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    The city of Ferguson has been protesting steadily since the night Mike Brown was murdered. 107 straight days of protest in one form or another. The non […]

    • Brilliant. Yes. This. 100%. Thank you for this. Thank you.

    • E replied 8 minutes ago

      Every word of this is beautiful and powerful and so very, very true. You articulated everything that has been building inside me as a silent scream for a long time, with gasoline poured on it by recent events. So thank you for this.

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    Are there any folks in Indianapolis who are interested in doing a ‘straddler meetup in the next month or so?

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    Hello, Schnitzels and Noodles! Welcome to your Thanksgiving Open Thread, which will also serve as your Friday Open Thread this holiday week! This is the place where we hang out […]

    • Guh, favorite hugger is in Spain for thanksgiving. She is not even doing it till saturday! But! Only 30 days till she comes out to the desert to hug me an soak up some of the only available sunlight on the northern hemisphere!

    • This has to be one of the cutest things I’ve read.

      “She is my favorite hug-giver on this big earth. She’s a tiny thing and I’m kind of a giant, so her head fits just right in the nook of my neck.”

      I’m not much of a huger as I do not care to be touched but I do enjoy hugging my parents dog.

      • I would like to add that I am thankful for the Serial podcast and extremely sad that there is no new episode this week.

    • I am grateful for the hugs of tiny humans because they are so genuine and enthusiastic and loving (although they are sometimes also sticky, smelly, and/or and followed by requests to fix the various catastrophes they have created)

      I am trying very hard to convince my parents’ dog of the majesty of hugs. She is currently torn between her love of…[Read more]

    • I’ve never been much of a hugger, but my bother was probably the first person to ever give me a lesson in hugging. I think I’ve gotten better – my hugs aren’t such a “reluctant limp jellyfish” anymore.

      Thanksgiving will be spent alone this year, but I don’t really care because I’m visiting with family on my weekends before and after. Last…[Read more]

      • Oh wow, that sunrise is gorgeous. It’s super cool you got to see it.

      • 1. That sunrise is beautiful.

        2. My relationships with all three of my siblings are 10 times better now that we’re all adults. Now that we’ve all experienced life outside our small town and developed our own points of view, we’re all able to communicate with each other much better.

        • Those pictures are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing that moment.

          About the sibling thing- both my brother and I are in our early 20’s, and while we were always really close, we are bad about keeping in touch when we live far apart. He recently moved to my city and last night we went to a bar with my mom and then went to this 80’s dance club…[Read more]

      • Gorgeous sunset! My sister and I fought all the time growing up, but now she’s one of my closest friends. But, it took us years to get to that point, and it only works because we still maintain a degree of geographical distance. When we spend too much time in the same space (sharing a room on family trips, for example) it can get a little tense…[Read more]

      • My brother and I fought constantly from when I was six to when I was seventeen. Then my brother suddenly became cool and now we’re best friends.

        My wife and her sister are similar – they’re 6 1/2 years apart and when Des was at home, her sister just seemed like an annoying brat. But now we’re grownups and the two of them are good friends Bowne

      • Awesome pictures! Definitely worth waking up for :)

        I look forward to having a closer relationship with my brother like you’re describing. He’s about to turn 18, so we’re finally past the stage of constantly fighting and annoying each other. I wish I got to see him more, but he’s probably going to college in the opposite direction from home…[Read more]

    • AHHHHH ok you guys so you know how last week I went on my first real actual date which ended up being a little bit terrible? Well then this week I had my FIRST EVER kiss with a girl (or like, anyone ever). So that happened.

      It was the night after the date (I’m a terrible person) and she was over at my house. I’ve had a crush on her for over a…[Read more]

      • 1. Congratulations on the first kiss!
        2. You went on one date. You don’t belong to that other girl, unless you had a conversation about that and mutually decided to be exclusive on the first date. Even so, you are an autonomous human being. You do you.
        3. The older I get the more time function wins out over fashion. If I had a dollar for…[Read more]

      • This is amazing!!! Congrats on your first kiss! :)

      • Just replying to say that that was an adorable story and I am super happy for you!

        My first kiss with my current person happened on the escalators of the London underground. It was totally unexpected, they kissed me first, and I am still proud of myself for not falling down the escalators.

    • My favorite hugger is some 7000 miles away. She makes sure she hugs our cat enough for the both of us. In the meantime, our stuffed monkeys will do <3

      So how is everyone celebrating? I will be heading to my sisters later and it might get interesting if I get some drink in me and come back here!

      Thankful for everyone here, staff,…[Read more]

    • Heather! Your first OT and already the hugs are abounding…how mirabulous!

      My beautiful beloved love ensures we hug to the right so that we are heart to heart – she is the most wonderful hugger*lovelovelove*. Today is being made brighter by the red cedar bracelet she made for me.

