• ThumbnailYou’ve almost made it through this week! What will you do to celebrate? I’m going to California to meet Megan’s extended family and I’m like, NOT EVEN nervous about it at all!

    That is a lie.

    Here are some […]

    • Hm, so there’s a rational sort of argument I can use for the next time I let slip my desire to smash those awful dolls’ faces in and have a little feu de joie of my very own? Good to know.

    • In other news this week, DC cancelled Batwoman. So like RIP my interest in ever buying DC comics again. With Batwoman gone there are no more queer women in any of their current line-ups. Not unless she pops up later in one of the many comics already dedicated to other characters in the Bat-family, which I doubt it.

    • Wait, I legit want to read that A-Camp fan fic

    • - Best of luck meeting the extended family Laneia!
      – congrats to Martina and Julia
      – A-Camp fan fic please and thank you

    • 1- Dannielle and Kristin’s video is adorable
      2- Those tweets by Brittani are just gems.

  • ThumbnailIt’s a well-known fact that making presents for people makes the world a better place. Not only are you taking time to create the perfect gift for your mother, brother, or girlfriend, you’re making sure there’s […]

    • Okay, please tell me somebody else saw the pictures and was like “Those are totally the colors/materials from Anne Shirley’s Christmas gown from Anne of Green Gables.”

      • I wasn’t thinking of Anne Shirley’s Christmas gown specifically but AoGG in general did pop into my brain after *ahem* the usual petite bosomed oh hey this would be lovely a lingerie addition thought.
        Something about silky copper brown with white lace just says AoGG to me like pigtails under a straw hat and green gingham.

      • I have never read/seen Anne of Green Gables but I just looked it up and you’re right!

      • I love that you noticed that!!! Oh my god, can we imagine for a moment that Ann(e) and Diana are “bosom friends” but like in a gay way and that Ann(e) wears this scarf (as lingerie, nice going with that, friend) and then they drink cordial together and scandalize Marilla?


  • ThumbnailWelcome to This Shit Rules, wherein members of the Autostraddle team open up to you about the beauty products they can’t live without.

    I work from home and most days I talk to between zero and one other […]

    • Eeeeeeeeeeee benny clay is just THE BEST stuff ever. I tried it on a whim and am never going back. I’ve basically never used a face mask which actually had an effect besides this one. And a little goes a long way. Can I ask, though, what makes ACV better? I’ve only tried it with water, because I read that it doesn’t make a difference, and it was…[Read more]

      • i have no idea honestly! i could be wrong about that. i mean i do know that ACV is supposed to be PH-balancing for your skin, and also juliana huxtable said so in this article (although she also recommends st. ives apricot scrub in the same article, which i think is a devil product from hell, so)

      • Using apple cider vinegar (or a lemon juice/water mix) makes it mix WAY more easily. You know how when you use water, it’s sorta clumpy and difficult? Mixes up smooth as butter with ACV (or other acidic situation). I also bet there is a benefit to your skin, but for me, the main benefit is ease of use.

    • Rachel do you have sort of sensitive skin?? Because I normally don’t pay much attention to product recommendations but I just HAVE A FEELING that these are all things I want to try AND they are all in my price range-ish AND I’ve been MEANING to try to actually take care of my skin. I have had cerave things before and loved them too. I want to go…[Read more]

      • not super sensitive, but a lot of the things i like are good for sensitive skin! maybe just skip the chemical exfoliants for now and also the super intense face mask and you’ll be fine. i don’t often pay attention to product recommendations either but i promise i have done a fair amount of research here! also does your skin like oil cleansing. do…[Read more]

        • i WAS going to skip the clay and only maybe TRY the exfoliants so COOL. and my skin is not SUPER sensitive so i still think these might be good thing.

          but my skin does NOT like oil cleansing!! well, really i’ve only tried it a few times and am VERY BAD at sticking with things with a “worse before better” period. but really i just didn’t like…[Read more]

          • *thingS

            • OH OK so i do oil cleansing but am off the hot water train — i don’t believe in the hot water thing after, i think that’s bad for your skin. i do double-cleansing instead, so like i oil cleanse but then just wash off the oil with the hydrating cerave cleanser and room temp water. not to pressure you into the oil cleanse, because oil cleanse…[Read more]

            • ooohhhh, i hadn’t heard of doing that, only the thing where you have to wash it off with hot water or a wash cloth and like never ever touch your skin with anything but oil. your way sounds better and i do not feel pressured at all! thanks!

      • If you want to try chemical exfoliation, try using an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid aka glycolic acid) treatment every other day. Also, use caution with clay masks, and only apply them to the oiliest parts of your face.

        Boots No 7 (at Target) has some great cleansing balms and gels that are comparable to pricier brands and are sensitive skin friendly.

    • I don’t know why I know this (yes I do, it’s because I’m a nerd), but oakmoss is being banned in the EU and is being taken out of a lot of perfumes. So better stock up!

    • oh also

      yes to TWIN PEAKS HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I like Fuller’s Earth Clay. Definitely a whole thing, definitely serious, which is probably why a pound of it has lasted me four years. Not for the faint of heart(or the non-oily masses):

      and I mix it with ACV, too, because the people swear by it and i’ve mostly taken it…[Read more]

    • This is so great, I have always wanted to smell “second date nice” without spending a bunch of money on a bottle of smelly water, now I can achieve my hopes and dreams.

    • I have some friends who teach English in Seoul and they’ve become rather evangelical about Korean skincare. I finally caved to peer pressure and ordered a bunch of stuff online from w2beauty.

      That shit is FUCKING MAGICAL. I have rather obnoxious combination skin where some parts are oily, some parts are scaly and dry and some parts somehow…[Read more]

      • Is it the Innisfree Apple Juicy Cleansing Oil? Their green tea series is pretty good too~

        Korean and Japanese skincare products are huge locally and I have friends who make yearly trips to Korea now to stock up on products. Personally I love Laneige and swear by their Water Sleeping Pack.

    • Society, mostly. And it’s not even all that consistent. I’ve lived in three different countries and the standards for beauty can differ greatly – for instance, while I’m not exactly prized for my brown skin anywhere in the world, I actually found it (ironically) a lot easier to be valued for it in the US and Australia than in Malaysia, which has…[Read more]

    • Oh hey! I’m doing a 100-day skincare challenge right now and had been contemplating the clay masks for some time. I’m a little broke to buy anything on the list right now (mostly because I spent it all on getting my startup set ;P) but next month maybe!

