit them into certain boxes. But the claim shouldn’t have been included, in my opinion. Wrongful birth leaves a bad impression and seems potentially toxic to the whole case and other claims because it…[Read more]

        • Yes! I’m so glad to finally see someone talking about the lawyer’s racism here. For all we know, that’s the full source of the fucked-upness we’re seeing here.

      • I think you forgot the “As a white person, I see this very differently.” ‘Cause clearly.

        • Maybe you’re right. This situation involves complex issues, and it’s been interesting to read other people’s perspectives. It’s quite possible that I’m wrong – I fully admit that as a white person my opinions on this topic have less value because I don’t know what it’s like to grow up as a person of color.

          I guess I’m just used to the fact…[Read more]

    • They have every right to be angry about getting the wrong sperm and perhaps they are taking the path most legally recommended to ameliorate that wrong.

      But they don’t seem to be considering that HOW or WHETHER they go this legal route can have a huge negative impact on their child, now, or in the future when she can read about “wrongful…[Read more]

    • The sperm bank is obviously in the wrong and the family should be compensated, BUT the basis of the lawsuit is about her race. I don’t know how or why people aren’t seeing that.

      I wonder if they’d still sue if it were the wrong donor, but a caucasian brown eyed donor…

      • The lawsuit wouldn’t go anywhere if the donor had been caucasian. Really, the only way a lawsuit under similar circumstances would go forward is if the baby had been born with a serious mental or physical handicap. That’s what’s so sad about the fact that they would even file the thing on the basis of race.

        I keep thinking what if the parents…[Read more]

        • Someone else crowdfunding further up. That was certainly a option but but the vast majority of crowdfunding efforts don’t work. The media only covers the ones that viral.

          And frankly, why should charity have to fill the balance when the sperm bank caused the difficulty. What about accountability for everyone else needing insemination services?

          • It’s a fair point, however I think that for such a unique circumstance it would not be all that difficult to have such a campaign go viral… after all, the news story about the lawsuit went viral, didn’t it? People are interested in the story.

            And yes I agree that the sperm bank created the situation, but it’s also possible that once such a…[Read more]

    • I’m pretty appalled at the behavior of this couple. While the sperm bank clearly screwed up, blackness is NOT a defect. Your child is your child, you people are kidding yourselves if you think reproduction (or adoption) is anything other than a roll of the genetic dice. Should parents have the right to sue if their kid ends up being queer?…[Read more]

    • This is so wrong on so many levels. Ugh.

      I have often thought about fostering and adoption and the issues that could come up with raising a child from a different heritage to me. It worries me that I wouldn’t be able to teach my child enough of their identity, and I would unknowingly inflict microaggressions on them.

    • I’m really somewhat torn over this. I fall on the side of ‘ok, this is pretty racist and you should love your kid no matter what’. What confuses me is that one the one hand I do feel the sperm bank fucked up because the parents would probably have an easier time of explaining the child’s parentage if she wasn’t clearly racially different to them.…[Read more]

    • I understand this couple wants compensation and are facing financial burdens, like moving, but honestly, if it’s your kid, you take the high road.

      If you want to sue, even if it might grant you a better chance of winning, you refrain from framing it in a way that would ever even hint at dissatisfaction with your child.

      What’s worse? Never…[Read more]

      • I don’t know whether they are good people/good parents or not. I’m not saying that are definitely not racist or that they have pure motiviations. However, I’m also not assuming the opposite.

        To me, it depends on whether they really need the money to relocate or not. If they genuinely cannot afford to move without getting compensation, and they…[Read more]

      • Papa replied 3 weeks ago

        Seriously, if they had entered with a different claim they could have won, and won plenty of money in damages. Breach of fucking contract is it! And they could have left the kid out of it but included “needing to relocate to raise and love our daughter in a place where she can feel accepted and nurtured and not have to breathe the smelly air of…[Read more]

      • Thank you, Rhymeriver. This expresses how I feel, exactly. The child is healthy, and could find some happiness if the parents showed more integrity and dropped this whole lawsuit bullshit altogether.

        By “returning the goods to the store”, and sueing the company for “defective goods”, makes an absolute mockery of their child. I just hope…[Read more]

    • Like, I really don’t get why we are putting this all on the parents when it seems pretty clear to me that most of the racism could be coming from a) the lawyer and b) that state’s legal system.

      • For me the mother’s reply of “No why would I request that? My partner and I are Caucasian. You know that from our profiles?” She could have said “No it was another donor I picked”

        • That’s why I didn’t say “all the racism!” Also, people say dumb stuff when they’re shocked.

          • It’s possible the reason for lawyers they were disappointed Payton isn’t going to be full relation to her sibling, angry they were not given what they requested and fear they may not be able to raise a biracial child into a proud and confident woman in a racist world and lawyers spun it into this. But they hired them.

            How is Payton going to…[Read more]

          • Yes, they hired them, but in a small community your choices are limited. And so.

            I think this case is extremely complicated and we shouldn’t just go, yep, they’re racist, done. That’s too easy. Clearly there’s a lot of work to be done by everybody, ourselves included. (God knows I’m plenty racist sometimes.)

        • Guys, I’m black and I don’t find that comment racist. It’s makes sense that they never considered a child of a different race. Her family isn’t multiracial. Given her racist uncle and inexperience with diversity. I agree that knowingly bringing a black child into her family would bad idea.

          Her other actions with the lawsuit. I have problem…[Read more]

      • “God knows I’m plenty racist sometimes.”

    • I keep seeing the idea that this case will be a terrible shock for the child when she googles her name someday.

      I have four donor conceived kids. I easily know a dozen.

