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  • ThumbnailAt age 83, actor Leonard Nimoy has passed away, a few days after being taken to the hospital for chest pains. Nimoy most famously played Spock, the human-Vulcan science officer and first officer of the U.S.S. […]

    • A friend of mine told me the news in study hall this morning and I just say there for a m

      • Yeah. :(

        Someone at work called over the partition to tell me. Didn’t know what to say except, “Oh. That’s sad. I’m sad.”

    • I’ve been crying off and on all day. :'(

    • A friend of mine told me in study hall this morning and I just sat there for a moment processing it. I grew up on Star Trek, as I’m sure many have, and I always identified with Spock, as I’m sure many have. There was an otherness in him, something that was not the main point of the show but was often alluded to, that I found myself returning to as…[Read more]

    • I saw that someone had posted about it on facebook this morning and my heart immediately broke. Leonard Nimoy, his character Spock, and Star Trek meant and will continue to mean so much to me. Rest in peace.

    • I only recently got into Star Trek pretty heavy. I’ve Always been a huge space based sci fi fan but I waited a long time to start. The Original Series is certainly not my favorite of the bunch (Voyager amiright) But Nimoy has been in my life pretty much since childhood from The Simpsons to “In search of” on those days off from school.

      Until…[Read more]

    • Thank you for posting this. My heart has been broken since this morning, and I’ve been crying all day… I just can’t believe it. I mean, he was JUST tweeting to us, and now he’s gone? He was my honorary grandfather, and I loved him so much. I can’t imagine a world without Leonard Nimoy. I don’t want to. I just feel so grief-stricken right now. I miss him.

    • Rie replied 3 minutes ago

      Celebrity deaths don’t usually get me, but this did. He was so game about trying new things, it was really inspirational.

  • ThumbnailThe Duke of Burgundy is a lesbian BDSM film that you probably don’t know about, but should. Directed by British filmmaker Peter Strickland, it stars Sidse Babett Knudsen (Birgitte Nyborg, Borgen) and Chiara […]

    • I had the privilege of seeing this film on opening night in Vancouver. It was not what I expected, there is such a sadness in the understory of how the woman dominating her partner feels, you see it and maybe you’ve felt it and you don’t know exactly how to convey those feelings of insecurity so you hide them. I felt such similarity in my own life…[Read more]

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  • HELLO and welcome to the 168th installment of Things I Read That I Love, wherein I share with you some of the longer-form journalism/essays I’ve read recently so that you can read them too and we can all know more […]

    • Does anyone else feel like the Polyamorous Genius article was a little weird in terms of how it talked about… like polyamory and his girlfriend?

      • Wow, yes. Especially his answers to the second- and fourth-last questions, which were more about his interpersonal relationships in general I guess. Like, what exactly doesn’t make sense to him. Is it really so incomprehensible with his super large IQ that different people might experience the world/themselves/life… differently? Just because…[Read more]

  • Thumbnail

    This week I was introduced to the whole new world of Disney Princess femslash by a member of my extended family who went berserk on Facebook because she found some Jasmine/Ariel fan fiction on her teenage […]

    • Looks like Mulan is the center of the Disney Princess chart
      FOUR for you, Fa Mulan! You go, Fa Mukan!

    • I think we can all agree that Elsa is a gay icon and so amazing for young women (I mean she’s just so gay! I never doubted it for a second from the first time I saw Frozen) and Elsa/Merida has become one of my favorite ships! They’re just a lovely study in contrasts. Fire and ice! Yes! Although I totally get Elsa/Mulan now. Thanks for those Heather!

    • I’d say false. Put my money on 50% identifying with Belle & 50% Mulan.

      I’m totally a Belle… but I’d want to date Mulan!

    • Bless you, Heather.

    • I think we all know where the Mulan/Aurora & Mulan/Belle shipping primarily came from.

    • ohhhhmygod what is this wonderful world you have opened for me

      • in retrospect it would have been more clever for me to refer to it as “a whole new world” but hey you can’t win them all

        • You know, I was going to post some more Aladdin lyrics here, but I just realized “Magic Carpet Ride” is kinda naughty!