      Note to people with darker skin: chemical peels may not be so good for you.

    • The next time you’re at Walgreens getting your CeraVe stuff, look for the Studio 35 Beauty AHA cream. It’s super cheap and my absolute favorite AHA I’ve ever used.

    • So, this is just a cautionary tale for anyone who wants to try the apple cider vinegar/clay mask. I had bought a tub of the Aztec clay before, and having tried it with water before, I found that it dried the fuck out of my face. You can actually feel it pulling at your skin as it dries, and even after washing it off there were areas of my face…[Read more]

      • Never experienced temporary wrinkles myself, but the redness is pretty normal. Maybe some people don’t experience it because they don’t leave it on for long. I do it before going to bed for that reason.

    • Do you happen to know which products are non-animal tested? Also, which ones are NOT owned by Johnson and Johnson or other mega-corporations?

      @janelle I’ve also used the aztec mask and it lit up my face like a red lightbulb too. I avoid that stuff like the plague.

      On a side note, I started using SkinActives and let me tell you, THIS SHIT…[Read more]

  • ThumbnailWhat a fucking day! Did you wake up wanting to punch an inflatable Yogi Bear punching bag? Did you have one of those growing up? My friend Jennifer did, or maybe it was Jessica, but either way that motherfucker […]

    • My good friend stayed in tht shelter for a brief time after being kicked out of his home by his homophobic mother. He said they made him feel welcome for the duration of his stay, and he has now found a safe place at his aunt’s. That shelter probably saved his life, and I’m very thankful for it.

    • LMAO @ study confirms men are dumb, 90% of the time I’m the only female around at work, I could write a book on this subject … guess that’s why I’m in charge of them!!

    • Monkey day happened?!?!?! But our stuffed monkeys!!!

    • I’m a graduate of that school district and it’s about as awful as you’d expect. My heart goes out to all the baby queers (and esp trans teens) whose identities are being blatantly shit upon by grown-ass adults in the name of “religious freedom”. Gonna go be angry and sad now.


    • Wait, did you say that the only good Batman is the Michael Keaton one that doesn’t have Michelle Pfeiffer in it???

      • ok ok ok actually ACTUALLY i’m saying that the michael keaton batman is the only batman worth batmanning — not just that one specific film. but mey i could never compete with your catwoman feelings EVER. my bold stance bows down to yours.

    • I can’t view some of these events :-( that’s no to promote if I can’t see them

    • I’d like to delve deeper on the etymology of ‘jabroni’ if possible, thanks

    • Suggestion: printing that misandrist prayer on the back of the misandrist shirt
      But change the first word to Lorde

    • Megan replied 5 days ago

      Ooh that monkey is SO CUTE!!! I need to put it at my computer while I study for finals. For motivation.

    • Thank you, once again I have 12 tabs open.

      1- Very positive step for Texas! Sad that there are so many homeless LGBT youth though. My heart goes out to them. :(

      2- Ruby Rose’s “Break Free” is such a beautiful music video.

      3- I think using headphones/earbuds to avoid social interaction is a universal introvert thing, it’s just innate…[Read more]

    • Y’know, I never understood that whole leggings-are-not-pants deal. Yeah, they’re not pants. Neither are skirts.

    • Stayed for the quirky articles, came here for the picture of the monkey.

  • ThumbnailIt’s a well-known fact that making presents for people makes the world a better place. Not only are you taking time to create the perfect gift for your mother, brother, or girlfriend, you’re making sure there’s […]

  • ThumbnailNext week, Tuesday, December 16th, 7pm at the Strand bookstore in NYC, Speed Dating with Gabby and Phoenix. Come down on Tuesday and do the damn thing with us. For twenty bucks, you will get FREE WINE and FREE […]

    • This is really fun, ya’ll! I can’t join cause I have burlesque class, but you totes should, and make new friends/dates/partners in crime.

    • Oh, so jealous…I think if you swept up all the queer ladies in my town you couldn’t fit us into that row of chairs!

      Have fun, guys!

    • Please come do this in England. There are tea and scones here.

    • Ahhh boo!! Too bad it’s not in Colorado

    • BOO! I’m out of town. Please, please, please do this again in Spring?

    • Riley replied 1 week ago

      I like what this says about being nervous, scared and doing it anyways.

    • VA replied 1 week ago

      Why must this be in New York? Why can’t this be in Milwaukee?

    • N replied 1 week ago

      I am taking the main picture for this article to the barbershop tomorrow and getting that person-in-blue-shirt’s haircut.

      Also, I would totally be at this if it weren’t on the other coast!

    • Jelly. I wanna go, even though I’m married.

  • ThumbnailWell this is the week I let Taylor Swift into my heart, so thanks a lot for enabling that bullshit. OH you enabled it. You did. Here are some stories we missed while I was making my own “Blank Space” videos. […]

    • “Trans women at Smith College have announced their Pledge of Nonsupport in anticipation of Smith’s upcoming “Admissions Policy Student Group/Committee.””

      What trans women at Smith College?

    • Ack. Bummer for Salvation Army, I was always there shopping for clothes and vintage kitchen ware. :(

    • Just watched Rosario Dawson kissing Jenny Slate. Salvation Army is so irrelevant now.

      Holy lesbian baby Jesus. O..O

    • Larita replied 1 week ago

      AND ROSARIO DAWSON HAS AN UNDERCUT (i think?????)!!!!!!!!

    • I love that herstory instagram.

      Also, that inglorious fruits and vegetables campaign is brilliant. I am 100% pro-ugly fruits and vegetables. My favorite produce stand is a local place that’s open 24-7 and has the nicest employees and the BEST local fruits and veggies. And I always buy from the $0.50/lb discount section there and some of the…[Read more]

    • Funny, I always thought of it more as a rosebud, but I suppose tulip works.

    • That tulip knot tho…

  • ThumbnailYou know this one friend or relative. The one that constantly appears with fresh-baked cookies and bread and just casually roasted a whole chicken when you came over last Tuesday. Every year you think “Well I’ll […]

  • ThumbnailYou know this one friend or relative. The one that constantly appears with fresh-baked cookies and bread and just casually roasted a whole chicken when you came over last Tuesday. Every year you think “Well I’ll […]

    • Pretty much a kitchen essentialist, after moving so often – but these gift descriptions are hilarious, perfect!