      The wind is also a wondrous, albeit at times enthusiastic…[Read more]

    • at the risk of outing myself as a huge cheeseball, i will say that my favourite person to hug and spoon and fall-asleep-in-a-hug-with is currently far away in noo yawk city but i will get to hug her so soon and i cannot wait. !!!
      and she will get to hug her silly dogcat too, who is the best example of a dog-like cat i’ve ever met. i just wish i…[Read more]

    • I’m really weird about touching, so letting someone hug me a big deal. My favorite hugger is my best friend, Wesley. He gives the best hugs. He’s one of a handful of people I’ll let hug me like an infant (my arms curled up, not hugging back, but fully giving into the embrace). Giving up all control and letting myself be totally vulnerable like…[Read more]

    • I need a hug. I’m having (yet another) existential crisis. I’d go into detail, but there are other parties involved, and I want to protect everyone’s privacy. I’m a confused Rachel.

      My dog, Bernie, gives amazing hugs. She’s a 10 pound shih tzu pansexual femme princess who enjoys being the little spoon. I put too much time into my dog’s identity…

      • Existential crises are the hardest. My newly rescued 7-lb black-and-white poodle-ish puppy (whose identity is still TBD) and I send you and Bernie consensual hugs!

    • Thanks, I do need a hug. Feeling alone when surrounded by “family” is perhaps worse than actually being alone. I am excited to get on a bus and go back to my own quiet apartment tonight.

      • Quiet apartments rule. I’m grateful that my parents moved across the state, so I have a solid excuse to spend all of today in my own quiet apartment.

    • You use to be able to get it in giant rolls (you might still be able too). My grandma would get one and cut thick slices off of it and fry it. It was amazing and disgusting all at the same time.

    • Team Hug! Yes! Hug the humans, hug the animals, and when none are available, hug the plush. I have one of these; it’s the gayest thing I own somehow, including the Legalize Gay shirt and my AS flask:

      Heather thank you for hugger solidarity in this OT and welcome to…[Read more]

    • I’m feeling nervous for today. Last thanksgiving everyone was still using the wrong pronouns and name for me, now people know and I’m not sure how good they will be about using the right ones. Everyone in my family seems to be okay about name and pronouns in written form but talking in person they continuously mess up. I haven’t seen my…[Read more]

      • This made me want to send you a (consensual) hug and lots of you-deserve-respect, you-do-you, just-keep-swimming, yes-we-respect-and-understand-your-preferred-pronoun-and-name karma your way.

      • I wish you the best! You are brilliant! I am sending you lots of consensual hugs!

    • I don’t believe in hugs unless they involve sex or kittens.
      Separately, of course.

    • Luckily since all my family is either abusive or somewhere in the crazy abusive adjacent space, I’m spared from the hugging and can enjoy my wine in peace. Lacking a family is a blessing in disguise I dare say.

      It also makes the holidays very affordable!

    • My favorite huggers are my best friends, who are home in Atlanta, while I’m doing a year of volunteer service in Indianapolis. Spending Thanksgiving alone makes me so much more thankful for when I get to go home and see my fridge and family.

    • I love hugging. I will hug anyone. WATCH OUT

      My wife is a great hugger. I feel so safe in her arms.

      My favorite pet to hug is my mom’s dog Marcie, who is now my brother’s dog Marcie because my parents just sold all of their possessions and moved to my aunt’s backyard in Oakland in preparation for buying a catamaran and sailing around the…[Read more]

    • At a family TG for the 1st time in 10 years. Already avoided questions about the queer. And started drinking. Moscato. I’m drinking Moscato. Thinking about sneaking a slice of pie.

    • defeat any awkward questions from the family using musical theater?–0hHWU

      credit to straddler susi for sharing this link.

    • This is the first Thanksgiving I am not spending it with my actual family. I moved to Seattle at the end of May and am currently living/working at a hostel. I plan on spending the day with my Hostel Family. I live with the biggest group of misfits, weirdos and everyone comes from a very different backgrounds. We also have guests staying from…[Read more]

    • I love hugging EVERYONE! I mostly hugged my sister and nephews today! I will be making yummy Pumpkin Chocolate ship muffins and pigs in the blanket today

    • I think everyone in my family deserves a big hug today because we just finished Thanksgiving lunch and everything ended up going fine! Nobody brought up politics, current events, or any remotely controversial topics at the dinner table, nobody told any offensive jokes, everyone complimented each other’s food they made, it was great!

      Happy…[Read more]

    • In the absence of my gorgeous love, who’s away for MONTHS, it’s a dog for me too. Billie Bean curls up with me every night and sometimes she’s the big spoon but mostly I swing her round so she’s the little spoon. When she’s happy and snuggling she does this gorgeous grunty-snore noise which makes me so so happy.

    • Let us all hug Autostraddle 5ever <3

    • Al replied 18 minutes ago

      I’d hug my relatives who are in other parts of the world as I haven’t seen them in a while.

      I kind of hate thanksgiving at it made my work week harder. Our employee was snippy all week because I don’t think how much work we did all week, while he shows up hour late every day, and leaves 30 minutes early regularly. I’m kind of dreading going to…[Read more]

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