      They all know the stork didn’t bring them. They weren’t an immaculate conception. They know way more about where babies come from than their peers.

      I don’t worry this…[Read more]

    • Holly fuck. I am born and raised in this Area of Ohio!!!! I am from Canton, which is only 15 minutes away from Uniontown. This woman is lying out of her ass when she makes claims that it’s “not possible to raise this baby in a community with people who look like her.” There is a huge population of black people in Canton. She could move 15 minutes…[Read more]

      • There are some parts of Ohio that are terrifying!! The first time I was called a n***er was when I was out with my white xgirlfriend outside of Cincinnati. Blech. I feel so bad for Payton. I’m a second away from driving up there from Lexington and bringing her back here with me. I’LL DO YOUR HAIR PAYTON!!!

        • God yes!!!!! People would literally say shit to me growing up like “What’s the difference between a black person and a bucket of shit? A bucket.” “What do you call a black squirrel? A squigger.” “I can’t be racist because racism is a crime and crime is for ni**ers.” “I wish I still had my banana peel from lunch so I could throw it at that monkey.”…[Read more]

      • Shaed replied 3 weeks ago

        You aren’t really selling the idea that they wouldn’t have to move far. Sounds like they should move out of state altogether.

        • Although I have negative Ohio feelings*, they really wouldn’t have to move far. There are a few parts of Ohio that are openly intolerant, but poc know to stay away from them. There are so many parts of Ohio that are diverse and would be fine for this family.

          * Kentucky and Ohio have this thing (feud)… What separates Kentucky from the…[Read more]

        • I’m not saying that they would be free from racism. That’s not possible anywhere in this country. Especially not in this case since Canton and Uniontown are in the same county. I am saying that Canton, which probably has around a 30-40% black population is monumentally more diverse than Uniontown, a 97% caucasian area of significant white…[Read more]

    • This couple left me speechless after hearing about what they had to say. Pure racism on their part. Just love your daughter no matter is all i gotta say

    • Here’s a thought experiment. Let’s imagine that this couple sat down and went through the genetic choices, and they ordered a female baby. But the baby turned out male. Would we say that the clinic “messed up” because this couple had a “right to determine what their family looks like?” (Sex-selection will soon be available, btw.)

      For now,…[Read more]

      • Yea, no. Race is similar to gender but not the same. Gender has always been a genetic lottery. Race isn’t and considering the experience s of biracial kids it shouldn’t be. These women have know idea how to handle their child’s race. They were given a surprise that isn’t possible 99% of the time. How do you think that will effect her identity.…[Read more]

        • Alan replied 3 weeks ago

          Well, today gender is understood as a genetic lottery, but there is sex-selection sperm sorting that’s currently tightly regulated by the FDA. I’d imagine that soon people will choose the gender of their offspring as readily they choose the race.

        • Ka3L replied 3 weeks ago

          “These women have know idea how to handle their child’s race.” her child is still 50% white, and to say that you have the handle the black race like it’s some sort of problems makes me question your own thoughts on blackness. I don’t know you, but that’s how I read it.

          • Hi Ka3L, I don’t know you, but I just read that as you calling me an Oreo or attempting to be color blind.

            Either way, there is a body of research on transracial adoption that suggests that parents who are not properly prepared can unknowingly facilitate negative identity formation within their children.

            There are specific realities that…[Read more]

    • How can people who read Autostraddle think that loving your black child automatically qualifies your actions as “not racist”? All of you who’ve suggested that have some back-reading to do. I might start here: and here:…[Read more]

    • For the love of Beyoncé, you had ONE job, sperm bank. The real reason they should be held accountable is that they allowed a child of colour to be born to parents foolish enough to launch a racially based public lawsuit she will read about when she’s old enough. It’s not wrongful birth, it’s wrongful parentage. Much has been written about the…[Read more]

      • Yes this.

      • Yes I’m glad that someone called out the literature on transracial adoption. I have seen many racist-ass people adopting black kids (in my part of the US, there’s an evangelical trend of treating it as literally mission work, which makes me pretty furious). Payton is the correct plaintiff in this situation.

    • Papa replied 3 weeks ago

      It sounds like the couple’s lawyer is a real moron who failed to consider the best interest of the child now and in the long run. When I first heard about this case I thought the parents sounded racist and hateful, because maybe their daughter didn’t turn out the way they wanted her to, but so what? I am pretty sure a lot of parents would say…[Read more]

    • I’m honestly a bit pissed at this whole situation. If this one sperm bank is so f–ed up, who’s to say the others aren’t just as screwed? I think you all should be more worried about the fact that you might not even have control over picking the bio-dad of your children and a bit less about the fact that these women admit they have no idea about…[Read more]

    • Jenn replied 3 weeks ago

      Jesus take the wheel at some of these comments smh. No wonder black people don’t want to hang with white people.

    • Keely replied 3 weeks ago

      Here’s my question (and it’s a question, not a “devil’s advocate” thing, and a question mostly directed at any lawyers in the room): ostensibly this lawsuit is to raise money for them to move so that they can give their daughter a better upbringing–this on the basis of her being biracial. Is that why they’ve focused the lawsuit around her race?…[Read more]

      • Papa replied 3 weeks ago

        (I’m a second year law student, full disclosure, so I am not an attorney but I do study the law every day and night and in my sleep) In the cases I have studied regarding wrongful birth,(none of which were specific to Ohio) the parents are typically trying to recover money to cover the advanced level of care their child needs as a result of some…[Read more]

      • I agree with Papa’s comment below/above and would add that I was taught that wrongful birth is always an ugly term. The cases we read as examples were almost always where the child died or was very severely disabled at a young age from a condition a doctor should have diagnosed before birth, resulting in a lot of emotional trauma and financial…[Read more]