      • I’m trying so, so hard to be more of a kitchen essentialist. I love ridiculous kitchen gadgets though. it is a struggle.

    • This cat-printing rolling pin!

      They have dino and other prints, too. [EVEN A ROBOTS ONE.]

    • I am so glad I’m not the only one who hears “Bakers gonna bake bake bake” in Shake It Off. Thank you for validating my existence once again.

    • I nominate microplanes. Always grate your Parmesan cheese fresh. Use a microplane. Your fingers will thank you.

    • I now need all of these things! But you know that get bent is a homophobic insult from the UK? Or did you put it on purpose because of that?

      • Hm, I don’t think there’s actually much evidence to support that theory of the phrase’s origins. It’s attested from at least the 1950s in North America and has always meant something along the lines of “get lost”. It might be used in a homophobic way now in the U.K. (is “bent” slang for gay there?) but it doesn’t have the same connotations here.

        • Yeah ‘bender’ and ‘bent’ means gay in the UK. Which I find hilarious because when I watch Avatar: The Last Airbender they are always referring to Aang as “such a powerful bender”. And I am a child.

    • I kind of hate kitchen gadgets, but I also kind of want a spiralizer. I am large, I contain multitudes.

      • I have the one that is in the first link and it’s AWESOME! But I also love kitchen gadgets so…

    • I nominate silicone baking mats and aluminum half-sheet pans. No matter how many you have, YOU NEED MORE.

    • I suggest cookie cutters. There are literally ENDLESS shapes and sizes, and who doesn’t like cookies?

    • so funny. The part about hand making pasta… i thought perhaps Id make my own ravioli sometime but I’ll just imagine the pain in my arms the next day instead.

    • I love kitchen things! I desperately need to get a mixer of some sort, I don’t have one right now and it is not good. I have made a lot of frosting by hand, a bit more time consuming but not awful. The other night I tried to make egg foo yung, which requires meringue-like whipped egg whites. The best I could do by hand was frothy, tasty but not…[Read more]

    • Spiralizers! The most fun I’ve ever had with a kitchen tool was using the gadget that simultaneously peels, cores, and spiral-cuts apples when i was helping my mom make applesauce as a kid. They were fun to eat afterwards too! Apple slinky!

    • I fully admit to owning or rather co-owning many of these amazing items although the milk frother died somehow and the pasta machine has never been out of the box. I have actually requested a decent potato masher for Christmas this year because after 10 years I’m sick of using the broken and useless one I found in a drawer in my first flat. I now…[Read more]

    • If you happen to be dining with a man you don’t particularly like, this banana slicer will make him gloriously uncomfortable as long as you take it slow and never break eye contact.

    • The picture of that turkey oxo thing really freaked me out.

    • What do you do if you have more than one drop left in a jar? Do you use multiple very tiny spatulas simultaneously? Tape them together to create one normal-sized spatula? Train your cat to hold a very tiny spatula between his paws and scrape out the jar while you do the rest of your meal preparation?

  • ThumbnailIt’s a well-known fact that making presents for people makes the world a better place. Not only are you taking time to create the perfect gift for your mother, brother, or girlfriend, you’re making sure there’s […]

  • ThumbnailLet’s have some cinnamon toast and talk about our feelings. I’m feeling like donkeys are the clear winner in this post, but you should feel free (eh??) to choose your own winner.
    You Should Go or Do or Give
    + […]

    • I am out of commission at the moment but seriously LA straddlers, something should be organized for holigay gathering.

      • talk to the admins of the group to get something. Then again the group feels cliquey so they have their own party going on :/

    • Ugh no way that mug is wayyy too much pressure like “bitch it’s 2p.m. and you’re still in your pjs ? Beyonce also has a 24hour day and look what she does with it”

    • not enough praise was given to you laneia for donkey cam

      i am here to right this wrong

    • Those tattoo stories are so cool.

      Great list of feminist moments of 2014! (And of course, Malala was #1, as she should be.)

  • ThumbnailThis week’s roundup is weirdly short and maybe you’ll forgive me for it! We’ll back to normal on Monday. Here are some things we missed while I was cleaning out my refrigerator.
    You Should Go or Do or Give
    + […]

    • that sofa. oh my god. raquel is clearly a genius.

    • the ‘possums. they just kept on nomming and nomming. everything is better now.

    • Intern Raquel is the fave


      i am really emotionally invested in the second dude from the left that did not receive a banana. what the fuck? everyone else got one. and also, they are eating them sideways. guys…you’re doing it wrong. do they not use their hands to eat? that is the obvious strategy here, right? so dont worry i did some…[Read more]

    • Who knew possums were almost semi kinda cute? One of the free entrance days for the National Parks is my birthday next year. I feel like this is a sign. …of what? Not sure yet, but I have quite some time to think about it.


    • The “Born This Way?” article by Cathleen O’Grady: YESSSS. It touches upon all the methodological issues with sex difference studies. There is some good science out there, but it getting misinterpreted and misused. Even when sex differences are confirmed because science, they really are because stats: “The important thing to remember is that any…[Read more]

    • 1989 malls photos were fantastic. Those glasses! That hair! I wish I had memories as an infant. I think 1989 would’ve been an interesting year to remember.

      Thanks for the national park free day link. National parks, national forests, and state parks truly have a special place within my soul. My big goal is to visit every national park in the…[Read more]


    • I find it kind of neat how Sweden adopts new words into its language. (And maybe I’m in the minority that’s totally down with “att klittra.”) Unfortunately that’s one I don’t think I’ll be bringing up in class.

      • I don’t know. Sweden just seems fun. Between ABBA, The Knife, Robyn, and (to a lesser extent) The Hives, they’ve yet to let me down.

        What I mean to say is that I am super on board with klittra.

      • I am also pro-klittra fyi

    • The, “Who Has The Privilege to Protest,” article is super interesting. I’ve been talking about this situation (of wanting to do show support/outrage via something that isn’t just donations) a bunch with friends, all of whom are white, and while I’m a POC I feel like being raised in a tiny hamlet in the suburbs doesn’t give me the right to be…[Read more]

    • Okay, I clearly have a lot of feelings because I read that interview with Evan Rachel Wood Bisexual and cried. Like, actually cried. Evan Rachel Wood and Ellen Page co-starring in a seemingly feminist movie and becoming best friends, OMG.