          • Oh lord I didn’t even realize that ‘a whole new world’ was in the title of this post, my brain is absolutely fried.

            And that song is naughty as hell, my fondest middle school memory is riding around in the back of the school bus singing it at the top of my lungs, replacing the word ‘eyes’ with ‘thighs.’ If you haven’t tried that yet I…[Read more]

    • <3
      I guess I need to rewatch a couple of Disney movies before this because all I could picture were the OUAT character's when I read the headers.
      I so,so wish, no, I ache for them, (Disney,mostly) to finally make a princess/princess love story happen.
      Just imagine the princess on the white horse, the cheesy songs and sentient silverware all in…[Read more]

    • So disappointed that you used Ariel in the thumbnail but didn’t call out any Ariel fan fic.

      • I had a hard time finding Ariel fic where the author said it was okay to post any of the text somewhere else. Do you know of any? I’d love to add it!

      • I’m not sure you could write actual words better than that thumbnail, though, tells the whole story for me

    • I forgot how much of a massive nerd Belle was…and then I remembered why she was my favourite as a kid. I’m heading off down this fanfic rabbit hole, I wonder who Alice is shipped with…?

  • ThumbnailThis past Saturday I had the rare and special opportunity to see a play called Post Traumatic Super Delightful [PTSD]. Rare, because there are only two performances left to be seen in NYC, but it was special for a […]

    • I am SO excited that I’m going to get to see this next Friday.

      Also, the article in Al Jazeera is fantastic.

    • This play sounds glorious; I wish I could see or even just read it. I love when theatre is used as a facilitator for much-needed cultural & community conversations.

  • ThumbnailHello melting snow people! Wait — are you melting? Maybe not. It’s still pretty cold out there, especially if you live on the East Coast.

    ANYHOW. This is my very first time hosting a Friday Open Thread! This […]

    • I have no pictures yet, but perhaps I shall take one for you. For I am about to see miles and miles of surburbia sprawl, desert, and bright sunny skies. Because it is damned well an hour one way to drive to my barber and I need a haircut like three weeks ago. *le sigh*

      I really wish there were better AZ resources for queer friendly barbers…[Read more]

      • v excited about desert sprawl.

        sorry about your lack of barber availability! is there any possibility of maybe finding a friend who lives closer who could trim your hair between more professional cuts? i finally have a friend who’s great at cutting hair who lives close and we get together every month or so and she trims my hair and i buzz her…[Read more]

      • i have no idea if tempe / phx in AZ is at all convenient to you, but i highly recommend Carlyn’s on Mill Ave. It’s a one-chair old-school barber shop and she is great; reviews online.

    • I’m not much of a photo-taker, but my scenic views this weekend will be focused very specifically on the LEGO sets my grandmother is paying me to build. She buys them to decorate my cousin’s physical therapy room, but she doesn’t have the patience or the fingers to do them herself. Luckily for her, I quite enjoy it, so she pays me for gas and my…[Read more]

    • The only scene I keep seeing is the HTGAWM finale. I can’t even handle it. I have so many feelings. Please tell me I’m not the only one DYING FROM THE FEELINGS AND QUESTIONS AND AGHHHHHHH.

      • Really sorry I can’t help you with your feelings on this one. I don’t know anything about HTGAWM because it is too scary. I DO appreciate that tweets about HTGAWM were the only thing that could even remotely compete with talk of The Dress last night.

      • omg i dont understand what is happening on this show.

    • Snowing north of Dallas…. again! …..But the daffodils are blooming…. so it should be SPRING…. right? RIGHT?

    • I don’t know if this counts…but I was actually looking at pictures from my trip to Ireland. This one is of me once I made it to the gap when I hiked the Gap of Dunlop in Killarney. So beautiful – can I go back? Like tomorrow?

    • Whoops – let’s try again

      • gorgeous!