    • YES! “This is how you can be a white lesbian and not be an ally.” I wonder what did there uncle say about them being a same sex couple having a baby? I wonder? Did they want to smash in the head of this half black and half white kid like they did back in the 1800 and 1900’s? Where if the edges of the child’s ears was brown they(the white couple)…[Read more]

      • One woman admitted that her family was struggling to accept her sexuality. Horrible, but not a uncommon experience in America. I think murder is a rather big leap. This isn’t the 1800 or 1900. There racist relatives disowned the family. There is a big difference between not acknowledging a child and murder. The mothers are actively working to make…[Read more]

    • anna replied 3 weeks ago

      while i’m very disappointed in the commenters who are acting as if this is a simple case of breach of contract, and not overwhelmingly tangled up in issues of racism/anti-blackness (it’s not JUST the wrong sperm, it’s that the wrong sperm provided the couple with a baby whose blackness has ~complicated their lives~, ), i’m also very disappointed…[Read more]

    • You know, I’m as white as they get, and I live in Europe, and I think the percentage of black people in my town is like, maybe 1%? But if they can’t deal, I’ll take the kid and love her like nobody’s business.

    • holy. fucking. shit. good job, Gabrielle, as always. my biggest concern is the mental and emotional health of this baby. this child whose wellbeing is the responsibility of racist white people who think suffering = going to a black neighborhood. breach of contract is, IMO, the least alarming part of all of this. yes, the sperm bank fucked up. yes,…[Read more]

    • I also feel like besides the fact that the couple’s reaction to finding out they have a black donor was incredibly racist, that people having “the right” to choose what their child is like race wise, health wise, disability wise, etc, gets into a very eugenics way of thinking. People being able to pick and choose things about their children, could…[Read more]

      • India replied 3 weeks ago

        So people who are unable to have children shouldn’t have the right to have a family biologically related to them, children who could be seen as part of their family? That you shouldn’t be able to put the same careful planning in your child that you would put into your partner (if you could have had a child naturally?)

        I think everyone should…[Read more]

      • Human beings who reproduce through PIVing do this all the time, though – it’s not like those of us who have uteruses and have sex with sperm-havers choose them through random statistical sampling. The uterus-haver may have already screened for hair color, height, eye color, build, a delightful way of scrunching up the nose while smiling,…[Read more]

    • India replied 3 weeks ago

      I agree that this is legal strategy to right what is a terrific negligence on the sperm bank’s part. This child is lovely and they never say they are upset with her or her color. Hopefully the sperm bank changes its system and this doesn’t happen again.

      • India replied 3 weeks ago

        I also want to amend that if someone told me I had a different sperm donor then planned I would be filled with “Anger. Disappointment. Fear.” What was a know equation now has a MAJOR unknown variable.

    • A lot of interesting points in this conversation.
      1. I’m not getting what a lot of the first few comments are getting. I mean, where in the article was it implied that Cramblett shouldn’t sue for breach of contract? A lot of you are arguing as if that was a point that was presented and should be refuted. I don’t think anyone would disagree that…[Read more]

    • Savi replied 3 weeks ago

      I wonder if this would happen if the parents were black and their baby was white. I think its really sad that they’re essentially treating their daughter like she wasn’t meant to be the way she is. Maybe they need to open their eyes to see the beautiful life they’ve created is a gift and not a mistake. I hope that the racists in their family and…[Read more]

    • Out of all the articles I’ve read on Autostraddle, I think this one might well be the one where the response from the commentators that makes me the saddest.

      I’d like to address a few of the points that have been made:

      -That the parents love her -This is true. But love can easily co-exist with racism. And love does not excuse racism.…[Read more]

      • YES to that last paragraph. I don’t want to assume that everyone defending these mothers is white but I suspect that most are.

      • The lawsuit has to focus on the damages to the plaintiff (the adult suing the company), surely. If the daughter was an adult, I wonder if she could sue the sperm bank for damages to her for having to have been born to these white ladies?

    • Are these women racist? Maybe. Does calling a beautiful baby a “breach of contract” and “a wrongful birth” feel undeniably icky? Yes. But let’s not lose sight of the bigger issue here, which is that a fertility clinic was so careless and negligent that they impregnated a woman with the wrong donor sperm, and they need to be held accountable…[Read more]

    • I appreciate that gabrielle calls out how unbelievably upsetting the idea of getting inseminated with sperm you didn’t ask for and don’t want is, regardless of how it happens. I think that that idea of violation is behind a lot of the sympathy we feel for the mothers. I certainly feel sympathetic for them.

      At the same time, given how recently…[Read more]

    • again, “I’d say the child is presenting them with an important spiritual test, to see if they can raise their consciousness. Let’s see…” Often during slavery, mothers like these would just smother the child and kill it or the father would smash the kid up against the wall. How is she (the baby) going to get support living through biologic…[Read more]

      • You are absolutely out of line. Watch the interview with one of Payton’s mothers on Jezebel, they obviously love their child. This is not 1900, just because they’re a while couple in an all white town DOES NOT MEAN THEY WILL MURDER THEIR DAUGHTER. Your assumptions are sick.

        The mother was effectively raped by the sperm bank and then forced to…[Read more]

      • I do not understand why you persist in comparing these women to murders. Yes, there comments to the media were ignorant. But, ignorant comments do not murders make. Nor do you have enough information to declare them unfit mothers. What is wrong with you?