      • Oh that is a totally normalsauce reaction. Honestly, not only do they both legitimately seem to be in really good/happy places right now, but also (and perhaps not as relevant to my original point) Evan Rachel Wood Bisexual mentioned that there were hugs, so.

    • Tove replied 2 weeks ago

      I think it’s weird to present a word for female masturbation that make people think it’s only about clit. Come on Sweden…

      p.s I’m Swedish myself.

  • ThumbnailWelcome to the season finale of Transparent, when we find out who will win the auction for the contents of a mystery storage locker! In this episode, everyone feels uncomfortable, except for Ed, because he is […]

    • That last cap is the approximate sincerity I brought to prayers when I went to sunday school with my neighbors, because I instinctively loved anything I could still do while grounded.

    • just popping in to say i have really enjoyed these recaps as well as your critique of the show and hey, you’re doing great.

    • Another great recap!

      Also, I just want to make it clear that I actually do love this show. Like, I mean, clearly I have some problems with it, but I do think it’s one of the best written and best acted shows on tv or the internet and I cannot wait for season 2.

      • Thank you Mey! I feel the same, and I hope that my genuine liking of this show was visible sometimes between my deep anxiety and gnashing of teeth about these characters’ decisions and my own wishes for queer and trans people on television.

    • “Jesus God, Tammy. I thought all your previous marriages failed because you’re a lying philanderer but maybe it was just because you wouldn’t shut up about interior design.”


      I’m still trying to get my head around Maura and Ali’s relationship, especially because of that scene in the pilot where Maura talked about people seeing what you…[Read more]

      • “I want more of everything, especially Maura with story arcs beyond her transition. That is very noticeable when getting drawn into the motivations and stories of other characters, but I agree seems to be lacking with Maura’s character.”

        You nailed it! Ask anyone what this show is about and the first thing they’ll say is it’s about a…[Read more]

    • I haven’t read all the recaps and I’ll do that after, but have you guys talked at all about Ali’s gender presentation in this episode and how it counterpoints Maura’s? She’s straight-up dressed in “men’s” attire, and no one has any reaction, but no one can take their eyes off Maura and what her attire means – about her and to themselves.

      That…[Read more]

      • “On the other hand – Maura has changed clothes and suddenly, she’s a woman. Granted she has changed her name and her pronouns, but so far she’s not on hormones, and not having any gender-alignment surgeries.”

        Yes, I get your point but as someone who’s been there, Maura is not really viewed by the world as a woman, she’s a man in a dress. And…[Read more]

    • “Are you all really grateful that you get to watch me work out all my issues via how much I hate Josh? You’re welcome.”

      Actually, I really am. I cringed and raged through each one of Josh’s scenes and was so happy to read your descriptions of doing the same. Also, I really loved your analysis of the Ali/Raquel conversation in this episode. I…[Read more]

    • After finishing the season, I was attempting to express my Josh rage to an acquaintance. Her take was that she finds him “cute but confused.” I am not clear on whether we’ve been watching the same show.

    • Oh, Rachel, how I loved these recaps— and now I can emerge from lurking and spoiling!

      During the show, I worked with Jill, the writers room, and all the actors and crew to record a “Behind The Scenes” series– and the interviews are so very touching and eye-opening.

      Here they are, all free to listen to:

  • Thumbnailfeature image via Jeff Roberson/AP Photos

    After weeks of little to no communication, confusion and contradiction about the date of the decision, the pre-emptive institution of a state of emergency, and […]

    • Just out of curiosity, why would you choose to post this article prior to McCulloch releasing a statement regarding the evidence and testimony that was presented to the Grand Jury?

      • because the family was informed prior to the official announcement of the decision and their testimony is reliable. it’s linked.

        • I totally understand that the family was informed first and of course their testimony is reliable (I wasn’t questioning any of that). I guess my big issue is that McCulloch released a lot of evidence and testimony from witnesses that are just as reliable so why not wait an hour to get additional information? Shouldn’t the members of this…[Read more]

          • It’s not our responsibility to comment on all court proceedings or all evidence – our responsibility is to report the news, which is done here. We have published a wealth of other information on Mike Brown and Ferguson, all of which is still available. There are also myriad other news sources which are picking apart McCulloch’s statement, if…[Read more]

            • How is the evidence in a court proceeding not worth more than an unlabeled hyper-link in your news report? If we really want to understand why things like this happen I think it’s worth more than the typical racist cop gloss over. When I come here I want nuance. I want to feel like all the facts matter, even if on the surface they don’t support…[Read more]

            • Frequently, I feel like requests for “all the evidence,” “nuance,” and “both sides” are actually requests to give white voices more weight/stop centering Black pain.

              This is one of those times.

            • Really, Laura? Last I checked my birth certificate said “negro.”

            • Yes, it is your responsibility to report the news. I just wish it’s a little less one-sided and with more facts.

            • While it is certainly not your responsibility to report on all court proceedings I do believe you have a responsibility to report accurate information on those proceedings you do report on. You commented on one of my posts below and I am going to respond here as I feel it would be rude to debate with you on another persons post. You are 100%…[Read more]

    • i’ve got nothing useful to say. just overwhelming sadness.

    • Nobody should be surprised by this. Police officers in America are able to do a whole lot that an ordinary citizen can’t do without consequence. I’m hoping that the social pressure of the last few months doesn’t die down, and that the citizens of this country continue to demand accountability from it’s public servants. Vest cameras and cell…[Read more]

      • I have examined evidence in several internal investigation cases and I can assure you there is a great deal of accountability in law enforcement. I wholeheartedly agree with you about cameras and recordings. In this day and age no officer should be put on the streets without some sort of video and audio recording. It protects citizens in true…[Read more]

        • This is not the place for police apologists. Please stop.

        • Coming to LGBTQIA communities and hoping they’ll agree that police violence and abuse by the judicial system doesn’t exist isn’t a feasible plan. The legal system isn’t here to protect us, especially those of color, and it wasn’t there to protect Mike Brown, and trying to convince people otherwise isn’t a worthwhile endeavor.

