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Sunday Funday is Toasting Lily Tomlin, Laverne Cox, Kacey Musgraves, and the Women of the World F*cking Cup With This Cup of Antonin Scalia’s Tears


In today’s good news, Bree smashes the confederacy, Laverne Cox gets a good look at herself, Lily Tomlin is all “oh by the way I’VE BEEN MARRIED ALL ALONG” and the women of the World Cup give us some thighlights to think about for the day. I also threw some adorable couples celebrating the gay marriage ruling, some landmarks going rainbow because of the gay marriage ruling, and some of Antonin Scalia’s tears in here just because I love you.

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Feminist Sexual Health App Screet is Getting a Queer Reboot


Screet was created as part of the 2015 StartupBus competition, a roadtrip hackathon where folks on different buses develop startup projects on the road, by a team featuring Autostraddle’s very own Creatrix Tiara, and she’s the single person undertaking its second coming. As she builds momentum for the reboot, she set aside some precious moments to talk with me about where Screet comes from and where it’s going.


Also.Also.Also: Looking at Poussey and Watching Cat Videos is the Lord’s Work and Other Stories You Need Today


Apps by made by black women, TPOC Magazine’s pride covers are brilliant, an update on South Korea’s LGBT Pride situation, cat videos as purr (!) the headline, dispatches from NYC’s first queer comic con, a Tylenol ad, Kristin’s latest First Person episode, you’re better than straight people at basically everything according to a study, medical marijuana doesn’t ruin the kids, and so much more!

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The New Generation Queens: A Zanzibar Soccer Story


“While 13.5 million viewers tune into the Women’s World Cup for the next few weeks, watching as the global elite female soccer players battle it out for the title of “Best in the World,”the New Generation Queens practice. On a field of dry brown grass in Zanzibar, a remote island off the coast of Tanzania, they are solemn, focused, and fearless.”