        I worry that this case with strum up opposition for gay parenting in black community…[Read more]

        • Really y’all if I knew that I wanted a baby. I went to the sperm bank and I found out that I was given a white man’s sperm. I would not be thinking about what my father or my uncle would say. What do they say now about them being a lesbian couple going to a sperm bank? COME ON!!!! Why would it matter what they would say about my black baby?…[Read more]

          • I’m aware of the private rehoming problem. We need to work harder to ensure potential adoptive families are screened for cultural competency in both tranracial and international adoptions.

            This case differs from those situations. For one thing those kids were adoptions. Peyton has bonded with her parents since birth.

            And the couple is…[Read more]

    • I’ve been very upset about this story and the whole notion of wrongful birth suits in general. To me, a person who files a wrongful birth suit should have their child removed from the home; they are as good as saying, in the public record, “I do not want you.” That is not a good beginning to raising a child.

      But this article is a prime example…[Read more]

      • I’m sorry about the way the conversation is going. I think most people agree that “wrongful birth” is a horrible artifact of the law, but more people should think about the fact that it is incredibly bad for persons with disabilities.

        As a side note, it also dissapoints me how Autostraddle just jumped on the race bandwagon and didn’t look into…[Read more]

    • Another thought I’d add to my previous comment, if the parents are upset about the racist environment they’re raising their black child in, then it seems like they think it would be acceptable to have had a white child in the same environment. Wouldn’t they more likely develop a racist perspective surrounded by racist people anyway? Well I would…[Read more]

      • I think watching your child be the victim of racism is far worse than the prospect of your kid becoming a racist. It doesn’t reflect well on then that they were willing to raise any kid in a racist environment. But, they straight up state that being around racist people was normal to them before having their child.

        It seems like Peyton’s birth…[Read more]

        • I can definitely see how it would be worse, but I really don’t think that the environment would have been a legitimate concern had the baby been white. So to me, I think there’s more to it than just the environment. But you’re right, its definitely a glaring issue to them now.

      • if someone can tell me where you can find an environment where your white kid of white parents won’t absorb any racism, I would be very happy. disclosure I am white and from the American South.

        people keep acting in this thread like you can just tell your racist-ass uncle to stop being racist and boom, solved.

        • You can avoid your racist uncle.

          You can tell your racist uncle that he is not allowed to see your family as long as he does not shut the fuck up forever about his racist views.

          You probably can’t convert die-hard racists, and many of them will never shut up, but you owe it to your kids and yourself to not have them around, however much you…[Read more]

    • “I couldn’t possibly have a black baby. I’ve never been black or know what that’s like…”

      I couldn’t possibly have a black friend. I’ve never been black or know what that’s like…

      I couldn’t possibly have a gay baby. I’ve never been gay or know what that’s like…

      I couldn’t possibly have a gay friend. I’ve never been gay or know what…[Read more]

    • You know what? It would have been 600% nicer if this couple had filed for damages against the sperm bank… on behalf of Payton.

      Like, the sperm bank caused Payton to be born to unprepared parents who will not be able to provide her themselves with the cultural knowledge she will need for growing up as a Black girl. This is a tort against…[Read more]

    • So… after we all got a chance to hop on the “aren’t they so fucking racist?!” train, did any of us remember to mention that this couple was having their SECOND child, and wanted BOTH their children to have a biological connection through a shared donor? Shouldn’t we focus on reprimanding this couple because they didn’t choose a black donor the…[Read more]

      • My god, did you really jump onto the ‘reverse racist’ tailwagon? This is one of the worst comments.

        I’m driving to pick you up on the bus, seriously.

        No wonder poc distrust us.

        Julia, to address your point: indeed, their children not being biologically related, like they intended, is part of the tort the sperm bank has done them.…[Read more]

  • Hello there doe-eyed friend, this post isn’t safe for work, unless you work from home on your sofa in some cutoffs eating yogurt that’s four days beyond its purported “best by” date, like some of us. Moving on, do […]

    • I’m here to commiserate with Stef about our sub-par game at sea level.

      • YES this is a thing all I want is my game from A camp to magically work in the real world

      • Super late to the party, but I’m here to commiserate with someone about my sub-par game at all levels.

    • I was planning to buy an unicorn costume this year but this will definitely not help me to have sex.

    • I will be waiting very intently for photos of Rachel as Willow Pape.

    • I guess being both nurses we were dressed up as nurses and never made it to our shift?? Hahaha. Costume sex has always interested me though. It seems like something I want to try but I have a feeling my wife will just burst out laughing if I still have thee cat head mask on.

    • From the title I thought this was going to be about role playing during sex. I sadly have no Halloween costume sex stories to offer.

      • I feel like costumes for role playing is really serious biz. I’m into the acting part, but actually dressing up in character–phew, that’s a lot of prep time.

      • That would be a great article though!

    • I have had sex whilst dressed as both Silk Spectres, Tank Girl (with my Jet) and can only highly reccommd it

    • @Mari – Not the only Sandman nerd! I created a pretty kickass Delirium costume one year. And the ex that came to the party… well, best time we’d had since way before we broke up.

    • Hilarious! Great laugh to end the day, so thanks

    • To pass out Halloween candy one year I dressed up as Katara and my boyfriend dressed up as Jesus, we didn’t end up getting any trick or treaters so we just ended up entertaining ourselves in other ways instead. :P

    • I have not yet had costume sex, but I keep dreaming about doing a second wave/riot grrrl bondage/hate sex scene. With appropriate attire.

    • I was dressed as Jack the Ripper and my ex was dressed as Him from The Powerpuff Girls (after a Halloween party where many alcohols were had) and it was the first time we professed our love for each other. Ever so romantic!