      • That’s once place I wish I visited when I backpacked across Ireland and U.K. Looks like a cool place to visit. Did you go to the castle there?

        • I did! The Ross Castle right? It was very cool, I had just been at the Rock of Cashel the day before so I didn’t go in. Come to think of it, I think I started to go in but the boat for the first leg of the trip was about to take off. Killarney and Dingle were my favorites in Ireland, where’d you visit?

          • I did many cities in Scotland and England, but in Northern Ireland I was staying at a suburb of Belfast(Clipper Town I think) then visited Giants Causeway. Then went down to Trim in County Meath in the Republic of Ireland. Very small town with a castle there(a part of Braveheart was filmed there). Then I was in another small town, before going to Dublin.

    • This is what it looks like here in North Carolina. We’re very confused here about this amount of snow. My dog is not confused, but deeply in love with the snow and he won’t accept that it will go away.

      But more importantly, this is what I am wearing today and I am excited about it. My girlfriend got me pocket squares for Valentine’s day and…[Read more]

      • that pocket square/glasses is reeeeally on point. well done.

      • I’m just telling everyone North Carolina is closed until either the snow goes away or we figure out what to do with ourselves. It better melt fast, because we all know that we’ll never actually figure out how to handle the snow.

        Also, I’m loving the pocket square!

      • I love your glasses and the blue frames!!!! and the matching pocket square! And your, sweet happy smile!!!!

    • my current scenic view is snow for days.. but your photos just made me super excited because I’m currently planning my very own epic road trip across the country for this summer!! and I’m so excited! Also, tonight I’m going to my girlfriend’s grad school prom.. should be fun to get dressed up and dance! Happy Friday y’all!

      • all of these things sound EXCELLENT. what are you most excited to see on your trip?

        • too many exciting things to pick just one! I’m very excited to go to New Orleans.. and Nashville.. I’m from Connecticut so it will be a different world down therr.

    • I was laid off two weeks ago and haven’t been able to find a job. Quite depressing. Since then, I’ve been pretty much living at my parents lake house so I can avoid the world, wallow in peace, apply for jobs in peace, take advantage of their cable, and drink my way through their booze.

    • Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park, circa July

      • damn.

        One of my major goals is to go to Glacier before the glaciers melt. I couldn’t get there on this trip because even though I was IN Montana for a few days, Glacier was just TOO FAR for the amount of time I had. Some day.

        • Yeah. this is slightly cheating as it is not my current “viewable scene.” But it is my desktop background!

        • It really is gorgeous. I also have some pictures taken as we went up the Going-to-the-Sun Road, but I think they are on a hard drive lurking in the very terrible depths of my desk at home :

          Also, protip: don’t drive up the road with someone with severe problems with heights in the car. It will make them very upset and the memory of the event…[Read more]

      • Ahhhh that is gorgeous!!!

      • Wow! Just wow!

    • I’m currently in a beach in South America melting off and I’m pretty happy about it even though I usually hate both sand and people and beaches happen include both

    • I just can’t anymore. Like this cold is too much. Currently: Frozen Tundra.

      Where I’d like to be: Somewhere that is actually experiencing spring. What is that? Will I ever feel warmth again?

      Fun Fact: I actually wear long johns (long underwear? Whatever you call the pants type things to keep warm) like every day. Why do I live here…[Read more]

    • my views are about to get clearer! picking up my new glasses today. I haven’t had any in like a year and a half out of some misguided idea that if I didn’t get my previous, ancient pair fixed, I’d be forced into hurrying up and getting a new prescription. yeahhh.

      as far as actual views, Wednesday it snowed! I live in Mississippi so that’s…[Read more]

      • Lets see if I can get the picture thing right this time. I saw this picture on twitter, the caption was “the internet today summarized in one photo.” It made me giggle. The llamas were pretty fantastic.

      • Omg, llamas are FAST!! hehe And apparently unaware of the statistics about quadraped traffic deaths in Arizona!!
        The llama “wranglers” had a little “egg” on their face for a bit! :)

    • My view is and will forever be the inside of my calculus textbook because I am dumb as hell and no matter how much I study for my big scary exam on Monday I still can’t remember a damn thing.