        • I have a little problem with all your arguments and it’s just this one:

          A police officer is professionally trained to respond to threatening situations, so I’m sure Wilson or any policeman shouldn’t respond to a threat like a normal citizen. if I’ve found myself in a similar situation I would probably shoot all over the place, but I’m not a…[Read more]

          • I think the problem is that most police officers aren’t trained properly. My parents are cops the training protocols repeat that anyone could be carrying gun. Any day could be your last one. Anyone could kill you. There shown videos of police officers dying horribly after following the appropriate steps. The statements from Darren Wilson read to…[Read more]

            • Mike Brown was the same height as Darren Wilson, he just weighed 70 pounds more. Darren Wilson characterizing him as huge, hulking, and coming at him like a demon tells us about Darren Wilson’s racialized response to the situation.

    • I’m not even surprised though. Not even surprised. Travyon got no justice while his killer runs around beating women and generally behaving like a shithead(but he’s a hero though). And neither will Mike Brown. His killer is off getting married and receiving half a million in charity donations. I heard some 12 year old kid got killed by the police…[Read more]

      • I don’t think any Straddlers are gonna come on here pro-Wilson. I’m just sick of [white] people defending the cops that kill unarmed teenagers.

      • I know the fact that George Zimmerman got off told me there wasn’t any hope of Darren Wilson being convicted. I just wish there was at least a trial. I get that the witness were conflicting but they weren’t supposed to prove it beyond reasonable doubt. I would think that conflicting evidence would be enough to charge manslaughter.

      • I can’t even think about Trayvon’s murderer still being a free man. It makes me so freaking livid and fills me with hatred for him and for the idiotic jury.

        And now the kid here in Cleveland – yes he had a very real looking BB gun, but I just can’t understand why bullet-proof vest-wearing cops have to shoot a young male who isn’t even an active…[Read more]

        • I had so many people arguing with me that he didn’t have the color tip on the Airsoft gun. Like really? Yes, the only way to disarm/subdue a fucking SIXTH GRADER is by killing him. Jesus.

          • If this were a little white kid that this police officer killed America would be outraged. OUTRAGED. We aren’t going to see any sort of real change until some police officer fucks up badly and kills a white kid. Then they will want to change how police do their jobs. Watch and see.

            • @turkish This would NEVAAAAAAR happen to a white kid like I can imagine the scenario:

              Picture it:

              In the future of a suspiciously lily white dystopian YA novel, a white kid gets shot or killed by a authoritative figure. A girl who does not know her own strength named Jennifer Lawrence/ Emma Stone/ Famous white girl under 27 has a super…[Read more]

    • Tomorrow we’re having school-wide 4 1/2 hours of silence and wearing all black in memorial. I’m also going to try and go to a city-wide student protest tomorrow evening, if I can impress upon my parents the need for such protests (and they’d better listen). I hope everyone remembers that no matter your age, you have a voice on this, and you can…[Read more]

    • I don’t even know what to say. I have no words. Just deep sadness and deep love for everyone fighting on the side of justice for mike brown.

      Grateful for the links to take action or get involved or lend support. At time like these, it can feel hopeless.

    • I don’t blame these protesters for being upset! A riot is the language for the unheard in our society. There was no justice today

    • Not even a little shocked by the outcome, but deeply disappointed. I don’t know how much my heart can handle anymore.

    • The national guard out in ferguson faster than they came to New Orleans for Hurricane Katrina. Think on that shit.— Danielle Brown (@atlantarouge) November 25, 2014

    • I can’t even find words. It was so predictable and yet is so shocking.

      While everything starts and comes back to the police officer being a white man and the victim being a POC at one point in the future there needs to be a discussion of some serious questions like why people like Zimmermann can carry weapons around, why people like police…[Read more]

      • It has everything to do with race but ofc it also has everything to do with police brutality and state violence and all these complicated things that affect marginalised people – POC, LGBTQ people, sex workers, migrants, women, etc, etc, etc – more than others. It’s not distracting the conversation from the meat of the matter to also talk about…[Read more]

    • London solidarity protest tomorrow, 7pm, outside the US embassy.

      • Thanks for posting this! I was looking for something and will try to make it.

        I’m not even surprised at this. Just sad, and angry.

    • I am not surprised with this and honestly I am shocked, SHOCKED people thought otherwise. Come on, this *is* “America, baby!” just don’t look like a convenient scapegoat! I was talking to my about sister about good ol’ America and three rules apply:

      1) Capitalism and pro “we are white (hetero)” men made the fundamental rules
      2) You don’t tell…[Read more]

    • I don’t know how anyone can justify all the looting, arson and vandalism last night. If you support how these people acted, shame on you. I’m all for proper protests and the like but what does violence solve?

      I also don’t understand how most people keeps on relating this to Trayvon Martin’s case. That’s unfair to Trayvon as that truly was an…[Read more]

      • I don’t think anyone is justifying the looting last night.

        I do wish that Trayvon’s parents were the ones invited to Geneva. That said, the problem here is that the police allowed a dispute over cigars and jaywalking to escalate to shooting someone. I admit the Michael Brown didn’t do anything correctly but we expect the police to be able to…[Read more]

      • I don’t “support” looting, arson, and vandalism. I also don’t condemn. People (including white people) participate in property damage and destruction when their sports team win championships. The intentional focus on looting in this context (similar to how it was racialized during Katrina in New Orleans) and the way it is ignored in others…[Read more]

      • This is about respectability politics. Trayvon’s name isn’t the only one used in conjunction with Michael Brown.

        This is about a system that sanctions violence towards young black people based on the assumption that they did something wrong. It’s what Darren Wilson assumed about Mike Brown when he harassed him and his friend for walking down…[Read more]

      • I didn’t see one person on here say they supported looting and vandalism when talking about this case but you can go ahead and spin that web of lies if you want to. Along with the lie that it’s all the protestors and that none of the demonstrations have been peaceful. These same people complaining about looters and vandals will be same ones…[Read more]

      • Here is a link to an article about how the history of ‘looting,’ ‘arson’ and ‘vandalism’ have been an integral part of important acts of rebellion and human rights protests throughout history:

        I think the idea of…[Read more]

      • This case has several things that to me don’t make sense:

        – Darren Wilson was responding to a cigarrillos’ theft, but he never talked to the store’s owner, the person who made the complaint or anybody like that(you know, somebody who could give you a description of the person who committed that huge crime).