    • definitely the first thing that came to mind when i saw the title of this article was furries, but yeah, a good deal of furries don’t do sex stuff in their suits. or sometimes people get suits specifically made for it, but yeah

    • The college I went to was really big about themed costume parties, as in almost every weekend there was something requiring forethought and trips to goodwill… So I can’t even make a list of every costume my girlfriend and I had sex in. There’s just too much. Some of my favorites were “cop and investigator” and ” Aladdin and captain jack”

    • My girlfriend and I are going to Rocky Horror w/ live cast and she hinted that she will be dressing up in a way that will include fishnets, sooooooo

  • HuffPost Live hosted a talk with some of my favorite people, y’all. There’s my bias. I’m putting it right there in the front row. Transparency forever, right? But seriously, HuffPost invited Aja Aguirre […]

    • Well,….., I think butch is all about attitude…toward the world and all the people in it. I think women with gorgeous faces and bodies can be sweet and lovey……and still be totally butch.

      As for femme, they seem to buy into the attitude of hetero girls except they only find emotional connection with women. I mean they wear makeup, try to…[Read more]

      • Bless your heart.

      • hi, my phone isn’t loading the video so i haven’t watched it yet, but i just wanted to respond to the part of your comment about femmes. as a non-binary femme, my identity is vastly different from hetero girls even though we may present in a similar fashion. i am also bisexual and am not solely interested in emotional connection with people who…[Read more]

        • Do chime in after you’ve had the chance to watch it – I definitely mentioned that femmes do A LOT of work around reclaiming and redefining femininity much in the same way that butches and MOCs do around reclaiming and redefining masculinity, and I’m including our trans friends here as well.

          Assuming we don’t do that work, or worse, asserting…[Read more]

      • Nooooope. Please stop and take a seat on the whole “femme girls buy into the hetero mentality” thing. I am here to disabuse you of this notion RIGHT NOW. In fact, a lot of femmes contribute to queer politics, philosophy, and activism. Basically the entire existence of queer folks no matter their gender presentation sort of fucks the whole hetero…[Read more]

    • tbh, i don’t know anyone who identifies as femme that “buys into the attitudes of hetero girls” like not one single femme.

      maybe they buy skirts but not heteronormative attitudes.


      • Heck, there a lots of straight women out there who don’t buy into heteronormative attitudes. Obviously, some people do, but it’s hard to talk about the ‘attitudes of hetero women’ when they are not one big collective who all think the same way.

        It’s a pretty essentialist view of heterosexual femininity, and it is worth taking a second look…[Read more]

      • You don’t know anyone who puts on makeup?
        So where do you think females need to put on makeup came from? Duh! Hetero girls needing to compete for a male to survive in the patriarchy. Do you love washing your “mask” off at night… because you were “programmed” to do it so that society would allow you to be “pretty or desirable”?
        But “you do…[Read more]

        • So masculinity is the natural state and femininity is intrinsically artificial?

          Femmephobia shares an awful lot of its roots with misogyny. It is incredibly patronising to suggest that women are unable to choose to present in a way that best fits them, to suggest that they are deluded and tricked and have no autonomy.

        • i know you’re not trying to say that femmes wear makeup cuz theyre being brainwashed by the patriarchy like that cant be whats happening right now, right?

        • sarah…


          i hate the patriarchy
          but i love makeup!
          makeup is fun!
          makeup has existed for centuries for all kinds of reasons!

          stop raining on our parade.
          it’s messing up my makeup.

        • And where do you think your attitudes towards femininity come from? Guess what, patriarchy ALSO programs us to see femininity as vapid, shallow, devoid of agency, and entirely for men’s benefit.

          It’s almost like the term ‘internalized misogyny’ was literally coined to describe that lifelong struggle that we all deal with. It’s almost like we…[Read more]

        • The idea that traditional femininity is unnatural/bad while traditional masculinity is natural/good is misogynist and itself contributes to the oppression of women and feminine-of-center people of all genders. People wear makeup for all kinds of reasons, ranging from insecurity to a desire to engage in self-expression. You cannot look at someone…[Read more]

          • “The idea that traditional femininity is unnatural/bad while traditional masculinity is natural/good is misogynist and itself contributes to the oppression of women and feminine-of-center people of all genders.”


        • Girl, what are you even on about?!

        • Excuse me? Then married woman don’t wear makeup because they don’t need to attract a mate? Makeup was more heavily wore by men (just like high heels but i disgress) when it frist became popular and it was used as a status symbol and to attract favour from gods and as protection from the sun and demons.

      • I didn’t mean to criticize femmes…. really….. just that they feel like they have to present like a straight girl… visually….makeup shit….you know! Which comes from our “programming” in the straight world about being a “pretty” woman……. where else could it come from????
        But when I look at you….. it is who you ARE inside that I love…[Read more]

        • I am a tacky assed femme who does not in any way present like a ‘pretty’ straight girl. I think you need to check your not-so-internalised misogyny if you think that’s what femmes are, or if you think being feminine presenting in general is automatically a negative thing.
          Femmes have agency. They control every aspect of their gender presentation…[Read more]

          • No thanks. It is the nature of programming that you believe you are making a willful choice. But … if you are happy, then…. you are happy, right?
            I stand by my statement that all of us… you… me… are programmed to be what society wants us to be… based on the social construct of being female and male in our society!

          • sarah, do you realize how fucked up it is to say “It is the nature of programming that you believe you are making a willful choice”?

            you’re denying “women who wear makeup” agency… in an effort to make a point about how you think society has denied “women who wear makeup” agency.

            i don’t know if that’s meta, hypocritical, “epically fucked…[Read more]

          • I was going to add to this but all I really have to say is:


        • excuse me, I do not at all feel the need to present as a straight girl. (which supposedly means dress up to please the male gaze – I also highly doubt that the majority of feminine straight women do) I dress the way I do, because I love a certain aesthetic, because it feels right. I’m telling you, if it weren’t for this world, that constantly…[Read more]

        • You are missing the point.

