Everybody’s Getting Married in Arkansas This Sunday Funday

Hello, ice cream cones and hot fudge sundaes! I hope the air conditioner is blasting and your mom isn’t driving you crazy today — but if it isn’t, and she is, it doesn’t matter anyway, because I’m about to warm the fuck out of your heart with a slew of lovely LBT news! Happy Sunday Funday, betch.

Gay Marriage Continues to Take Over Entire World

Two women just married each other in Arkansas, and it was totally legal. Get out your umbrella, ’cause the sky is probably falling.


+ Gay couples in the UK can now create their own coats of arms, making them one with the aristocrats before them and giving them full license to destroy the heteronormative history that came before them. BOO-YA.

+ Folks in North Carolina refuse to give up on gay marriage, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

+ An Indiana judge has granted a lesbian couple legal standing while its marriage equality ban faces its likely demise.

#WeAreOne, And There’s Cute Shirts to Prove It

The Self-Evident Truths project wants to hit up the nation’s capital and stare homophobia in the face — and you can help ’em out with a super swag tee.

Michael Sam Got Drafted



Sara Bareilles Finally Wrote You A Love Song

Sara Bareilles helped two couples propose in the video for her new single, “I Choose You.” One just happens to be super cute and super gay, so maybe you should tune in.

These #KinkyBoots Are Made for Walking

Celebs are strutting in their finest red leather lace-up boots to encourage you to just be you.



It’s Mother’s Day! I hope you wore your good hat.

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    I regularly watched these internet proposal things with my girlfriend, and I cry because I am a sap, and am also like DON’T YOU DARE PROPOSE TO ME WITH ALL THOSE PEOPLE AROUND. they are very sweet, and it also seems like such a personal thing to have in front of so many people.

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    Arkansas!!! Wow, all the hometown pride <3

    As much as I am politically opposed to the institution of marriage, I think it's pretty cute that this is going on in my home state. Even if it smells a little like homonationalism.

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    that #weareyou video is really important, most especially because it reminded me how wildly attracted to olivia thirlby i am and my high-school obsession with juno was probably just as much because of her (in addition to ellen page OBVIOUSLY)

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    almost a year and a half ago, my dearest love and i began planning our wedding. when we’d talk about it or invite people, they’d inevitably ask, “so where are you going?” “oh just here in fayetteville,” we’d answer. “no, no. i mean where are you going to ACTUALLY get married?”

    we had no idea that this would happen, that this lawsuit would go through the system so quickly, that things would change so soon, that we have allies in the system who would make the right calls on equality.

    our wedding will be on may 17. this saturday. this morning, we went to the courthouse while it was still dark to wait for the doors to open. we were joined by 30 or 40 couples, even some who had driven from other counties where they were refusing to issue licenses. some people brought donuts to hand out to those waiting. some brought flowers so that everyone who wanted one could have a bouquet. one man stood and handed out $10 bills to every couple in line to go toward their license fee. he and his wife had been fighting for us for years, and now they wanted to help us share in something that had brought them so much joy. people were crying and laughing and cheering. people who didn’t even have to come to work that morning showed up at the courthouse early to help process everything as quickly as possible, important because a stay could be issued at any time. my dearest love and i signed the papers at 8:05 this morning. i have never been so proud of my gorgeous state.

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