Witch Hunt: We Are the Weirdos

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“We wanted to be pagans too or witches, maybe. Anything that would make us feel powerful because mostly we felt like we were at everybody else’s mercy. We wanted skirts and big boots, like ‘I will french kiss you and then stomp on your face.’ I wanted to be Neve Campbell. I wanted it to be real.”


Stigma and Sisterhood: Life for Trans Women Since 1994’s “I Don’t Wanna Be a Boy”

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“It took watching I Don’t Wanna Be A Boy to show me that the negative attitudes towards trans women have always been pervasive in society, that from 1994 to 2016 there hasn’t been much change in how society views us. But it also taught me that we share a sisterhood of sorts. No matter what time and what place, trans women of color are connected by our similar experiences.”