          “Queer femmes” do not feel we have to “present like a straight girl.”

          None of these groups are homogenous. Femininity does not belong exclusively to heterosexual women of a certain kind. There is nothing inherently wrong with such femininity, either. (See: other comments related to misogyny.)

          Femininity does…[Read more]

          • “Femininity does not exclusively exist for the enjoyment of an audience.”

            that is something everyone needs to soak in on their hands and feet for a minute, real talk.

          • Preach

          • “Also femininity does not equal “being sweet and loving.” I am femme and a huge bitch, you’re welcome.”

            brb getting this tattooed on my face

        • Hi Sarah,

          You are correct that clothing and makeup are social constructs.

          However, I disagree with you on a number of points.

          First, makeup (as well has heels and wigs and skirts) on men has been seen throughout history. Male Egyptian pharaohs, for one example, wore thick black eyeliner. Quoting from another article, “The history of…[Read more]

        • Now you’re just being hateful. Plain old awful hateful. I don’t owe civil discourse to someone who refuses to speak respectfully, especially when that disrespect comes in the form of classic derailment techniques.

      • I know a few. They’ll say things like ‘I don’t want to be one of those angry lesbians’ and nonsense like that..

    • to anyone who has come into these comments to spread femmephobia or misogyny:

    • It’s pretty hard to have serious thoughts about this when I’m distracted by how cute everyone is. However, I can say that I thought that everyone did an awesome job of reframing this discussion around the real issues, as opposed to the more sensational aspects of the butchvsfemme narrative. Mostly this discussion reminded me of how exhausting it…[Read more]

    • Maddy, I meant no disrespect to femmes, truly. No matter the responses. I only wanted to state that being a lesbian and being femme should always be about how you feel inside, and the choices of how you present yourself, physically and emotionally to the world, rather than the stereotype formed by the male centered concept of being feminine which…[Read more]

    • I’m pretty bothered by the way HuffPo seems to be trying to sensationalize this discussion by calling this a “butch-femme face off.” It sounds so petty and competitive.

      But on a more positive note, I thought all the women on the panel were brilliant and did a great job of trying to focus on the issues and have a productive conversation, and I’m…[Read more]

      • Agreeing here. I don’t think that it should be framed as a competition or battle of sorts, but I see that they might have just had trouble expressing that the issue is not how we gender our experiences/relate to our genders, but a debate over privilege (Oppression Olympics). I see the “versus” aspect there.

      • calling it ‘butch-femme face off’ is a clickbait tactic, right?

        how many non-queers would watch it if it was called ‘calm and respectful non-heterosexual women discuss gender presentation and varying levels of privilege and oppression within the queer community’?

        as a tactic, it totally works. but also, it shows us how far back…[Read more]

        • “calm and respectful non-heterosexual women discuss gender presentation and varying levels of privilege and oppression within the queer community”

          PLEASE let this be the new trend in online headlines, I cannot hear about how AMAZING! MINDBLOWING! things are anymore.

    • Team sick of the whole Butch v Femme thing forever over here

    • I think that there is community and self exploration, and acceptance to be found in having these labels, and an important history of our community to remember by the continued use of these terms. I don’t believe that we should allow the discussion to be framed in such a way that “butch” and “femme” are the only options, or even the only basis for…[Read more]

    • Wonderful conversation. Thank you for sharing.

    • Also, thinking about other ways to frame discussion on femininity and femme-ness in the community: Please don’t assume that all people share your ideas of “traditional” gender roles/expectations, because I think that intersects with ethnicity and culture and the way that people within other cultural groups view their interactions with gender. For…[Read more]

    • yo can we just have an Open Femme Thread bc this has been glorious

    • To all, let me just say first that my initial comment was just my thoughts about butch and femme and visual presentation of each. It was poorly thought out, in that I did not realize the many issues the members have brought up. I apologize for being short sighted in awareness of the implication of my comment.
      I absolutely do not want to take away…[Read more]

      • Sarah thank you for responding, and for reexamining your viewpoint. I apologise for my response being somewhat aggressive. I have heard the argument you made so so many times, from both queer and heterosexual people, and my patience has worn thin.
        Hopefully reading the other comments here will give you a better idea of the variety of experiences…[Read more]

        • Aimee, please tell me. I know what being a translesbian feels like. But I want to know what you femme cis lesbians feel. It would be wonderful to share our feelings. I would be so happy to learn from all of you about your lives… this open femme thread proposal or an open butch thread either. I admit that my femme feelings are probably naive…[Read more]

      • Just wanting to chime in that it takes a lot of courage and self-reflection to admit to mistakes, so kudos for coming back to this conversation with an open mind.

        • Sarah replied 3 weeks ago

          I appreciate your reply, POF. I want to have friends of the heart, and accept their own definition of who they are, and what they feel.

    • Maddy, I realized that I don’t know enough cis femmes or cis butches to really have made any comment at all , especially after the various “takedown” replies. I have not suffered the cruel and insensitive comments you , and the other cis women, have suffered on revealing your orientation. My ego was bruised in the replies, and I pouted up and…[Read more]

    • Thank you for posting this video…so much love for all of the gorgeous, intelligent women in the video, and to everyone chiming in. I love what Morgan has to say about this really just being the beginning of the discussion, and would love for society at large to open up to non-binary thinking which could benefit everyone, not just queer…[Read more]

    • Much love to the beautiful humans in the video discussing their experiences and truths to create a respectful and insightful dialogue. I agree the sensationalized butch VERSUS femme like we’re all in a fight is tiresome, but the content in the video sure made up for the clickbait title.