        – He gets distracted about the…[Read more]

      • Things I’m tired of hearing: the words ‘looting’ and ‘rioting’. To be honest, my concern is not with the buildings or the property. My concern is with the flagrant miscarriage of justice that keeps happening to Black people. My concern is with the number of white people (and sadly, even some black people like my mother) who watch five minutes of…[Read more]

    • For my fellow white, and some other, people who are shaming the protestors of Ferguson for so-called ‘rioting’, I would like to paraphrase a few words from Lundy Bancroft, a psychologist who specializes in the behaviour and mentality of abusive men:

      “The abuser’s problem with anger is almost the opposite than is commonly believed. He does not…[Read more]

      • Can I steal your comment for my facebook? Cause I’ve been defending myself for two days and seeing this post sums up ALL my feelings.

  • ThumbnailUnrelated bear feature image via Shutterstock

    Dearest children of the corn, it is Monday! IT IS MONDAY. It is Monday and you are here, reading this. Welcome. Welcome to your week. What will everyone be talking […]

  • ThumbnailJust wondering what you thought.




    all images including feature image via shutterstock

    • Important.

    • how can someone have never tried eggnog. @yvonne come to the dark side. the creamy, thick, delicious side.

    • I think you should make a latte but with eggnog instead of milk? Is that a thing? I am going to do this next time I have eggnog

      maybe put some whiskey in there too to deal with the last option on that pole because healthy choices

      • Starbucks’ eggnog latte ‘uncut’ (i.e. a weird term meaning with no milk, just nog). It’s kinda gross IMO, but it’s definitely a thing.

    • Honestly, my only concern is weather or not you should be putting coffee in your Egg Nog.

    • I have also never had eggnog. It, along with pumpkin pie, is on the list of Things My Mom Doesn’t Like so we never had either of those things in the house, ever. I didn’t have pumpkin pie until college.

    • I’ve never tried eggnog (in fact I’m not too sure what it is?) and now I’m a vegan and I’m assuming eggnog has egg in it so … (Unless it has a really misleading name like “eggplant” which is in fact not a plant that produces eggs)

    • The best liquor thing to put in hot drinks is Fireball into apple cider. It’s practically why alcohol was even created in the first place.

    • All that matters is YOU DO YOU @green

    • I kinda think eggnog is weird? I’ve only ever had it homemade though–maybe the storebought type has less of a funny texture? my grandmother makes it with enough alcohol to knock you on your ass, though, so it’s got that going for it.

      (relatedly, a couple reasons I’m excited for family christmas: champagne cocktails, the expensive wine my…[Read more]

      • Ah! My dad makes high octane homemade eggnog too–but he always makes a nonalcoholic batch after a bit of (a lot of) pestering. I mix the two together and all is well with the world after that.

        I can hardly drink the boxed kind, though–because of texture weirdness! Homemade doesn’t bother me.

        • it doesn’t bother me; it’s just weird. also I kinda like the ridiculous level of booziness, especially because then it allows me to talk about how my grandmother makes eggnog that’ll get ya drunk just smelling it. …I find that funny.

          • My grandma’s booze recipe is peach fizz, which will also get you smashed. I think our grandmas would get along, you know, as drinking buddies.

      • The last time we had eggnog with my grandma she accidentally bought 151 to put in it instead of regular rum. It was…potent.

    • Has anyone put eggnog in their coffee? I feel like it might be really delish. Also the captions had laughing so hard.

    • I request that you do more of this important polling. It is delightful.

    • My shameful admission is that I have not only never tried eggnog, but don’t actually know what it is. I only know it exists because of American TV. Someone enlighten a confused Brit?

      • It’s a sweet beverage somewhere between milk and custard, and it’s so rich that you’re only legally allowed to drink it during the holidays and if you have more than a teaspoon you will be sick

      • Confused Brit solidarity. I googled it and it turns out it’s kind of like advocaat.

    • ugh i just had this visual of mixing eggnog in hot coffee and somehow cooked egg yolks result and awfulness ensues and well lets not talk about it anymore bc i might gag. and while that is probably not at all how life works because you know science and whatnot…for that reason I had to vote no, laneia.

      however, may i suggest whipped topping?…[Read more]

    • @napkined put egg nog in her coffee on accident two days ago and said it was a big mistake

      egg nog w/o coffee remains a gift from g-d, however

    • last night after Friendsgiving I put both rum and eggnog in my coffee. My only complaint was that my coffee was then lukewarm.

      I answered yes to the survey, but I need to add that you’ll need to come up with a way to not ruin the temperature of your coffee alongside the eggnog.

      I have found though, that I only like eggnog if its inside…[Read more]

    • I feel like the real question might be rum or whiskey in your nog? And the answer is both and a touch or cognac or port.

    • I love Abuelita so much!!

    • I tried putting eggnog in my coffee and it was heavier (denser? More dense? Thicker? I’m not a scientist, guys) than the coffee so it sank and I had to constantly stir as a drank, à la Chandler and Ross season 2. So…. no.

      (Also more polls like this please. Doses of vapid fluff in a world of stressful things makes me happy).

    • you’re all gems. real gems. thank you for this.


      • Which country is this…you could try Advocaat if you can find it. Allegedly it’s similar.

    • I think that coffee and eggnog (not the light stuff either. Go real or go home)are equally fantastic in their own ways… Mixing could end my enthusiasm.

    • I am Brit and obviously thus an eggnog heathen. However after some googling I have discovered it’s kind of like advocaat and I’m wondering have any of you folks put it in Lemonade and made a Nog based snowball?
      I like to Irish up my coffee from time to time and by from time to time I mean at weddings.

      • I’m not sure what advocaat is but the idea of lemonade and egg nog together does not sound good at all to me. I could see adding a dash of lemon juices perhaps but not lemonade.

      • Lemonade also has a different meaning in North America, so I’m assuming you mean the fizzy lemon-flavoured stuff and not sweetened lemon juice? If you mixed N.A. lemonade with eggnog you’d end up with a curdled mess. Not sure if it would work with Brit eggnog.

    • I like eggnog – I mean, basically it is alcoholic, spicy, runny custard which is a fabulous idea in my book. Being Australian, it’s not something I’ve grown up with, but when I’ve had it I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.

      However, with coffee? Nope, not in coffee. Seems like it would be an overload of flavour that ends up destroying what makes them…[Read more]

    • I voted yes. Even better than just putting eggnog in your coffee, is EGGNOG LATTE. I prefer SilkNog lattes yummm

    • EGGNOG IS MY LIFE. Why would you ruin good eggnog by putting it in coffee?

