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Rebel Girls: On Building a Better Separatism


There is a power in building communities on our own terms as marginalized people. There is a freedom in escaping, even for a moment, the weight of oppression and the burden of society’s expectations for who we should be. And there is a revolution to be had in building better, more inclusive spaces for marginalized folks.


How to Write About Trans Women


“The photo on your cover or hanging above your article comes next. Go for broke here. Images of hairy legs in high heels or emerging from tutus are classics you can’t go wrong with, like Strauss’ Blue Danube waltz or light summery pastas with basil and garlic. The goal is to suggest that trans women must look like comical parodies of womanhood, like clueless men.”

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Amnesty International’s Policy Calling for Decriminalization of Sex Work is a Move in the Right Direction


Amnesty International’s Board has put together a draft policy on sex work that could lift up and protect some of the most vulnerable and marginalized folks around the world – and feminists and human rights advocates alike could learn a lot from it. The only problem is that they’re too busy speaking over the sex workers and researchers who emphatically support the proposal to really do so.