      Also everybody’s looks were on point!

    • Sarah – I’m also a queer trans woman who, and I feel the only description that remotely does me justice is a femme tomboy. I wear jeans/tops/jackets most of the time, but I also love being femme in my style with dresses and skirts and make up (although my skills with make up are horrible – it’s a work in progress).

      The femme inside me…[Read more]

      • Thanks Talie, for sharing your thoughts on being femme. My feellings are very similar to yours! I think my feelings as “femme” was the very thing that got me into trouble with a lot of the members who replied. Not the actual feelings, but rather my impropriety of thinking my feelings were what other femmes would also think “femme” would mean to…[Read more]

  • ThumbnailHello and welcome to this thing we’re doing where we help you figure out what you’re gonna put in your mouth this week. Some of these are recipes we’ve tried, some of these are recipes we’re looking forward to […]

    • I’ve been trying to come up with some clever rhyme based on grains and my name and shit but all I can keep thinking is PUT THE FOOD IN MY MOUTH I WANT TO EAT ALL THE THINGS

      • i spent a long time trying to make a pun on “grainin’ on that wood” in the title and couldn’t get it to work, so you’re welcome to “janin’ on that wood” if you want it

      • Don’t strain Jane trying to make some grain, that may give you a sprain or drive you(& Holly) insane. Just drive to Main, or Mane, and lay claim to clams and grains, or reign at the beach with some grain salad.

    • you had me at “taco-ish”

    • I was skeptical but I currently have 7 tabs with grain recipes open so thank you for showing me the light!

    • Suddenly praying that there is some quinoa in the back of my pantry that I’ve somehow completely missed seeing.

    • This was seriously inspirational! I can’t afford that much quinoa, but amaranth and millet mixed together make a pretty bangin’ substitute!! :D Thanks for this!

    • Toda muy bueno, pero it’s Monday and you mentioned sad beans in a can so I’m compelled to shill a guaranteed way to make beans smile and a 2 shakes of powdered garlic.

      (I’m sorry I could not resist and the Spanish is in gratitude for Spain being a better parent than France. Again, lo siento)

    • This reminded me to make stuffed squash, it had chicken sausage and quinoa and kale and goat cheese, my girlfriend thanks you.

    • The level of structural tactics used from the English language in the title of this article overwhelmed me so much that I can’t even read the rest of it yet.

      I assumed my first comment on an article would be a response to something that emotionally triggered me. Here it is, everyone. A well crafted pun at 3am.

  • ThumbnailThis is the first recap of the gay parts of the eleventh season of Grey’s Anatomy, aka Shonda Rhimes Night: Act One.

    Six full minutes. That’s how long I waited for Callie and Arizona to show up on screen. […]

    • This is transcendent.

    • Not gonna lie, I watched Grey’s as bonding time with my aunt(and that brandi carlile video they played every episode) and moved out waaaaaaaay before the gay parts. But. What happened to Callie’s eyebrows?? Did they ask for too much money and have to be recast?

      • Listen, Callie’s eyebrows deserved everything on their rider and a separate paycheck. I’m not surprised they walked.

    • Ok, I love Grey’s. Like, love love. And I WORSHIP Geena Davis. I’ve met her, I adore her, I think she’s done so much for women. But I thought How To Get Away With Murder super overshadowed Grey’s. One, because it was the shit. Two, because the presence of this new half-sister of Meredith’s (how many secret half-sisters showing up randomly can one…[Read more]

      • yo this whole “new sister” shit is so so old. how many sisters is Meredith going to have? I’m waiting for the Chief to be Mer’s real dad or something.
        I can’t believe they gave her another sister. I’m almost as annoyed about that as I was about Buffy all of a sudden having that annoying ass michelle trachtenberg as a magical last few seasons…[Read more]

        • Yeah, exactly! And like, wouldn’t she remember that her mom was pregnant? Exactly when did this “secret pregnancy” happen that Meredith doesn’t remember it happening and Ellis’s husband stuck with her when she was carrying a baby that clearly was not his? The timing confuses me.
          And just like with Lexi, Meredith has to fight with this one, too!…[Read more]

          • @yaykaas This is what I’ve put together so far from watching this week’s episode and having watched some of the past seasons over the summer (which have clues to the Ellis-Richard love child plotline because they’ve been planning since Season 4).

            The “secret pregnancy” happened when Meredith was five years old. Maggie’s birth happened on the…[Read more]

          • Thanks for the timeline Lauren.
            But if Meredith’s sister is 5years younger how come she seems to be higher up than Meredith in the carreer department?

          • @carmensandiego You’re very welcome, Carmen SD! :) And that isn’t even an extensive timeline because I still have to watch Seasons 1-3 (aka some of the ones that actually have Ellis in them) so I don’t fully understand things like the carousel scene (though I could piece things together with Grey’s Wikia page).

            Maggie is further ahead in her…[Read more]

          • I think, based on my recent rewatch of like the first 6 or so seasons, that Meredith didn’t go straight to med school and instead did some crazy travelling around Europe or something with that risky Australian Doctor Lady that showed up when Lexi was an intern and let her remove her appendix illegally.
            She was played by the actress who was Angel…[Read more]


        Now I don’t think that Lexie’s absence messes up or ruins the show in any major way, because it is an ensemble, and all of the other characters are so great, and I love them too. So it’s not like every episode I’m actively thinking about how she isn’t there, but…[Read more]

    • Well, props go to Carmen SanDiego for instigating this marvellous thing, and for somehow intuiting what it was that has been missing from my internetz.

      Fine work, Gabrielle. Very fine indeed.