      Also Lady LeWinDa MilkZalot is the best name and she is also a fashion icon, like damn, those glasses are on point.

    • Well this one is from my walk to the bank this week at work. It’s DTLA.

      Pretty sure I shared this, but I took this last month outside my work.

      Right now I am home as I am waiting for the AT&T to finishing upgrading our phone line. Lucky for me House of Cards season 3 just started, so I am going to take the rest of the day off to binge…[Read more]

    • I do not live anywhere remotely warm (maine is a chilly world of snow and darkness). But! I do get to look out onto the ocean every single day

    • I’m checking the people and
      planes of Charlotte-Douglas Airport, waiting for my connecting flight to Roanoke. I can see the (presumably) Charlotte skyline from the waiting area. I’m on the last leg of a whirlwind tour of grad schools along the East Coast. All of the positivity pleaseeee. I’m super nervous about interviewing for GA positions.…[Read more]

    • Autostraddle, this week I found out for SURE that I am pregnant and I am having ALL THE FEELINGS at everyone. I have cried in Target and laughed hysterically at a Planned Parenthood nurse and I, FOR ONE, am super glad the week is a mere three hours away because I need a nap.

    • Good evening folks. Allegedly its nearly spring here, or so the confused weather suggests. We have crocuses popping up across the parks which is delightful. Last Saturday Missus, pooch and I went for a walk in the local pine wood, here are some views of the woods and the dales and the dog in the woods.

      It was a delightful bright…[Read more]

    • I’m at work right now for a Friday matinee (what?), and I have a night show, too. My current view is a black curtain. Perhaps during my 2.5 hour break this evening, I’ll take a picture of Greenwich Village (NYC). Happy eventually-it-might-get-warm-in-the-next-millennium!

      • I….I was so confused at first, because I genuinely saw “manitee” instead of matinee.

        It is too cold for manitees.

    • Also this past week has been in the high 40s. It’s February in Southeast Alaska in the 40s. Climate change is real, y’all.

    • i feel like this is the place where i put my “out of the plane window” collection, right.

      • I wish I took plane pics but I’m always petrified of using any gadgets in the plane in case we all DIE! I need to get over this because these are so beautiful.

      • Clearly, you were not flying over the Midwest

    • Here is a view of all the snowy yards down our road. The snow is pretty and it means we’ve been out of school for the past two days. I didn’t even have to go in for a workday.

      And, this has nothing to do with scenic views, but this morning I got two tickets to see Sam Smith in July! Annnnd, my best friend is going to be able to go with me.…[Read more]

    • OK, if this picture works I can give you sea and beach and mountains all at once! Not my photo, but this is where I currently live – the Basque bit of Spain.

      (Note: yes it is stunningly beautiful, but it has rained almost non-stop for months and is currently much wetter and greyer and more like British weather than anything else. Except…[Read more]

      • Is that San Sebastian?

        I have very fond memories of delicious pintxos from the bars there, less fond memories of getting drenched in the rain, and no memories at all of what happened for hours after I drank the local cider.

    • That’s last July. During pride is the only time a year that Munich’s neogothic city hall opens its doors to the public.
      And it does so for the official party! There are several dance floors and lounges hidden away in staircases, or conference rooms, and the inner courtyard, for that matter, but no matter how many pictures I try to take, I never…[Read more]

    • I’m in Seattle and I hike a lot with my buddies when the weather permits. We try to take the dog as often as we can too. Since she is the most photogenic being out of our lil group, here are a few pictures of her at Olallie Lake in Washington. Her name is Boo and she is a lovable mutt. (German Shepherd, Pitbull, Border Collie, and some kind of…[Read more]

    • Currently sitting inside of my apartment. One side of my apartment is sunny and the other half is dark due to the incoming rain clouds. I can’t wait for summertime. There will be lots of Popsicle eating, river swimming, cut off jeans and the rubbing my wife down in suntan lotion..

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