    • This! I’m getting those ‘These Cashews’ feelings I love so much.

      Also, I’m afraid of eggnog. Isn’t it raw eggs? No? I have no idea and have done zero research. But I love whiskey and coffee so maybe I could try it.

      • Yes, it has raw eggs. But there’s probably zero danger of food poisoning as long as you don’t open it then and leave it sitting at room temperature for several days. Don’t be scared away by my comment below. Our power went out, our fridge died, and the already-opened eggnog was sitting in there for three days. The other members of my family…[Read more]

    • Oh eggnog. We have a love-hate relationship. On one hand, I like the taste of most eggnog-flavored stuff. On the other hand, spoiled eggnog was the reason I spent 3 days puking as a little kid and is the most terrible food-poisoning memories I have. Still, that was nearly 18 years ago, and I have learned to not be repulsed by eggnog and graham…[Read more]

    • iced cheggnog latte is the best damn thing, it’s just a truckload of eggnog + chai latte mix on ice

      dairy sometimes fucks me up and I detest milk, but I’m 100% #teamnog

    • Eggnog is a recipe for barfing for me. It contains 2 of my most detested ingredients ever, egg, worse, raw egg, and nutmeg. I have had this many a time when I was young as my Dad made it and loved it, and I just grew to hate it. I have tried to like it, but failed. This is the drink I would drink to prove that I really really loved someone, just…[Read more]

      • I’m with you. Can’t think of anything worse. What a way to spend a holiday!

      • Annalou, this is an emergency announcement, if someone requires you to ingest something that will make you hurl as proof of your love, WALK AWAY. Fast.

        Or hurl over them, your choice.

    • nog is okay.


      it is like boozy coconut nog.

      I want to learn to breathe underwater so that I can stick my face in it and never come up.

      • I want to go to there

      • I had to google Coquito immediately after I read thisbecause it sounded so delicious.I recently had a cocktail at a local bar which had coconut flesh infused with cruzan Light rum with homemade coconut sorbet and pandan syrup so I’m wondering if it’s close?

    • Voted No, simply because of the Official Autostraddle Motto aka You Do You.

      However, upon reflection I feel that maybe this is something I should support, but not participate in. Rather like straight marriage.


    • I tried this last year, and I was so ready for it to be delicious, but it just wasn’t. I was so disappointed in wasting both the eggnog and the coffee that I finished it out of a weird sense of obligation even though it was gross.

    • I don’t know about eggnog in coffee but I do know about soy nogg in life and how much more delicious it is than eggnog. All the nutmeg, not of the noggy texture. (There’s probably going to be almond nog this year, too.)

    • Vegan eggnog lattes are a thing of beauty. I can actually buy vegan eggnog from multiple different companies where I live – Silk, Califa Farms, So Delicious, and one or two others – and they’re all good.

    • I am reporting back for duty having attempted the cold eggnog/Mexican chocolate crossover experiment.

      OH MY GOD MY BRAIN JUST EXPLODED FROM THE BEAUTY THE INCREDIBLE BEAUTY!!! Also my mouth is tingling like it might consider exploding too…

      Thank you so so much, Laneia Nicole, Yvonne and Carmen for your combined inspiration!!

      This post…[Read more]

    • Is it weird that I got really frustrated when I couldn’t see a bar graph or something of everyone’s responses?

      I’m way pro eggnog, but I maybe need your validation or something? Idk I really love data, whatever.

    • So, after reading this thread, I present my new favorite drink. A mix of locally-roasted organic decaf coffee and Teeccino brewed in my Moka pot, with So Delicious nog and Starbucks cocoa, topped with a Dandies marshmallow cut into smaller bits. Served, of course, in my favorite mug.

  • ThumbnailOh sweet humans, hello. If you’ve been keeping up with these recaps, you already know that when nothing overtly lezbiqt happens, the Grey’s recaps don’t happen. I mean, do you really wanna sit through me […]

    • a++ recapping, as per uzhe

      On the one hand, I think it’s good to grant a bunch of time and weight to the end of a marriage between two women (and I’m generally interested in stories about navigating the world of divorcing co-parents, even of imaginary children) and on the other, I just want them to be kissing each other and happy and I can’t…[Read more]

      • right like if you’re going to get married then isn’t sticking it out through the hardest times part of the deal? if not, why does everyone get freaking married? that’s what i don’t understand about them. why leave now? like let this be the moment where you both realize that you’ve made it through worse moments. ay ay ay.

        and yeahhh, callie, huh? ooohh!

    • I am so infatuated with Callie. I see myself in her. Her flaws are my flaws. So we would probably make an awful couple but we would be really hot together. Arizona is just too cutesy for my liking, though she is a sweetheart and I would very much embrace her as part of my queer fam.

      I am so so so relieved about Callie and Owen. Amelia is way…[Read more]

    • The recap was brilliant, as usual. The captions were really inspired.
      I am most of all relieved that Callie and Owen does not seem to be a thing.
      Not optimistic for Calzona’s future.
      Let’s see if Dr Geena Davis and Arizona are able to save Kepner and Avery’s baby along with Callie since the baby has a bone issue if I understood the med-speak…[Read more]

      • yo, you are brilliant! i hadn’t thought about it that way. maybe you’re right. maybe they save Kepner’s baby and that saves their marriage and THEN Callie gets pregnant and Arizona wins everything!

        or something similar…

        and thanks for the recap love. seriously, it was my second recap cuz the first one was eaten by WP. i needed a beer to…[Read more]

        • I vote for beer before recap every week!
          Well, not every week since Shondaland Thursday doesnt come back until the end of January…
          I will miss your recaps most of all

        • I also vote beer before recap! Although they are always amazing and this is now basically my favourite AS thing period.

    • Also also also I would take Callie over Arizona all day every day

    • Funny you should ask if we would wife up Callie or Arizona. True Story: Watching the Callie coming out storyline and the beginning of the Callie/Arizona relationship is what turned on the light for me in the dark closet of my latent homosexuality. For the longest time, I thought I wanted to be like Callie. I was in awe of her total badass-ery.…[Read more]

    • I have been waiting for your Grey’s recaps to return for what feels like forever! The captions for these pictures this week are absolute gems. And yes Gabby, I would love to see some of the analogies that you would come up with to explain complex medical procedures.