      (Incidentally, I stopped watching this pile o’crap show years ago so have no idea about any of it anymore. I do however enjoy both Callie and…[Read more]

    • please tell me there will be a full season of Grey’s recaps because this was a wonderment.

      • yo give or take a hurricane, helicopter accident, a zombie virus, and/or a plague sent by shonda rhimes to thwart these efforts, we will be recapping the whole season and by we, i mean probz me for sure.

        • there are no word/gif combinations to express my delight. i look forward to reading all your recaps and again laughing so loud that i scare / annoy / bemuse my office mates. i hope you stay away from hurricopterzombieplagues is what i’m trying to say.

    • This is wonderful. Maybe now I can stop watching and just read you recaps, maybe. Thank you! Also I think Meredith’s new sister should be the third in Calzona’s relationship, maybe that’s why she’s here on the show now. It all makes sense.

    • I stopped watching Grey’s Anatomy a few years ago, after I starting working in an operating room and the medical hogwash and mumbo jumbo on the show started to irritate me. But let me say, I will read the shit out of these recaps because I can hear your voice in my head as I read and it makes me giggle and feel warm. Just sayin’.

      • you mean to tell me that someone can’t wipe DNA clean, insert the HIV virus into the empty DNA pouch, stick it inside a child, directly into their brain and their toes to cure them of multiple sclerosis diabetes vertigo color blindness? all of that is mumbo jumbo?

    • “Spliff Queen Arizona” I fuckin love you Autostraddle

    • Zack replied 4 weeks ago

      My life is complete now that autostraddle has gay grey’s recaps. My wife will be super happy that she no longer has to listen to my complaining. She thanks you I’m sure.

      • aw but i bet your wife thinks your grey’s complaining is cute tho. maybe.

        • I wouldn’t say I think it’s cute, but I think you’re pretty cute, bae. In your face area.
          – Zack’s wife aka me

    • This recap is perfect, please keep it up! I understand that everyone here is most interested in Calzona since this is a website for queer women (and they’re the reason I started watching Grey’s in the first place), so even though I also love the rest of the show, I would rather have a recap that is just about the gay parts with a more positive…[Read more]

    • Step aside other lesbian recapping websites, Sheriff Gabrielle has arrived.

    • Autostraddle Greys recaps. My life is now complete.
      But seriously, is no one gonna talk to the legal department about gurneys flying off of roof tops?
      And I really really hope that there is no baby

      • i feel like you’ve been gone forever. welcome back, dear friend.


      • Again, I can’t say thank you enough times for making this happen, Carmen SD and Gabby! These Calzona-centric recaps are glorious with all of the gorgeous pictures of one of my favorite queer female couples. :)

        I’m now leaning more towards no baby (for now, if they want one later in the future they should totally have one). Because first Calzona…[Read more]

        • that’s exactly how i feel too. i’m not anti-baby. but i don’t think babies should be brought into relationships that aren’t being well cultivated/cared for. i want to see Callie and Arizona fall in love with each other again, all the time.
          i want them to have hot sex in the on-call room and leave each other love notes and go on park dates with…[Read more]

          • Oh my gosh Gabby, this is EXACTLY what I want for Calzona! Thank you for reading my mind and putting all of my gloriously sapphic thoughts into words – no, even better, poetry (because after all Callie is named after the muse of epic poetry Calliope).

    • Lex replied 4 weeks ago

      Out of all the things in your recap it’s “True Life: Gal Pals in Love” that makes me giggle snort.
      Calzona has a special place in my heart because for one it wasn’t the bisexual partner that cheated. And their smiles are just so beamy and cute, but seriously don’t get another baby y’all. House plant.

    • Jo replied 4 weeks ago

      I blame this for me staying up until 4 fast forwarding to all the gay parts… This is something I actually did on a Friday night.

      • friday nights were made to do weird loner shit too tho

        • Jo replied 4 weeks ago

          I totally agree. How else would I explain the glitter and glue all over my toilet.

          However, Grey’s Anatomy is on a whole other level that I’m not quite comfortable with.

    • Oh, one more thing. Meredith’s rando half-sister is a dumbass if she thinks fighting with/being kind of a dick to the owner of the hospital in which she’s working is a smart move. Like, c’mon, dude. Aren’t you supposed to be intelligent?

      • i think she was expecting them to have an instant connection. she had no idea that meredith is an ice queen/emotionally stunted/not interested in family ties. so half-sister came in hoping to find a bestie and got a beeotch instead.

    • Just realized I forgot to mention something important: Yang, I miss you! It’s not Seattle Grace Mercy West Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital without you…

      • I miss Cristina Yang too! No more Twisted Sisters (until her return for the series finale, but I’m not rushing for the forever end of Grey’s anytime soon). :(

        Still I think the show will end up being just fine without her after taking the first several episodes to adjust to her missing presence because the show has always been fine when all of…[Read more]

        • True, the show will be fine but she was such a gem, an ambitious, unapologetic, witty, competitive, sex-positive, brutally honest, female character. You don’t see those every day…
          But yeah, take your time coming back… Let’s not be done with Greys yet…

          • Yes, all of this is so true. Cristina was a real and complex female character. I love that she never apologized: for her ambition to excel, to be the absolute best she could be, to devote herself to her career, for not wanting kids even though she was expected to want them. And Sandra Oh was brilliant, a wonder to behold playing her. She made me…[Read more]

    • Kacey replied 4 weeks ago

      Anyone else feel like this is better than the episode itself? I’ve been super bored with calzona lately. I don’t like this angry whiny Callie and they took all the spunk out of Arizona, making her an annoying asshole.
      And what’s with Meredith in this episode? She gets what she wants and pouts at the end anyway.
      Still, no matter how much the…[Read more]

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