      I think Calzona will get divorced/separated for now, as much as I desperately…[Read more]

    • pero like, Owen and Callie are like Callie and Derek= science bros.
      That girl only wants Arizona.
      Just like I only want Callie. -inhuman noises-

    • So I wasn’t going to comment, but like… reading the comments I feel Arizona needs some love.

      “Arizona, I will play any game of pretend that you need because my heart is yours until the end of time.”

      I share the sentiment. I think it’s the dimples.

  • ThumbnailWelcome back to Transparent, where we breathlessly await finding out whether Arthur Chu’s amazing run will ever cease (no, it won’t). This week we have (mostly) returned to our present-day fictional universe, and […]

    • I adore your recaps. They are nuanced and perfect and suit this show so well. I think Transparent somehow became my favourite new show of 2014 because it’s just so ridiculous and painfully real at the same time?

    • AJ replied 4 weeks ago

      Josh and Raquel together make me feel physically ill oh my god.

      (also, i see what you were saying with Bianca but i wanted to point out that the Pfefferman family is Jewish so there are more women of color, albeit white-passing (i am white so I’m no expert but I have Jewish friends))

      • Hey! Even though the women are Jewish, they’re still white, not white passing. Jews who are also women of colour are totally a thing (I.e. The large population of Ethiopian Jews). But just being Jewish by itself doesn’t confer WoC status.

        • I don’t mean to argue but although some Jewish people define themselves as white or part-white, the majority are people of color (and since the characters haven’t stated what they self-identify as I didn’t think it was fair to assume)

          • Not really. To be honest the fact that you as a non-Jew (or so I gather) are making this pronouncement really rubs me the wrong way.

            As Jews, we (or at least those of us who would be considered white if not Jewish) ARE white; it’s just that our whiteness functions in the same way as Irish people: we have definitely not always been…[Read more]

          • Yeah I’m actually really surprised to hear that you have friends who are Jewish who don’t consider themselves to be white? Everything Keely said is accurate, just adding my voice as another Jew who considers herself white. Maybe it’s different in different countries?

    • Madge replied 4 weeks ago

      Fabulous, just fabulous recap. I love reading these and picking up stuff I glossed over in my two day binge of the series originally – especially the Shelley ‘being done’ in the past and present. That was a huge theme I missed originally. Those last two scenes had me aching.

    • The ride is the Scrambler, which I totally feel cuz,how can I feel bad for Carrie Brownstein?

    • “Maura tells her that wives can go, and seems hopeful that Shelly might attend and be involved in this part of his life; she is less than interested in this.”


    • I have now talked to enough straight people about the Ali/Syd scene to know it’s not just my queer goggles being on, it’s a really good fucking scene. The most memorable of the season I think.

  • ThumbnailHeyyyy-o it’s your second roundup of links for the week! Remember Monday? We were just babies then! It felt like we’d never graduate and our hair would always be in style. Those were the days. Here are some things […]

    • I had… no idea that organized milk crate theft rings were a thing. I also had no idea that all of the bedroom furniture in my first apartment was illegal.

    • That cover of America is stunning. I’m a die hard Simon and Garfunkle fan and First Aid Kit nailed it.

    • Mike replied 1 month ago

      I really hope this doesn’t come off as condescending, but maybe us non-Native Americans should consider this incredibly small and simple mission: brush up on some basic facts about Native people in your state and share that information with a young person, or anyone who’ll listen, really. Start a damn conversation!


    • Alice replied 1 month ago

      Two things:

      1. Ahh University of Bristol! I studied abroad there and feel warm feelings about them! Good job guys! Excellent signage!

      2. Milk crates and buckets abandoned by the sides of fields were slam on the breaks, throw a u-turn, and jump out and grab it activities in my family.

    • Mary replied 1 month ago

      Yeah seriously New York Times I grew up in Tennessee and so did my parents and we don’t ever (ever) (ever) eat brussels sprouts. Although I heard the folks in Minnesota are even more upset:


      As someone who has experienced a lot of body shame (to the extreme of an eating disorder and self-harm), this is such a simple, powerful statement. What makes me (or anyone else) so unworthy that they must shrink themselves in this world? We needn’t be invisible ghosts, too afraid of causing harm or too ashamed of…[Read more]

    • Also – I just wanted to take this time to say how much I LOVE Words with Girls. (Both the pilot and the web series episodes on youtube). I first saw it when I was a lurker on auto straddle without an account, so I couldn’t comment… but Brittani, you are awesome. :D

    • Hmm I don’t know, what level of PDA are we talking about? Because I really don’t want to see any het couples going at it on the street.

    • wait WHAT

  • ThumbnailWell well well look what we have here! A Monday link roundup! What will we dream up next? Tampons that bleed for you? Maybe. Here are some stories we missed between now and the last time we missed stories, which […]

    • laneia, are you sad because nothing precious came your way? i really hope you’re not sad. unless you need to be sad, then be as sad as you can be.

      and when i googled ‘pitbull gif’ as in pitbull puppies doing cute things, silly me, i got this instead

    • Al replied 1 month ago

      I suggested multiple times to OKC about their gender and sexuality options, and they kept telling it’s fine the way it is. Tinder was even worse with one time asking me why the other time we will look into it.

      • look what you did!

        :applause emoji but queerer and with more gender options:

        • Al replied 1 month ago

          I wish I could say it was me alone, but I some how doubt it.

    • guys, I need you.

      maybe this isn’t the place to post this but I got nowhere else to go. I asked my conservative mom if we should ever tell her conservative parents about my girlfriend and I being, y’know, girlfriends. she said no. I asked if they should stay in the dark if I marry my beautiful girlfriend who I want to marry. She said I…[Read more]

      • I’m sorry that happened to you. That’s really hard, I know from experience. My parents are Mexican and conservative catholic. With me, my mom is actually supportive, but my dad is not, to the point where he refuses to stay in a conversation if my girlfriend is mentioned at all, by anyone. They’ve never met and I don’t think they ever will, wedding…[Read more]

    • I hate the C word. That should be banned.

    • Phrase to be banned: “No offense, but…”

      Also, is OKCupid living in the 21st century? Is it really that difficult to offer more options? The “LGBTQIAA+” acronym is seriously lacking in letters…

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